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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Beat Connection - Surf Noir EP


From the opening few measures of ‘Sunburn’ I knew I was in for a treat. The lush ambient sounds and building beats instantly started to take me on a journey. A journey that I highly recommend you all take.

Beat Connection’s Surf Noir EP is a joy to listen to and trust me, you will want to listen to it from start to finish. The Seattle duo of Jordan Koplowitz and Reed Juenger have made an EP that is complex yet so simple. You can dance to it or simply put the headphones on and let it wash over you.

‘In the water’, ‘Wildheart’ and ‘Theme From Yours Truly’ keep the EP chugging along with down tempo house beats and smooth keys that would be perfect for any sunset beach party. ‘Fresh Touch’  starts out with echoing hand claps and fades into arppagiated synth sounds and full bass tones that give you the feeling of laying back and winding down after a long day. “Silver Screen’ is really the centerpiece of the EP. With child-like synth chords  and vocals that sound like Sting, the song comes together and forms a truly moving experience. ‘Motorway’ is a nice electronic interlude (similar to something AIR might play) that leads us right into the closing track of the EP, ‘Same Damn Time’,  a Vangelis-esqe track, with moody synths, crisp hand claps and minor vocoder assistance. This is an great track to listen to as you depart from the brief visit you have had with Beat Connection’s Surf Noir Ep.

This is summer on a CD. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I will be anxiously waiting for more from Beat Connection as I think this is just a glimpse into what their musical future holds.

Beat Connection Myspace!

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