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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snide - Debut Release On Bass=Win + Free Track!


Snide is giving away a free track to celebrate the release of the debut EP on Rico Tubbs' and Terry Hooligan's label Bass=Win.  It's called the Cot Damn EP - it takes in rave, house, baltimore, breaks, electro, hiphop influences etc -  and you can find it on Beatport HERE!

It's had plays out from Calvertron, Peo De Pitte, AC Slater, B.Rich, Rico Tubbs and Terry obviously,  and plenty more - so you know it's good!   

Here is a preview of the release.

The free track in question is a remix of ATL's Killer Mike.

  Killer Mike 2 Sides (Snide Remix) by bassmusic

Download it HERE!

Snide Facebook!

POLYGON PALACE - 'We Have A Visual' (Human Life Remix)

Electronic duo Polygon Palace formed when Londoner, Adam Ferns and New Zealander, Gabriel Crossan bonded over a common love for left-of-centre dance music while living abroad in Melbourne, Australia.

Since the 2009 release of the duo's Nintendo-disco single
Tokyo Getaway, Polygon Palace made waves on the blogs with their remix of 'In It Together' from Californians Human Life as they tear up the Melbourne underground dance scene.

'We Have A Visual'
is a tune about vampire-hunting robots and cross-dimensional hedonism, with synths (yes, you read that correctly). 

POLYGON PALACE  - 'We Have A Visual' (Human Life Remix)

Polygon Palace Myspace!
Human Life Website!

Electric Soulside December 2010 MIX


Electric Soulside is a Belgian duo based in Brussels.Brothers, Patrick and Steve Hoody, have established themselves in the recent years as creative artists and have garnered praise due to their unpredictable tendency to merge styles such as: electro, house, breakbeat, new disco and funky.

  Electric Soulside December 2010 MIX by electric soulside

Here is the track list.

1. Ivan the terrible / let's groove
2. Manuel De la Mare & Lissat & Voltaxx / Club around the world (Da Fresh)
3. Umek & Jay Lumen / Popgirls
4. Alex Kenji / uneven
5. Alex Kenji / Gimme Five
6. TJR / Juke it like a Ho (Electric Soulside)
7. Hot Rod ft Herve / Rutio
8. Donna Summer vs Hatiras / I feel love
9. Valernia / Think it Over
10. Revolte / Guess what (Mac Stanton)
11. Christian Campas / Fireball
12. Vandroid / Master & Slave (Yuksek)
13. Digitalism / Blitz
14. Electric Soulside / L.A. Invasion
15. Goose / Bring it on (MSTRKFT)
16. Zombie Nation / Squeek (Bart B More)
17. Ninetynine / The light
18 . Daft Punk / Derezzed (BreakDown)

Download it HERE!! 


Electric Soulside Soundcloud!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bugged Out - A Solcofn Mix 12-18-10

Hope you lot like the new mix...it's full of Fidget/Electro stuffs with a few surprises for ya!

Here is the track list...

1 Alex Winston - Choice Notes (Tomb Crew Mix)
2 The Count & Sinden - Addicted To You (Lone Mix)
3 Zombie Nation - Squeek (Bart BMore Mix)
4 Zodiac Cartel - We Don't Play That (Hunter Vaughan Mix)
5 Kyle Watson - Something Special
6 Dopefish - Police In Helicopter (Dopefish 2010 Mix)
7 Go Hungary - Crush
8 Redsquad - Bassline Roots
9 Kid Komas & Funkman - Fire Bitch (Jho FM Mix)
10 Defreek - Soul Gets Low
11 Redsquad - Mightmare
12 GTRONIC - Sucker Punch (Dummejungs Mix)
13 Belzebass - Hulk Out!
14 Calverton - Hit Da Ground
15 Will Bailey & Hot Mouth - Underwear Funk (Nom De Strip Mix)
16 Aqualight - Wrap! (The H2O Project Mix)
17 Intention & Rare Dynamic - The Peril Of Azure

Take a listen!

  Bugged Out - A Solcofn Mix 12-18-10 by solcofn

Grab it on Souncloud or from my Website!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Skeewiff give away their new album for Christmas?

Merry Xmas!

That's right!!!!

For a limited time you can get Skeewiff's new album ' Breaks of the unexpected' FOR FREE!!!

Check it out!

  Skeewiff - Breaks of the unexpected by pedigreecuts

Head over HERE to grab it!!!


