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Monday, January 26, 2009

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

Feed the Animals` is the fourth album by Girl Talk (Gregg Gillis). It is composed almost entirely of samples taken from other artists` songs, plus minor original instrumentation by Girl Talk. There are over 300 songs sampled on Feed the Animals, with any number of them used in each one of the album`s 14 tracks. For example, the second track on the album `Shut The Club Down` merges almost seamlessly between Avril Lavigne, Jay-Z, The Kills, T-Pain, Tony Basil, Aphex Twin, Dem Franchize Boyz, Butthole Surfers, Rod Stewart and more. Sometimes using whole instrumental sections or hooks or just a drum roll or bass line. AS much as some may not like his antics, he does have a good ear and some serious mixing skill.

Although very similar to former glory `Night Ripper` in structure, Gregg seems to be finding his groove and `Feed The Animals` feel more like a real release than a slapped together mega mix. Like Steinski before him, Gregg has a similar sense and attitude towards music saying "The whole basis of the music is that people have these emotional attachments to these songs… being able to manipulate that is a really easy way to connect with people." There are a few tracks that don`t seem to go anywhere but the majority of the album is a really fun time. You may think that a release like this will suffer as the music gets dated but because he is using music from all genres and from the 60`s to now, `Feed the Animals` will remain fresh.

If you are into bootlegs, like to see pop music shaken and stirred or just like a good groove then this is the CD for you. Put together as a almost non-stop mix this is a great CD for any party. It`ll get everybody dancing and singing and in the end, that`s exactly what Girl Talk aims to do. Party over here, party over there!

7 out of 10

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