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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Casa Del Mirto

Let me introduce you to my new flavor of the month...Casa Del Mirto (Marco), an Italio Disco House artist. I found him through a post on Big Stereo (thanks guys!) and I just had to post about him here. Marco is giving away his whole album "supertrendycoolfashion" for free...just go to his myspace page and ask him for it!! The album is full of disco filtered house with a bit of glitch and some lovely bass. All around it is one hell of an album and it's free too!!!

Here are a few tracks for your sampling pleasure...if you like 'em go ask him for the whole album!! Tell him Phil sent ya!

Casa Del Mirto - Monologue

Casa Del Mirto - Bad Girls Surf

01 Kiss My Teddy
02 Nothing Hold Us Back
03 Bad Girls Surf
04 Radio Raheem
05 Shall We Dance?
06 Trento Vice
07 Monologue
08 She's Homeless
09 Say Goodbay
10 Hot Soup
11 Girl!

As a complete album...I'd give it an 8 out of 10. It's been in my car on repeat for the last 4 days.

Go and ask him for it now!!!

Casa Del Mirto Myspace!

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