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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Punks Jump Up - Get Down

Punks Jump Up kick off 2012 with their new single Get Down (Special CCCrash Mixxx), a storming follow up to their two recent dance smash hits “Blockhead” & “Chimes pt 1”. Out January 30th on Kitsuné!

In their own words.....

"Get Down is our modern take & homage to Prince, Trax Records & Yello, in equal measures (…) We wanted to capture the rawness of the early Trax Records releases with the flashiness of Prince & the quirky playfulness of Yello's early dance tracks. Bring these influences together, turn it up & give them a modern dance touch."

The track is an energetic, stripped down and catchy 707 drum machine ode to all things dance, accompanied by a catchy vocal hook and even catchier proto acid bass line, all laced and backed up by a solid percussion force.

There’s also a bundle of fantastic remixes: the duo JBAG aka Jerry Bouthier and Andrea Gorgerino, Alex Gopher, Fare Solid, Zero Cash and the Deadstock 33s, all give personal and stunning interpretations of this electro stomper.

Check out a few of the remixes below!

Punks Jump Up - Get Down (Alex Gopher remix)

Punks Jump Up - Get Down (Special CCCrash Mixxx)

Punks Jump Up Soundcloud!
Kitsune Soundcloud!

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