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Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Horn The Hunt - Paris

The Horn The Hunt are Clare Carter and Joseph Osborne. Their second album, Depressur Jolie, was released through White Label Music on 23 May 2011. 

In their own words...

“Depressur Jolie is the first pre-conceived album we’ve written together. After releasing our debut album (in 2009) and establishing ourselves as a band, we knew exactly what we wanted our next album to be about. It would be colourful and bouncy with lots of different forms and textures, but have this dark underbelly throughout. We wanted to make a big pop album – our ideal pop album – full of bold, aggressive songs that have no loyalty to any particular sound or style..” explains Clare Carter, a visual artist and who, along with Joseph Osborne, makes up the Leeds-based pop duo.

“To us the album is like a colonial voyage, all steeped in British ambition and guilt. It starts with this ship sailing out over huge waves in the opening track, then land is sighted, we go ashore on this tropical volcanic island and bump into predators and carnivorous plants - the usual adventure story. There are a few battles, lava’s flowing into the sea, coconuts are running out, you start to question why you left your home, homesickness descends.”

The Horn The Hunt first began writing and recording songs in a flat in Sandnes, Norway in early 2008. Their music has taken them on a journey – literally. During their travels the duo have been inspired by and written songs in places ranging from the frozen tundra of Greenland to a room carved into the side of a canyon in the middle of Spain, before finally settling into the bedroom studio in Leeds, where they are now based.

“When we returned to England after traveling for 3 years it felt like a huge adjustment going back to a regular job and domestic life. Like being sat in a cage made of pound coins, with loads of TVs and newspapers surrounding it. You can watch everything going on and educate yourself about things but you can’t move from your designated place,” says Clare. “I made the decision to take singing and songwriting seriously, and to start performing. It was a big scary deal to me, like a ‘coming-out’ process of being exposed, thrown into the deep end.”

Here is their song 'Paris'.

 The Horn The Hunt - Paris by charmfactory 

Grab it HERE!!!

Here are remixes of a couple other tracks....fantastic stuff!

 The Horn The Hunt - Remixes by charmfactory 


The Horn The Hunt Website!

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