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Sunday, July 31, 2011

OaK MC - Back in the 70's (Instrumentals)

Back in the 70's (Instrumentals) Cover Art

I found this the other day will perusing through the Bandcamp website. This is superb instrumental hip-hop.

Here is a rough translation of the German on their page...

"After the first instrument valley album „back into the 90' s “comes now the second Tape of OaK MC to the man. The instrument valley album „back into the 70' s “leads out from 90's the Electronica angehauchten Tunes รก la massifs Attack, air and Coldcut to a world was dominated from personalities such as Al Green, Funkadelic, Isaac Hayes and Curtis the Mayfield."

Grab it here!!!  (Name your own price!)


Oak MC Bandcamp!

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