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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Had a great time at Mash Ave on Friday night! I played along with DJ BC, Comar and ATOM. Great bootlegs sets by everyone and the turnout was nice too!

ATOM on the decks.

Me getting a litte crazy.

DJ BC and Comar on the decks.

I also post 19 new bootlegs up on my page so go HERE to get them !!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Grand Canyon's Glass Walkway to Open Next March

I was at the Grand Canyon last year and wish they would have had this then as the view must be amazing.

The Skywalk will jut out 70 feet from the canyon rim, allowing tourists to go for a stroll with nothing between their feet and the Colorado River—4,000 feet below—except for four inches of glass.

Nice. Now I am just waiting till the first yahoo tries to base jump off of that.


I recently rewatched this and can't express how much fun this movie is. You have to be able to suspend disbelief and just go with it but if you do, you will enjoy the ride.

The story is as follows...

The film takes place in New York in the year 2095 where genetically altered humans live side-by-side with unaltered men and women, and where famed Central Park has been mysteriously encased in an "intrusion zone" where men who attempt to enter are instantly killed. A strange pyramid has appeared over the city; inside, the gods of ancient Egypt are judging Horus, one of their fellow gods, who has a man's body but the head of a Falcon.

In the city below, Jill, a young woman with blue hair is arrested. Not completely human, she appears to be no more than a few months old (even though she is a full grown woman), and possesses a number of secret powers, including one that enables her to "get it on" with gods, though she no idea. Horus is given a limited time to interact with the humans of New York and procreate. During his search for a host body, Horus encounters Nikopol, a rebel condemned to 30 years of hibernation who has escaped his prison a year early. Horus takes partial control of Nikopol's body and starts looking for a woman he can rape(not as bad as it sounds, I swear) to provide him a son, before his death sentence is carried out. When Horus/Nikopol discover Jill, they become entangled in a web of murder and intrigue.

This was also one of the first films to use an entirely "digital backlot" (i.e. the actors were all shot in front of blue- and green-screens with all the backgrounds added in post-production).

This is a great film that has a cool plot, good acting and great visuals! Highly Recommended!!


I will be posting here as much as I can. I am going to try to introduce people to the music that makes me...well, me.
I will start everything off with this jazzy little number by Bill Conti - Reflections. I don't know why but this song makes me feel like I am watching an old episode of I Spy.

Bill Conti was an orchestra director by age fifteen and Got his big break by doing the soundtrack to Rocky. He went on to do loads of movie soundtrack work. His recent work includes the soundtracks to Rocky Balboa and
The Godfather: The Game.

Back soon with some more tunes and ramblings.