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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bleek Records Compilation

You really need to get your hands on this electro-indie-folk compilation from Bleek Records. The whole collection is outstanding!

In their own words...

"The Bleek Records 13 track compilation includes three exclusive unreleased tracks by House of Wolves, Cloud Seeding, and Heart Of Hearts and great tracks by Natureboy, Masterface, Mr. Moccasin, House of Wolves, Heart of Hearts, Cloud Seeding (feat. Marissa Nadler), and Two Twins. The compilation also features Brooklyn artists the label admires, such as Easy Lover and Eden Sela.

The track order for the compilation was curated by Greg Hatem of Heart Of Hearts.
The Polaroid photo on the cover was taken by Brian Henry. The cover lettering was designed by Cassy Lee.

Bleek Records started in June of 2011 by Kevin Serra. Although it was named after his cat Bleek, Serra thought it was also fitting given just how bleak it was to be starting a record label during this challenging time in the music industry."

Track Listing:
01 Cloud Seeding "The Light" - Alt Mix (feat. Nadine Carina)
02 Natureboy "Pariah"
03 Heart Of Hearts "Candling"
04 House Of Wolves "There She Goes"
05 Two Twins "Bell Tower"
06 Mr. Moccasin "Black On Black"
07 Cloud Seeding "Ink Jar" (feat. Marissa Nadler)
08 Natureboy "Heart To Fool"
09 House Of Wolves "Let's Go To Tucson"
10 Eden Sela "Laying It To Rest"
11 Masterface "Excuse Me Girl"
12 Heart Of Hearts "Fortunate Jim"
13 Easy Lover "End of the Season"


Grab it HERE!!

Bleek Records Bandcamp!

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