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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bloc Party - Intimacy

I want to start of by saying that I know a lot of other reviewers across the intrawebs have been very harsh in saying that they are disappointed in the bands new album and sound. I understand where they are coming from as I too noticed the disappearance of a lot of the guitar and bass guitar and the bands push towards a more electronic sound. All I can say is that unlike them, I love the new direction and sound. I know that sometime you fall in love with a band and it`s sound at a certain moment, but for me it`s how the band grows that makes the biggest difference. With Intimacy, Bloc Party has shown that they are growing and are not afraid to go out on a limb to do so.

The album starts off with the quieter `Zepherus` before going into the drum crazed `Ares`. Each song on the album almost builds up the animal ferocity as the tracks go buy until it reaches a fever pitch before going into songs like `Biko` and `Signs" where it seems to left off some the wildness and show a gentler side. Then the album goes right back into the animal savagery that tracks like `Trojan Horse` bring to the album. `One Month Off` seems to be the only track on the album that harkens back to the `Silent Alarm` feel and sound. The album closer, `Ion Square`, mixes a little bit of everything that came before to have one of the most well rounded tracks on the album. A great way to end a great album.

In this reviewers opinion, Bloc Party have gone out and grabbed a lot of the same tools that other bands are using these days. Having said that, they also have come back after using those tools and presented an album that is better and different then most of the sounds out now. I am eager to see where the band goes after this as I consider this one of the their best albums to date. There is so much energy pent up in the album you can`t help but tap your foot or bang your head. Yet another in my list for album of the year. Get it now!

9 out of 10

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