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Friday, September 04, 2009


Since 2005, Serge Santiago and Tom Neville have been slowly cooking a career-defining album... What came out of the studio sessions was a perfect modern day Italo/Disco sound, straight off the bat... This was the birth of the group Retro/Grade.

'Moda' is a taster from the new Retro/Grade album forthcoming 2010.

Serge Santiago and Tom Neville first worked together on a re-edit of Kano's 'It's A War' in 2004, which received stand-up attention in all the right places. This random hook-up led to the idea for an album project, with the intention to create a modern day take on Italo Disco...

Due to their separate schedules - Neville knocked up a remix discography that includes artists from The Ting Tings to The Verve to Britney Spears, whilst Santiago delved deeper into the world of Italo Disco, re-editing the likes of Goblin, Droids and Baciotti, as well as working on his own productions including 'Atto D'Amore' and remixing DFA and Simian Mobile Disco - the project's formation took time... But of course perfect timing.

There are only 500 limited edition vinyl copies available of this release. Coming September.

The next Retro/Grade EP 'ZOID' is coming late November

Retro/Grade album coming early 2010.

Buy the single 'Moda' HERE!

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