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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

James Yuill - Turning Down Water For Air

If Iron & Wine used more electronica or if The Postal Service employed more folk then the result would be the sound of James Yuill. James Yuill is a twenty-something singer/songwriter from London who has been quietly crafting fantastic "Folktronica" on his laptop over the last couple of years.

With `Turning Down Water For Air` James has made an album where acoustic guitars collide with bleeps and blips that should entice any fan of `modern` music. `Head Over Heels` and `The Ghost` are perfect examples of this new genre while `No Pins Allowed` (the first single) is the most dancefloor-friendly track on the album. `How Could I Lose?`, on the other hand, is lo-fi bliss and its use of strings is wonderful.

James combines the emotional depth of Radiohead with the beat craftsmanship of The Chemical Brothers and, between great songwriting and slick production, James has made a useful niche for himself and I look forward to seeing how he grows with future releases.

8 out of 10

James Yuill Website!

James Yuill Myspace!

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