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Sunday, October 23, 2011


AutoKratz are back with two wicked dance floor fillers.

In their own words...

"The bastard offspring of their collaboration with Primal Scream and New Order was somewhat of a child prodigy. Self Help For Beginners scored international success and many ‘album of the month’ accolades. 

But since then, their schizophrenic tendencies kicked back in, and the unquenchable thirst for making banging electronics returned. This has given birth to Heart Attack Man and Sucker Sirens; two tracks that embody the reason why they started making music. 

They spent the summer immersed in vintage CJ Bolland, the shreds of tape that Attaque had left on the Bad Life studio floor and enough pills to fuel the Berghain for a full week. 

It inspired autoKratz to propel themselves back to the vanguard of future techno. The new live show debuted last Friday night at Tunnel club in Milan, and it went off in a big way.

So here is “autoKratz presents Bad Life #1”, the first in a string of EP's of formidable battle weapons for the dancefloor with big remixes to come from Tai, Lazy Ants & more. "

Check it out below and make sure to TURN IT UP!


Download them both below.

AutoKratz - Heart Attack Man

AutoKratz - Sucker Sirens


AutoKratz Soundcloud.

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