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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Found Sound Orchestra


I am a huge fan of The Found Sound Orchestra as well as his earlier moniker, Team9. I posted his last free album HERE!

As it happens Neil is back at what he does best!!! I'll let him explain in his own words.

"For 2011 I have set myself a magnificent challenge. One that many have attempted before me. One that many have successfully completed – which I don’t think we really need to focus on. Anyhow, I shall make a new Found Sound Orchestra track every week. 52 weeks = 52 tracks for you to listen to, download, delete, print out in digital 3d format , convert to binary.

This weeks track asks you to consider letting big beat back into your life. It departed with such urgency back in the day yet it was such a fun genre. Anyhow, bucking the trend of using crap records this week I butcher me some Dusty Springfield. Previous weeks have been a much mellower affair with an average BPM of 93.4. The sun does seem to slow things down a little….

Please drop by and say hi. I’m in need to friendship to make the next 47 weeks worthwhile."

 Here is the week 1 track "Thank you 3 times".

He's got 7 weeks up already plus loads of other wonderfully sweet tunes for FREE.

Head over to his site and give him some love.


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