Elite Force - Strongarm Sessions Xmas Special

Tis the season!!! Check out this holiday mix from Elite Force!
 Grab this lovely bit of noise HERE!


Analog People In a Digital World - Rose Rouge (Original Mix) [Hysterical]
Reset Robot - Softie [Excentric]
Mike Hulme - Sweet Control (Loops of Fury Mix) [U&A Recordings]
(Chemical Brothers - Under The Influence (excerpt))
Various - Devil's Mashup (Zodiac Cartel Revamp) [CDR]
Nom de Strip - De Piano [Foktop!]
Various - BodyRox Rocks (Elite Force Revamp) [CDR]
Atomic Hooligan - Is It Real? [Functional]
Various - Swoon (Elite Force Revamp) [CDR]
Various - TechnoNoizeGang (Elite Force Revamp) [CDR]
Felix Luker - Saw [U&A Recordings]
Tom Piper & Blaze Tripp - Brrrap (Micky Slim Mix) [Recovery House]
Peo de Pitte - Burning Up (Original) [U&A Recordings]
Peo de Pitte - Burning Up (Zodiac Cartel Mix) [U&A Recordings]
Excision - Subsonic (Elite Force Revamp) [Rottun]
MJ Cole - Sincere (Elite Force Revamp) [CDR]
Emalkay - Powertool [Promo]
Lenton Vs SPL (Elite Force Revamp) [CDR]
Liquid Stranger - Ripple (Elite Force edit) [CDR]
Also check out this bonus FREE DOWNLOAD...
 Elite Force Facebook!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

American Royalty - Lately (Vhyce Remix)

American Royalty are a new group out of southern California. They are a little electro, a little indie blues and a whole lot of fun.

Remixing duties on their new single "Lately" are handed over to Vhyce who does a great job adding some fidget to the already danceable tune..

 Check out the original.

Now check out the Vhyce remix!

Grab it!

Check out American Royalty's new "El Ardemo" EP.  Stream the whole thing on Soundcloud and buy the whole EP on iTunes.

American Royalty Soundcloud! 
Vhyce Soundcloud!

DJ Fame December 2010 Promo Mix


Check out the new fidget/electro mix from DJ Fame.  



1. Truffle Shuffle - The Potato Heads (Jack Union)
2. Body Pop - Jesse Rose Remix - Nelski (Rising Music)
3. Obrigado - Yolanda Be Cool Remix - Camel
4. Get Naked - Matthias Richter Remix - Tujamo (Housesession Records)
5. Goose Step - Justin Martin Remix - Rachel Barton (More Music)
6. Drop It Like (Wongo Remix) - Dj Fame & Eric Sharp (Rock It Science Labs)
7. In The Ghetto - Hijack vs Jeff Doubleu (Jack Union)
8. It Excites Me - Original Mix - Tom Staar (Moda Music)
9. After Dark - Oliver Twizt Remix - The Count and Sinden (Domino)
10. Rubb It In (Bart B More Fierce Ruling Remix) - Fierce Ruling Diva
11. Down - Original Mix - Jan Driver, Oliver $ (Made to Play)
12. Body Jack - Brabe Remix - Geht's Noch? (Jack Union)
13. Motion Sickness - Bit Crushers (Rock It Science Labs)
Download it HERE!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Everything Everything

Just a quick one to let you lot know that tonight see's a world first...

Everything Everything will be streaming their London show via a groundbreaking iPhone/iPad app. The band hit the stage tonight at 9.10pm UK time. If you've not already downloaded the app you can get it HERE!

You can also watch the gig live online HERE!!

Everything Everything are a British art rock band. The band's sound draws from a wide range of genres, such as math rock, post-punk, electropop and contemporary R&B. 

Check out these sweet remixes of Everything Everything's Photoshop Handsome by Sunday Girl and Soil In The Synth.

  Everything Everything - Photoshop Handsome (Sunday Girl Mix) by Sunday Girl

  Everything Everything - Photoshop Handsome (Soil In The Synth Remix) by EverythingEverything

Download it HERE!!

Everything Everything Soundcloud!
Sunday Girl Soundcloud!
Soil In Tte Synth Myspace!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chalk And Numbers - He Knew EP


Check out this outstanding little bit of 60's surf-pop inspired joy I found today.

Chalk And Numbers is Andrew Pierce (of The New Rags and Nouvellas) and Sable Yong (of Year of the Tiger). The duo sure have that feel good 60's pop sound down pat.

I've had this on repeat all morning and LOVE it. Hope you lot like it too!!!

