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Friday, June 13, 2008

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

Out of the recent "indie/dance' or 'electroclash' bands that have come out in the last few years, Cut Copy have released a record that stands out from the crowd. Cut Copy's new long player 'In Ghost Coulours' is a dreamy and sublime mix of blissful soundscapes and all out jams. The three-piece from Melbourne, Australia have successfully passed the dreaded "sophomore slump" and, if this album is any indication, will be making great music for many years to come.

Cut Copy does draw considerable influence from the 80s new wave sound (specifically New Order, in my opinion) but they craft it into something they can call their own. Produced by Tim Goldsworthy of the DFA, the album has loads of synths and just enough 303 sounds to make it interesting. It's amazing to me how effort less the guitars and synths meld together. Cut Copy has put together a wonderful album music, not just a collection of dance tracks that have shouts and rave sounds throughout.

Songs like ' Lights and Music' and ' Out There On The Ice' remind one of the glory days of New Order, whereas songs like 'Unforgettable Season' make you think of the shoegaze bliss of Kitchens of Distinction. There are several moody instrumentals like 'We Fight For Diamonds' (soft and moody)and 'Visions' (a dance instrumental that is way to short!) that make me hope they release an album full of instrumental tracks soon. 'Hearts On Fire" (my personal favorite) is a dance driven track that has a saxophone that swells throughout the song (yes, I said saxophone). While some songs are slower and may be geared towards the "thoughtful listener", there are plenty of tracks that will have you on the dance floor and keep the more electronic minded listener happy.

This album really shows Cut Copy growing as a band. It may seem like a typical 'electroclash' album on the outside, but once you go inside, the depth of the album will grab you. The harmonies and melodies are intoxicating and the whole album is just a blissful joy to listen to. Simply put, this is a great album.

Buy it now.

9 out of 10

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