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Monday, April 04, 2011

Yoghurt Warrior - Jumanji


I opened my inbox the other day and there was an email from Yoghurt Warrior.  I had never heard of him before but I am glad I followed some of the links he sent me.

Check out this fantastic tribal track he made. It's down tempo and perfect for summer (it's right around the corner!).

In his own words...

"This time Yoghurt Warrior brings you a blend of old and new with part one of this launch where there are 4 new designs aswel as the old classics such as 'Just Say Neigh' and 'Keeping It Splendid'. The new designs are also complimented with the first Yoghurt Warrior productions.. a new tune called Jumanji. As the name suggests, this project has been created using tribal, axtec, navajo and tropical influences, a theme for the summer as we emerge from hibernation in to the sun".

  Jumanji by yoghurtwarrior

Download it HERE!!

Yoghurt Warrior Soundcloud! 

He's got all kinds of cool stuff on his site. Check it out below!

Yoghurt Warrior Website!

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