Download it for free HERE!!!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Dreamed - So I ate myself, bite by bite

So I ate myself, Bite By Bite is the new album by Black Moth Super Rainbow member Ryan Graveface. It continues along the same path that other Black Moth Super Rainbow band members have taken with their solo albums. It’s a rich album with a lot of depth and an almost childlike wonder.

Mainly using an acoustic guitar, a banjo, and a xylophone, Ryan is able to create a friendly and fulfilling album from start to finish. This is sometimes an odd feeling to get since the album is supposedly a story that chronicles the events in the life of a serial killer. It’s definitely a interesting way to cover that kind kind of subject matter. For instance in the track ‘Pieces’, between the soothing sounds of a banjo and xylophone, Ryan sings ‘I can’t believe it was just yesterday/I cleaned my hands and washed the blood away’. Other tracks like ‘Pink Clouds In The Woods’ and ‘Magnesium Light’  have a seemingly more uplifting feel, the latter having lyrics like ‘I looked at the skies tonight and said I love the sun’. ‘An Admission’ is the highlight of the album, coming it at around 10 minutes long. The psychedelic sun-soaked choral “woo’s” are backed by a driving drum beat that builds and builds until it explodes. The rest of the track feels like the up and down ride through the “killers” mind as he wrestles with what he has done and what will become of him.

So I ate myself, Bite By Bite is an eclectic ride and surprisingly catchy, despite it’s subject matter. It’s a great album to have on in the background for any road trip. So I ate myself, Bite By Bite may not be for everyone but, if you let yourself go along for the ride, it’s a highly enjoyable bit of experimental folk that should satisfy most listeners.

Dreamed Myspace!

Brasstronaut- Mt. Chimarea

Mt. Chimarea is a fitting name for Brasstronaut’s debut album. Just like the mythical creature made up of parts of different animals, the band’s sound floats between experimental jazz, electronica and pop sounds. Using a wide array of instruments such as the trumpet, lap steel guitar, flugelhorn and the seldom-heard EWI (a breath controlled synthesizer), Brasstronaut have made a haunting and rich album.

‘Hearts Trompet’ starts with a simple bass before building into a wall of strings that is simply beautiful. ‘Insects’ is a more jazzy number that lazily bounces around before letting the horns loose to fill the room. ‘Ravan’, one of the highlights of the album, perfectly fuses the horns, bass and drums with moody vocals to create a moving and enchanting piece of music. ‘Six Toes’, having a New Orleans-style jazz sound, is another track where the band shows their talent in crafting complex arrangements and skill with each instrument they use. ‘Slow Knots’, which is my personal favorite track on the album, starts of with the lyrics ‘Do you think that I betrayed you, Honey don’t you I’m too dumb for that / you kept a list of all those bad nights/we both know it got to long’. The track uses a subtle drum beat and bass to build the track until it kicks in and melds the vocals, keyboard and horns into a sublime echo filled lament on love lost.

The band has built credibility on the road, having played with bands from Belle Orchestre to Why?, and in international festivals like Reykjavik’s Iceland Airwaves ‘09, where they appeared on-stage with the brass section from Sigur Ros. They sure have my attention and I can’t wait to see where they go in the future. Brasstronaut, the Vancouver based six-piece, pride themselves on being unclassifiable. Fortunately for us, they have crafted a perfectly accessibly album that is fresh and exciting to hear. Surely a top album of 2010, this is a must buy for any real music fan and highly recommended.

Brasstronaut Website!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Yellow Ostrich - The Mistress


Yellow Ostrich is the solo side project of The Chairs’ frontman Alex Schaaf. 'The Mistress' is a lovely bit of indie pop. Loads of great melodies, lots of fun and it's so damn catchy!

Check it out for yourself!

Grab it HERE!!   (you can name your own price, which means FREE if you want)


Finest Ego - Russian Beatmaker Compilation


I stumbled across this the other day. It is a sister release to the Japanese Beatmakers Download I posted a few months ago. More outstanding instrumental (sometimes jazzy, sometimes thumpin') hip hop beats that will provide the perfect soundtrack to whatever you are doing.

Here is a description, in their own words...

"The tendency towards advanced beats seems to be more and more a global phenomenon. As we already have said: Decentred beats for decentred people. During the last few years arose also in Russia a small, loosely networked scene of people, who have experimented with Hip Hop-beats. But in this case, the young Russians have no examples or references for this kind of music in the musical culture of their own country. All of their inspirations are taken from blogs and from the intensive study of their role models worldwide. The result is an organic, very playful, snappy and jazzy sound, which is carried by a common vibe, but is in the same way as diverse as the finest egos of the artists themselves.

