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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Henzel & Disco Nova - Hypnotize Minds EP

Here is another winner from Bad Life Records!

It's Henzel & Disco Nova's Hypnotize Minds EP!

Listen to the whole EP below.

Listen to the Henzel & Disco Nova - Chagarijn (Bass Version) below.

Download the Henzel & Disco Nova - Chagarijn (Bass Version)  HERE!!

Bad Life Records Soundcloud!

Heart Of Hearts - My Society

My Society cover art

Heart Of Hearts is the solo work of Greg Hatem. The Baltimore-based project began recording in 2010 in a residential warehouse space onto a dusty old 8-track tape machine. Two years later, Hatem has traded in his worn tape heads for shiny new digits to produce his new album, My Society.

This is electronic indie pop at it's best!

Check out the single "Love of Pearls" below (as well as the rest of the album).

Download the single HERE!

I highly recommend picking up the rest of the album.


You will find it's worth it!

Heart Of Hearts Bandcamp!

Djs From Mars - Call Of Booty EP & Mix

Djs From Mars are back with another bootleg collection and this one is sure to please!

The pack includes:
001. Hardly Rae Jepwselll - Call Me Spaceman (Djs From Mars Mashup)
002. Swedish Taio Sofa - Save The Hangover (Djs From Mars Mashup)
003. Rihuetta & Afrohanna - Where Have You Lunar (Djs From Mars Mashup)
004. Nicky Romero Vs. The Fun - We Are Toulouse (Djs From Mars Mashup)
005. Usher Guetta - More Sunshine (Djs From Mars Mashup)

Grab it HERE!!!

I've also included their most recent Alien Selection mix...because it rules.

01 Guns N Roses Vs The Killers - Sweet Child of Brightside (DJs From Mars Bootleg Rmx) 
02 LMFAO vs. Dada Life - Sorry For The Dada (DJ Breite Mashup) 
03 Avicii feat. Salem Al Fakir - Silhouettes (G.u.R.u.'s L´Ectro Re-Mode) 
04 ACDC - Back In Black (Bo Cendars & Sandy Estrada Moombahton Remix) 
05 Lipps Inc - Funkytown (Freddo & Evangelisti Bootleg 70's Worth) 
06 Kings Of Tomorrow Vs Underworld - "Finally" vs "Born Slippy" (Djs From Mars Booty Remix) 
07 Madeon - Finale (Dillon Francis Remix_ARG3neration Edit) 
08 Djs From Mars Secret Booty 
09 Imogen Heap vs Andrea Bocelli - Hide & Partirò Vs. No Sleep (Djs From Mars vs Max Zotti Bootleg) 
10 G.u.R.u. Vs Dada Life - Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker (G.u.R.u.'s L´Ectro Re-Mode) 
11 Sak Noel Vs Bingo Players Vs White Stripes - Seven Loca Rattle (Djs From Mars Triple Mashup Bootleg) 
12 Katy Perry - Wide Awake (Alessandro Vinai & Andrea Vinai Bootleg Remix) 
13 Djs From Mars Secret Booty 
14 Timbaland feat. One Republic - Apologize (Jakob Liedholm's Bootleg) 
15 Knife Party - Fire Hive (Whiiite Remix) 
16 Skrillex Feat. Ellie Goulding - Summit (Perreo Perreo Moombahsoul Rework) 
17 Djs From Mars Secret Booty 
18 SHM Vs Alex&Steve - Dont You Worry Child (StarClubbers Bootleg) 
19 Flo Rida - Whistle (Newklear Re-Boot Extended) 
20 The Partysquad & Punish - Mash It Up 
21 Madonna - Girl Gone Touch (Good Rockers Bootleg) 
22 Nari & Milani - ATOM (Maurizio Gubellini & Delayers Rmx) 
23 Marco Frattini vs Eminem - Without Pandora 
24 Djs From Mars Secret Booty 
25 Bon Jovi & Dada Life - It's My Violence (Dj's From Mars Bootleg Rmx) 
26 Village House Mafia - ONE (Dj's From Mars Bootleg Rmx) 
27 David Guetta feat. SIA - Titanium (Gabry Ponte + Djs from Mars Booty Rmx) 
28 Zedd Ft. J-Trick & Uberjak'd - Shave It (W!S3 Booteg) 
29 Djs From Mars Secret Booty 
30 J-Roc (Sould Out Djs) - Pepper Booty

Grab it HERE!

