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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Elite Force - The One Series Live (004) @ Forcefields 2013

The One Series Live (004) @ Forcefields 2013

Elite Force AKA Simon Shackleton has another great set for you to enjoy.

In his own words...

"It's not often you get to throw a proper party at your own place.

Forcefields was exactly that - an invite-only weekend on my little farm tucked away in the South East (UK) far away from the madding crowds.

This year, post-Burning Man re-entry has been harder than ever before, so burying myself in 18-hours a day graft to make this happen in a way I'd be happy with was the perfect way to ameliorate my way back to the default world.

Everyone who came was perfectly respectful, and most people participated, contributed and thoroughly enjoyed the unique nature of the event. Those who were able, helped create a truly magical kingdom for the night, and it's certainly one I'll never forget, regardless of how long I find myself living in this place.

My set that night began deep as darkness fell, and as the bar emptied, I rather surprised myself by rocking out for the last hour. Most unexpected ... but that's the beauty of DJ'ing, right?"


Download it HERE!!!


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