The compilation includes Pavel Dovgal, DZA, Pixelord, Demokracy, Moa Pillar, Arktor, Shawalski, Myown, Nienvox, 813 and Long Arm."

 Here is the track list...

01 Is On Fire by Pavel Dovgal
02 Zero One by Pixelord
03 Searchlight by Demokracy
04 Way Of Wind by Moa Pillar
05 Henry Dorsett Case by Arktor
06 Fireball by DZA
07 Gettin Hi by Shawalski
08 Vladislav Kovac by Myown
09 Hairs by Nienvox
10 Gamma by 813
11 The Roots by Long Arm


This release may not be free...but it's GOOD! ( I am sure if you poke around on the interwebs enough you may find it for free...but why not support these beatmakers and buy it!)


For more releases by Finest Ego, go HERE!!


Saturday, December 04, 2010

Congorock - Babylon - Peo de Pitte featuring Chronz RD Remix

Need a sweet new tune to make your Saturday night party pop? Try this bit of fresh twisted wickedness!

 Peo De Pitte has worked his magic on arguably one of the biggest hit of the year.... Congorock's Babylon! (The original, for whom has missed it, is off A-Trak's Fools Gold label!)

Tweaking the beats into something new, Peo De Pitte then adds some sick bass before throwing in the vocal talents of 21 year old rapper Chronz RD.

Check it out below!


 Grab it HERE!!!!


 Peo De Pitte Myspace!

Peo De Pitte Facebook!

Peo De Pitte Soundcloud!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

3 Bandcamp bands you should be listening to right now!

The following bands can all be found on the bandcamp website.

They are all very good and even if they aren't releasing free albums...you should still be listening to them NOW!

Sample all the tracks below and the links to buy each album is in each respective bands player.



Laserfang - Mammoth         (Indie Dance Five-piece)


Monsters - ♦      (Instrumental Math Rock Power Trio)



Boom Chick - Snow Pony         (Atomic Rock-n-Roll Blues Duo )

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Gabriel Quintana - Where The Wind Blows

Found this lovely bit of "minimal instrumental piano soundtrack type stuff" (yes, that is what I am calling it!) the other day and it's turning out to be a perfect soundtrack to the rainy last few days.

Hope you lot like it as much as I do!


Download it for FREE HERE!

Check out more stuff by Gabriel Quintana HERE!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Green Velvet - Dank (Breakdown Remix)

I recently was turned on to Breakdown and here is their remix of Green Velvet's 'Dank'. Check out the video below.

Between the horns and the pulsating synths, this is the kind of track to keep you warm till summer is back!

Download it HERE!

Breakdown Website!

Green Velvet Website!

Chromeo - Hot Mess Video


 Here is Chromeo's new video for 'Hot Mess'.

 Chromeo - "Hot Mess" from Paradoxal Inc on Vimeo.

Check them out on their North American 'Risky Business' tour, coming early 2011.

Buy your tix now, here! Click the pic to see if they are coming to your town!

 Chromeo Website!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seldom Cinq

I recently discovered Seldom Cinq, a tech-house artist who is really floating my boat at the moment. I thought I would share some tracks with you lot...give him some support!!!

Here are a few tracks to wet your whistle.

This first one has been on repeat in my house all week!

  Organised Chaos by Seldom Cinq


This is a bit different and more for when you feel like you need to chill.

  Darbuka Fever by Seldom Cinq

You can also sample his newest EP below.

Seldom Cinq - Mind Blank by Patchy Recordings

Don't forget to to buy it on BEATPORT!


Seldom Cinq Souncloud!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eight:FX - 5 Years Of Bass Anniversary Album


I got home today and found this lovely bit of awesome in my inbox...hope you all enjoy it!

In their own words....

"We've just kicked off our 5 Year anniversary releases with a new compilation, "5 Years Of Bass", and as a thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years we're giving you a free download of the whole album...

Track list is as follows....

