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Monday, April 25, 2011

Mason - New Album And Spring Mix

Mason has released his fantastic debut album "They are among us". Check out the tracklist below.

1. Runaway                                                    
2. You Are Not Alone                                           
3. Choices (featuring Kurtis Blow) 
4. Syncrom      
5. Little Angel (featuring Aqualung)                
6. Kippschwinger           
7. I Just Wanna Rock (featuring Sway)
8. Boadicea (featuring Roisin Murphy)
9. As The World Turns                                            
10. Corrected (featuring DMC & Sam Sparro)
11. Little Red Petticoat                                                  
12. Who Killed Trance    

You can buy the album HERE!

He also has a new sweet new mix out as well.

In his own words...

"This is a dj mix. I woke up one morning and had no train / plane / car to catch so felt utterly bored. TV didn't help as usual. I've already read all the books on my shelf. So dusted off the CDJs, grinded some coffee beans and went upstairs to my little room where girls aren't allowed and I can get in touch with the geek side of me. The result was a mix of 14 tracks, half of which will be out on Animal Language, as my manager tends to slap me when I don't shamelessly promote our own stuff.  My manager plays rugby #justsayin.  I hope this mix will give you courage and more reasons in life to listen to music loud. "

Take a listen below!

  Mason Spring Mix by Mason

1. Mason - Little Angel (Kolombo remix)
2. Black Rose - Anthem
3. Dirty Vegas - Changes (Mike Monday remix)
4. Alex Dimou - Nina And The Band
5. The Beatrabauken - Twisted Wire (Bjorn Nafe remix)
6. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Houshold Goods (Justin Martin remix)
7. Worthy - Right Time (Tom Flynn remix)
8. Arveene & Misk - Mis Casa Su Casa
9. 1984 - Bangladesh
10. Mason - Boadicea feat. Roisin Murphy (Polydor remix) (stukkie eruit)
11. Hatiras - Catz Play
12. Mason - Runaway (Hatiras remix)
13. Disco Of Doom - Alice Cooper (Mason's School's Out Rework)
14. Nelsen Grover - Awake (TWR72 remix)

Download it HERE!!! 


Mason Soundcloud!

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