DJs From Mars Soundcloud!

Tommy Lee - Tom & Jerry (Ackeejuice Rockers Remix)


Here is a pretty thumpin' remix of Tommy Lee's tune 'Tom & Jerry' by Ackeejuice Rockers.

If you are into Tropical Bass or Moombahton then you will dig this.

Grab it HERE!!

Ackeejuice Rockers Soundcloud!

Avicii - Silhouettes (Digital Switchover Bootleg)

I know I sound like I am repeating myself here but...here is another kick as tune for you today. Digital Switchover is back with a wild bootleg of Avicii's Silhouettes.

Seriously....TURN THIS UP!!

Grab it HERE!!

Digital Switchover  Soundcloud!

Marble Mixtapes #8 : Symphony Hall - Club Mix

This new Marble Music mixtape is here to promote the release of Symphony Hall's (Riton & Canblaster) One Night Stand EP.

If you love your mixes soulful and thumpin' then turn this up...you're gonna love it.

Tracklist :

Elephant & Castle and Shortcircles - All I Can Say
L-vis 1990 feat. Shadz - Lost in Love (Acapella)
Geeeman - Bang't
Bokbok & Tom Trago - Pom Clash (Myd Vocal Edit)
Sandro Silva - Vanilla Candy
Cajmere - acid house
Oliver $ - Hoes
Floorplan - We Magnify his Name
dj Tiga - Colors
Ill Blu - Tick Tok
Daniel Avery - Taste
RITON - bang your head
Broke One - Tribute To An Era
Riton & Canblaster present Symphony Hall - Metal Arrives
SCNTST - Opract
Raized by Wolves feat. Anne-Marie - Spirit World (Canblaster remix)
Jeremih - Fuck U All the Time (Riton Rerub)
Angel X - BITCH! (She's Got Some Nerve)
Blackstreet - Finally (interlude)
Mike Gip - No Diggityb
French Fries - Space Alarm
Joris Voorn - Believer
Geeneus - For the Ladies (Ft. B-Live & Natalie Marie)
Addison Groove - I Go Boom
Mélé - Space Jam
Riton & Canblaster present Symphony Hall (feat Jay Norton) - One Night Stand (Video Edit)


Grab it HERE!!

Marble Music Soundcloud!

Torkelsen - Torsnes Beats vol. 2

Torsnes Beats vol. 2 cover art

Torkelsen is back with volume 2 of his "Torsnes Beats" collections.

This is really just awesome, moving electro-hop music.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!


Grab it HERE! (Name your own price!)

Torkelsen Bandcamp!

Bleek Records Compilation

You really need to get your hands on this electro-indie-folk compilation from Bleek Records. The whole collection is outstanding!

In their own words...

"The Bleek Records 13 track compilation includes three exclusive unreleased tracks by House of Wolves, Cloud Seeding, and Heart Of Hearts and great tracks by Natureboy, Masterface, Mr. Moccasin, House of Wolves, Heart of Hearts, Cloud Seeding (feat. Marissa Nadler), and Two Twins. The compilation also features Brooklyn artists the label admires, such as Easy Lover and Eden Sela.

The track order for the compilation was curated by Greg Hatem of Heart Of Hearts.
The Polaroid photo on the cover was taken by Brian Henry. The cover lettering was designed by Cassy Lee.

Bleek Records started in June of 2011 by Kevin Serra. Although it was named after his cat Bleek, Serra thought it was also fitting given just how bleak it was to be starting a record label during this challenging time in the music industry."

Track Listing:
01 Cloud Seeding "The Light" - Alt Mix (feat. Nadine Carina)
02 Natureboy "Pariah"
03 Heart Of Hearts "Candling"
04 House Of Wolves "There She Goes"
05 Two Twins "Bell Tower"
06 Mr. Moccasin "Black On Black"
07 Cloud Seeding "Ink Jar" (feat. Marissa Nadler)
08 Natureboy "Heart To Fool"
09 House Of Wolves "Let's Go To Tucson"
10 Eden Sela "Laying It To Rest"
11 Masterface "Excuse Me Girl"
12 Heart Of Hearts "Fortunate Jim"
13 Easy Lover "End of the Season"


Grab it HERE!!

Bleek Records Bandcamp!

Chubby Fingers - Drug Music (Jazz-e's Original Mix)

Check out the sweet little bit of electro goodness from Chubby Fingers!

Grab it HERE!

Chubby Fingers Soundcloud!