1. mrk1 : iLOVE (Original)
2. Aquadrop : Champion Sound
3. KillaHurtz : To Be A SLUT!
4. Bulbajar : Close My Open
5. Crim : Bitch!
6. RMS : Cold
7. Aquadrop : Sea
8. Killall : Bass War
9. Wobbelix : Red Violin
10. mrk1 : Turn Me On
11. CYRUS : In The Background
12. Rebel Sonix : Ankle Grinder
13. Hatcha & Lost : Tag Along
14. Scott Nixon : Rock Out
15. Aquadrop : Monsterz
16. Trimaxis : Doomchore
18. CYRUS : Golden Gate
19. TES LA ROK : Hot Jam
20. Nika D & DJ Absurd : Felt The Need (MRK1 Vocal Remix)

Full download HERE!!

If you would like to purchase the album, see the links below.

Album Out Now at Beatport.
Juno Download.

5 Years ago, at the age of 16, label boss Josh Brandon pressed up 200 copies of his latest bedroom production and began walking round London selling them to anyone who would listen. And 5 years and over 50 releases on we are proud to have been able to deliver so many top quality tracks from so many amazing artists, including some of Dubstep's leading artists and most prolific rising talent. From being home to Kiss FM's Hatcha, MRK1, Kromestar, Tes La Rok, and Cyrus, to Bare Noize, Lost, Rebel Sonix & Aquadrop.

Gaining consistent support from the biggest tastemakers, the label's singles and compilations have gone on to reach the top echelons of all the leading download store charts including iTunes, Beatport and Juno.

This album is a journey back through the years, showcasing 20 completely unmixed tracks including forthcoming exclusives all the way across to the label's biggest anthems since it's launch.

Thanks for all your support over the years and we hope you enjoy the album"

Here are a few of the tracks...

Preview all the tracks HERE!!! 


EightFX Website!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Riva Starr presents STARR TRAXX - MORE (SNATCH! 09) out Nov the 29th!


Riva Starr introduces us to his brand new alter-ego, STARR TRAXX and takes us back... way back.

With plenty of punch and lashings of funk the piano riff of "More" draws inspiration from by gone house classics, while a simple male vocal gives it some early '90s flavor.

Bulgarian producer Kink takes time out from rekindling acid house classics to rework "More" into a timeless gem, using deep keys and a spread of 90's sounds, whilst Pirupa & Pigi retain the harder-edged dance floor aesthetics of the original.

In Snatch! tradition this powerful piano led cut, with its vibrant house vibe, shows just how comfortably Riva can navigate the musical spectrum.

Check out a sample of "More" below.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle - Higher (JEUCE REWORK)


After extensive 2010 festival appearances which included HMV’s inaugural Next Big Thing Festival and - from 2,000 acts - to officially open SXSW 2010, Welsh act Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle release their debut commercially-released single ‘Higher’ via The Playground Records. Produced by Robert Harder (Babyshambles, Brian Eno, David Byrne), ‘Higher’ combines Polly’s reflective lyrical talent, thumping rhythms and an anthemic driving chorus that won’t be leaving you any time soon.

The Welsh band’s ‘fan only’ E.P. ‘Silent Film’ received extensive national & regional radio play with the track ‘The Wall’ recently being featured on an episode of BBC Radio 1 online/BBC 2 Television's teen drama series The Cut – an episode which also featured tracks from Florence & The Machine, Thom Yorke, Mumford & Sons and The Pixies.

With all of these plus an unusually large number of other impressive early accomplishments behind them, 2010/2011 can be clearly seen as a breakthrough period for the band. 

 JEUCE is in charge of remix duties here and they don't disappoint with their amazing and moving rework!

Check out the JEUCE rework below.

  Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle - Higher (JEUCE REWORK) by ThePlayground

 Download the JEUCE rework HERE!

Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle Website!

JEUCE Wesite!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Boemklatsch 'One More Day' EP


Party, DJ and Producer crew Boemklatsch  has teamed up with Mike Lord to make a song fit for peaktime dance moments. One More Day is already played on BBC1 radio and has major support from DJ's around the globe. Remixers High Rankin, Hidden Cat, PeaceTreaty and Stereo Killaz do their interpretation of this 'goodvibe' track. B side Nukes Of Hazard is more Techno-ish, so combined with remixers RipTidE and Shameboy it fits well in the whole release. 

