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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Twisted Tongue - Twisted Tongue

Twisted Tongue, aka production duo Dave Jay and Mark Dalton, release a debut album that is a little P-Funk, Prince, Beck and Mr. Bungle with some extra weirdness thrown in for good measure. The opening track `You Want That Soul?` introduces you to the duo`s idea of funk right away and, if you like that, you will dig the rest of this extremely fun album.

`Got a really good thing` has hints of Motown soul in the chorus as the background singers sing "Got a really good thing" and the horns really add accents to this already groovy track. One of my favorite tracks, `(I Need A) Freak For Armageddon`, is an instrumental jam that really lets the saxophone wail. `Mindbeam Parts 1 & 2` has the Gnarls Barkley vibe as it mixes hip-hop and soul with funk for an extremely moving, organ driven, groove. The album closer `Niagra Song` is a slower, horny (love those trumpets!) funk love jam that will surely end up on a "bedroom mix tape".

Overall, The band doesn`t take their lyrics to seriously, but they do focus all their attention to the music which is pure electro funk fun. This is the kind of album that you would hear at a party and you would hunt down the host to find out what the hell it was. It`s not for everyone but if you love to have a funkin` good time, then this is for you.

Here is a video for 'Got a really good thing'.

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