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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fucked Up - The Chemistry Of Common Life

Fucked Up`s `The Chemistry Of Common Life` is a really interesting album. It is full of full, well made, thoughtful music and interesting lyrics. It`s just that the lyrics are screamed and the music is played at almost a thrash level. Even with all that it still comes across as real, honest, enjoyable music. While often described as being `Punk` or `Hardcore`, they don`t let themselves get pigeon-holed into the normal Punk/Hardcore sound - which allows for some very interesting sounds to emerge.

The album starter `Son the Father` even starts out with a flute before building into a guitar and drum frenzy. `Golden Seal` later shows the band`s more creative side as they make one of the album highlights, filled with piano and weird guitar noise. `Crooked Head` begins as a Sonic Youth track before moving into Modest Mouse territory. Songs like `No Epiphany` and `Looking for God ` continue to show how, musically, Fucked Up are a great band with serious talent. They could be even better (IMO) if they shy away from the yelling and actually sing.

7 out of 10

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