1A Boemklatsch ft Mike Lord - One More Day (Original)
2A Boemklatsch ft Mike Lord - One More Day (Radio edit)
3A Boemklatsch ft Mike Lord - One More Day (High Ranking remix)
4A Boemklatsch ft Mike Lord - One More Day (PeaceTreaty remix) !!!!!!!!!!!!!HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
5A Boemklatsch ft Mike Lord - One More Day (Stereo Killaz remix)
6A Boemklatsch ft Mike Lord - One More Day (Hidden Cat remix)
1B Boemklatsch - Nukes Of Hazard (Original)
2B Boemklatsch - Nukes Of Hazard (Shameboy remix) !!!!HOT!!!!
3B Boemklatsch - Nukes Of Hazard (RipTidE remix)


Boemklatsch ft Mike Lord - One More Day (Stereo Killaz remix) 

Here is a preview of some of the other tracks on the EP.

  Boemklatsch 'One More Day' EP by Boemklatsch

Go grab the whole EP on BEATPORT now!!

Boemklatsch Website!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Underwolrd Drum & Bass Mini Mix


Underwolrd Drum & Bass Mini Mix

1.”Pulp Fiction” – Alex Reece
2.”Banstyle” Underworld (Alex Reece remix)
3.”Bruce Lee” Underworld (DJ Hype & DJ Zinc remix)
4.”Scribble” Underworld (Netsky remix)
5.”Pickett Line” DC Breaks
6.”Shock Out” Danny Byrd

Grab it for free HERE!!

Underworld Website!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010



A quick reminder, the new MONSTER MASHUP CD for HALLOWEEN 2010 'PUMPKIN ON YOUR STEREO' is now online! Grab it now at


This year is the biggest and best compilation yet with 33 brand new Halloween mashups perfect for any halloween party!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dan Bull - Death of ACTA

Dan Bull has just released a new track, "Death of ACTA," about the secretive Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a privately negotiated super-copyright treaty.

In his own words...

"I wrote it after reading about the terrifying implications of ACTA. I want it to raise awareness and make people act directly, by joining lobby groups (eg EFF and ORG) and putting pressure on their political representatives. The video was made on a zero budget, filmed and edited with the voluntary help of friends and colleagues. Directed and produced by Russ Houghton, and filmed at the Golden Hinde in Southwark. I'm an unsigned, unsignable geek rapper and activist, determined to make a living out of my music whilst sharing it all for free. Not sure how that will work yet, but working it out is all part of the fun."

Check it!

Bloody Knives - Burn It All Down


Had this on repeat for a while in the car and I thought I would share.

Bloody Knives are a two piece industrial/shoegaze duo from Austin Texas.

Imagine if Pendulum made a fuzzed out shoegaze album. This would be it.

Check out their newest release 'Burn It All Down'.

It's ace!


Grab the album off their bandcamp site FOR FREE HERE!!

You can also buy a limited edition CDR with artwork HERE!

Bloody Knives Myspace!



This is ace!!!

Their flyer....


For one night only Cable Club will be plunged into complete as we throw a Halloween rave that you might not come back from! Dust of your deadliest, dress for death and don't forget to bring a torch!
THE Z-SHED vs FAT! vs THEM, Saturday 30th October @ Cable, Bermondsey Street, LDN
W/ Martyn, The Bug and Daddy Freddy (Bashment set), Dj Derek, Foamo, Reso (D&B set), Raffertie, Pirate Soundsystem, Sduk, Cntrst, Them DJ's, JP, Absnif plus a whole load more...
Full details right here: www.wefearsilence.com


Now on to the juicy bits.

Ahead of the party chief selectors Pirate Soundsytem have put together a brand new mixtape to get you in the mood. Expect a hefty dose of bass, funky, garage, techno and few other surprises thrown in for good measure.
1. Zed Bias - Ambush Riddem VIP
2. Mele - Dancer
3. Wafa - Ewid Disco (Drop The Lime Remix)
4. Ramandanman - Work Them
5. Steve Sparks - Git Em (Zombies For Money Remix)
6. Sidney Looper - You Got The Riddim
7. Chocomilk - I Say
8. UDO - Dominator (Dance Worx Remix)
9. TEDD - Blood Pressure
10. Rossi B & Luca - E10 Riddim (Police Ar Come Run)
11. B Rich - Everyday Hustle (AC Slater 2010 Remix)
12. Kingdom - Bust Broke

Check it!



Pirate Soundsystem Myspace!
Sidney Lopper Blog!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Stenchman - The Album


If you like your Dubstep filthy, then you are in for a treat. Stenchman has released his newest album FOR FREE!!

Stenchman – The Album

Download it here!  Stenchman – The Album (Zip File)

Tracklisting :

1 – Too Filled With Horror To Cry
2 – Prime Time Swine
3 – Archangel Remix
4 – Everything
5 – Cockeck
6 – Putrid Creature VIP
7 – Banks Of The Nile
8 – Lisztomania Remix
10 – Fuck Off
11 – Overtaker
12 – New Socks Two Socks
13 -Gutfucker VIP
14 – Gypsy Tart

Take a listen to "New Socks Two Socks".


