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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beardyman - Essential Mix 1-22-2011


The amazingly talented Beardyman recently stopped by the BBC Radio1 studios for his own Essential Mix. What happens for the next two hours is nothing short of incredible. He only uses his voice, 5 kaos pads and a keyboard to make what you are about to hear. See what I mean in the video below.

Here is the track list!

1. Beardyman - Express Yourself [Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band]
2. Beardyman - I Can't Go For That [Hall & Oates]
3. Beardyman - You're Not Part Of Me
4. Beardyman - Can I Kick It [A Tribe Called Quest]
5. Beardyman - Only Love Can Break Your Heart [Saint Etienne]
6. Beardyman - All The Girls Be Touching My Ooh
7. Beardyman - Forget You [Cee Lo Green]
8. Beardyman - Finally [Kings Of Tomorrow]
9. Beardyman - Cheese And Crackers
10. Beardyman - Happiness [Tomcraft]
11. Beardyman - Unzip My Armpits
12. Beardyman - Da Funk [Daft Punk]
13. Beardyman - King Of Snake [Underworld]
14. Beardyman - Going Deep
15. Beardyman - At Night [Shakedown]
16. Beardyman - I Don't Know
17. Beardyman - Get Dutty
18. Beardyman - Phat Planet [Leftfield]
19. Beardyman - I Don't Want To Be Your Friend
20. Beardyman - Pyramid, Square, Rectangle, Yeah!
21. Beardyman - Glonk
22. Beardyman - Power Of Love [Frankie Goes To Hollywood]
23. Beardyman - We Don't Know Where We're Going
24. Beardyman - The Beat Goes On [The All Seeing I]
25. Beardyman - Back It Up
26. Beardyman - Av It
27. Beardyman - Not What You Planned For
28. Beardyman - Aahh
29. Beardyman - Crossing The River [The Devlins]
30. Beardyman - Ready For The Burn
31. Beardyman - Release The Pressure [Leftfield]

(Thanks to the folks at mixing.dj for the rip!)

Beardyman also has 'I done a album' coming out in March. Check out the sampler below.

Beardyman 'I Done A Album' sampler minimix (mixed by JFB) by Beardyman

Beardyman Website!

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