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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meat Katie 'Lowering the Tone' Episode 1- (Podcast) - FREE DOWNLOAD

Meat Katie 'Lowering the Tone' EP 1 (Podcast)

Meat Katie's new podcast mix show.

In his own words...

"Hi Guys
I hope you are well
So here is my first full blown podcast, I think It's a good example of my taste and what I am about, I managed to squeeze in an interview with a good friend Micah Black (From Black & Blunt) while he was in the UK although I had had a few drinks so it was a bit sloppy to say the least (I will work on my interviewing techniques ;-)
I intend to do these Podcasts as regular as I can and although it doesn't sound it it really was a fair bit of work, but I did enjoy doing it and I have already started the next one.
If your interested in getting involved somehow please email me on Mark@meatkatie.com and put in the subject LTT please, it's the promo that really needs some work so If you can please share the link leave a comment and give it a little push where ever you can it would really help me getting this show off the ground.
For more information please go to WWW.MEATKATIE.COM and if you subscribe to the mailing list you will receive a newsletter with the track listing.
All the best
Mark (Meat Katie)

Grab it HERE!!


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