If you feel like giving Stenchman any kind donations for all his hard work go to paypal and use his email addy stenchmandub@hotmail.com

Throw a couple of bucks his way, he is giving you a free album...it's the least you can do.

Stenchman Myspace!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Plug GOOD Music Presents 'A Prelude to the Future'


We Plug GOOD Music presents A Prelude to the Future... A Mixtape of recordings featuring 20 Emerging Artists from the genres of Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B and Spoken Word that you should know about.

 Get a sample of the sweetness here!

<a href="http://wepluggoodmusic.bandcamp.com/album/a-prelude-to-the-future">A Prelude to the Future by We Plug GOOD Music</a>


If you want to know a little more about each artist...see the blurbs below!!!

A Prelude to the Future features 20 of the best emerging artists that we have come across over the last year from all around the word & Specifically hand-picked from the ever-budding global Emerging Music scene is an array of amazing Soul, Hip-Hop and Spoken Word artists from all around the world (with exclusive and unreleased material) including...
REMOT (pronounced Remote), who is an Emerging Hip-Hop producer from Massachusetts, winner of the Hip-Hop DX  American Gangster ReMixtape Contest in XXXX and long-term collaborator with World-renowned DJs/Producers Mick Boogie & Terry Urban on amazing projects such as the MTV, VH1 & Entertainment Weekly’s featured Viva La Hova, the Jay-Z & Coldplay mash-up mixtape that was endorsed by both Jay-Z & Chris Martin. His accomplishments also include production for Chip tha Ruler, Kidz in the Hall, U-N-I & Grammy-Nominated K-Os amongst others. Look out for the release of his Instrumental LP presented by Mick Boogie, Kevin Nottingham & AnmlHse.
We also feature UK-based Electro/Indie/Hip-Hop Artist SHADEZ (The Misfit) on this project, fresh off of his feature on Channel 4’s EVO Music Rooms sponsored by FIAT where he was hailed as one of the UK’s BEST unsigned artists, his in-store performance at the brand new CASIO G-SHOCK EAST Store in London, as well as performing at the astounding Love Box festival alongside class-acts like Duran Duran & N.E.R.D in 2009. Look out for his debut EP, ‘Shadez the Man that Fell to Earth’ which is out shortly.
Zayna Daze, a spoken word artist, experimental singer & instrumentalist from East London who draws her musical influences from Alicia Keys and The Carpenters. Having successfully won several UK-circuit poetry slams (Farrago) & participated in the BBC 4 2009 Poetry Slam, Zayna has released two collaborative efforts with lyricist and co-producer Cloudfistconceptz in the last year, successfully fusing music & spoken word on their ‘Cloudy Daze’ volumes. Look out for her first Solo EP project ‘The Black Sugar Project’ out in November 2010.
Also featured is emerging Nigerian ‘Alternative Soul’ Singer/Song-writerBEZ, a natural performer with a charismatic and playful stage presence who has previously opened for International Sensation, Asa & performed alongside Nigeria’s premiere artists like Tuface, 9ice & D’Banj as well as World-renowned Hip-Hop/Soul singer, Nneka. Bez also took part in the Nigerian leg of the 2009’s Hennessy Artistry Series which culminated in the Series Finale in NYC featuring the legendary Common & The Roots.
Joining us also on this journey as special guests are Portland, Oregon based Alternative Hip-Hop duo Moxie Black, fresh off of the success of their DJ Booth presented debut Promo album ‘How Did This Happen?’ with one of our favourite records of that album.
You will also get to hear new, exclusive, previously unheard & some re-released material from some of the finest emerging artists we’ve been privileged to work with, in the genres of Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B & Spoken Word from all around the world including emerging America’s fast-rising underground Hip-Hop and R&B artists Remot, Midian, EOM & Emay, UK Soul, Spoken-word & Hip-Hop artists Shanaz Dorsett, GREEDS, AKS & Chockz the Rapper, The BB architects, Nigeria’s own fast-rising Artists Waje, Kel & Naira and so much more in this 20-track opus & ode to EMERGING MUSIC.


