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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baxter Beez - UK Flavor Mixtape

Grab Baxter Beez's newest mixtape....it's a slick mix of techno and deep house.

 UK Flavor Mixtape by Baxter Beez


INTRO / Raziek - Thong Song (Original Mix)
Mosca - Done Me Wrong (Original Mix)
Night Drugs - Running Away (Original Mix)
Hervé - Together (C.R.S.T. Remix)
Maurice (BLKSQR) - Chordy (Original Mix)
The Count & Sinden - Future (Canblaster Remix)
Noob - Spell (Maelstrom Remix)
Marlon - Hum (Hybu Remix)
Night Drugs - My World (Original Mix)
Leg-No & Look Like - Jucy Lucy (Original Mix)
OUTRO / Night Drugs - Higher (Everydayz remix)

Grab it HERE!!!

Baxter Beez Soundcloud!

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