Having a #1 Breakout on the Billboard dance chart as well as one of the Top 10 selling dance tracks at iTunes with their debut single “One (Your Name)” featuring Pharrell (10 million+ YouTube views) and already graced the covers of three major music magazines, superstar DJ collective Swedish House Mafia are proud to announce the highly-anticipated release of their solo works to date, Until One, on October 26th via Astralwerks Records. This compilation album is also a soundtrack to their forthcoming DVD ”Take One,” a film by Christian Larson which is a documentary about Swedish House Mafia.

The Swedish House Mafia consists of Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello. Three people, three producers and three pairs of eyes and ears perfectly aligned together, each with their own acclaimed independent record labels and world-renowned for their production prowess and roof-raising live shows. Until One compiles highlights of each Mafia member’s solo work to date including“One (Your Name)” feat Pharrell as well as the next single with Tinie Tempah entitled “MIAMI 2 IBIZA” to be released on October 19th.

An all-star celebration of dancefloor excess, highlights from this continuous mix includes Axwell’s 2007 smash “I Found U” and brand new solo outing “Nothing But Love”. “Valodja” sees Steve Angello teaming up with his younger brother AN21 (Antoine) plus his now legendary remake of Robin S’ “Show Me Love”. Other stand out tracks include Sebastian Ingrosso’s classic reworking of MGMT’s “Kids” entitled “Kidsos” and “Meich”, a mash up featuring Coldplay’s “Clocks”. Daft Punk’s “One More Time” and The Source featuring Candi Staton ‘You Got The Love’ also get the Swedish treatment.

Check out the video for "Miami 2 Ibiza"

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Die Antwoord : Video for "Evil Boy" (NSFW)


Here is the wild and NSFW video for the Diplo-produced single "Evil Boy"off the their major label re-release of $0$ !

The album drops next week!!!

Die Antwoord website!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Zodiac Cartel Live @ Wickerman July 2010 [U&A BigTop]


The whole U&A family took over a Big Top at Scotland's most excellent Wickerman Festival this summer & smashed it both nights, with killer sets from Calvertron, The Loops of Fury, Mike Hulme, Vandal, Rektchordz, Simon Jackson, Resistance, and this massive workout from Zodiac Cartel.

  Zodiac Cartel Live @ Wickerman July 2010 [U&A BigTop] by Zodiac Cartel

Download it HERE!

A partial tracklist is below...

01.- Intro (Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now)
02.- A.G. Trio - Bass Effect (Zodac Cartel Remix)
03.- ¿¿¿???
04.- Gecko - Just close your Eyes (¿¿¿?? Remix)
05.- Felix Lucker - Mechanical (Original Mix)
06.- Elite Force - Devilheads (Revamp feat. Zodiac Cartel, Bassnectar, Futureheads, Switch & others)
07.- Enmanuel Kosh - Make my Music (Zodiac Cartel Remix)
08.- Chemical Brothers Vs Miles Dyson - Swoon Mashup (Elite Force Revamp)
09.- The Loops Of Fury - Rack Em (Zodiac Cartel Remix)
10.- Zodiac Cartel - Stay on Top (Original Mix)
11.- ¿¿¿¿???
12.- Zodiac Cartel - We don't play that (Original Mix)
13.- The Prodigy - Firestarter (Elite Force Vs Physical Revamp)
14.- Chemical Brothers Vs Noisia - Machine began in Afrika (Elite Force MashUp)
15.- Fake Blood - Blood Splashing (Elite Force Revamped)
16.- Elite Force feat. Afrojack & Erol Alkan - Death On Acid
17.- Elite Force feat. The Killers, Deadmau5 - Soul Souljah
18.- ¿¿¿???
19.- ¿¿¿¿???
21.- Zodiac Cartel Vs Stripper - Dancefloor Stukka (Zodiac Cartel Mashup)
22.- Zodiac Cartel - Beyond the Dancefloor (¿ZC Re-Edit?? )
23.- ¿¿¿???

You can grab a whole load of FREE 320k downloads from U&A artists including Elite Force HERE!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dub FX


Dub FX (real name Benjamin Stanford) is a worldwide street performer and studio recording artist from St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. His trademark is creating rich live music using only his own performance aided by Live looping and effect pedals combined with his voice. He creates intricate hip hop, reggae, drum and bass rhythms and dubstep.

Here is a video for the song 'Made'.

Check out his album "Everythinks A Ripple"!!


It's not free but it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

<a href="http://dubfx.net/album/everythinks-a-ripple">Everythinks A Ripple by Dub_Fx</a>

Grab it HERE!

Dub FX Website!