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Monday, June 23, 2014

Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars - live online chat

The Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars have long been hailed for rising to incredible success despite great adversity during the country's brutal civil war. They recently released a new album, Libation, as I mentioned last week and in celebration will be holding a special live, interactive video chat to raise money for Sierra Leone education charity Schools for Salone. 

What: Live, interactive Q&A Chat with the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars, moderated by Afropop senior editor Banning Eyre
When: June 29th at 1 pm EST
Where: Online at https://www.wizeo.me/#!profile/25
Cost: A donation of any amount, which benefits Schools for Salone

Make sure to support them by buying their albums below!!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Austra - Habitat (Official Video)

Austra - Habitat

Habitat is the title track from Austra's new EP.



Overcome ft. Fé

If David Byrne did electro you'd get D/R/U/G/S.



YOUTH - Low (Fever Trails Remix)

YOUTH - Low (Fever Trails Remix)

Great track from Youth. Awesome remix from Fever Trails.

Check it.

Download it HERE!

Here is the original video.




Another  top  album. I know I've said this a lot recently but I can't help it...there is so much good music right now!!

Mumbai Science has released their new album 'Deja Vu'!!

Here is a taste of what to expect on the album.

Here is the video for  the title track.



OOFJ - 'Snakehips' (video)

Dreamy electro-synth-pop from OOFJ.

Sooooooo  good.

I expect big things from these two.



Kitten Pyramid's debut album Uh-Oh!

Uh-Oh! cover art

Psychedelic experimental rockers Kitten Pyramid have released their full length album "Uh-Oh'.

This is in my top releases of the year (so far) as well.

Outstanding stuff!



Here is the video for their second single 'English Rose'.


SUMMER BOOTY 2014 - The Summer Mashup Album

Here is the annual Summer Booty collection featuring 2 new mashups from yours truly!

There are great tracks from DJ Useo (who organized the whole thing), Voicedude, DJ Zebra, DRA'man, TjT, Spider, Chocomang, mARKYbOY, DJ Rudec, MP3J, & so many more over the course of 3 discs, and 3 & 1/2 hours.

Disc 1

Download it!

Disc 2

Download it!

Disc 3

Download it!

More download mirrors HERE!!

Centri - Boric Acid


Addictive underground hip-hop from Centri. The production is ridiculously good!


Ajax Ray ' O Vaque - Best Days Of Our Lives (Video)

In celebration of his new album...here is the video for 'Best Days Of Our Lives', the newest release from uber producer Anthony J Resta's alter ego, Ajax Ray O'Vaque. He will release the full album, 'Dreaming In Subtitles', on July 1st.


Leisure Cruise - Double Digital Love (official video)

Another one of my choices for top albums of the year....here is the new video for the Leisure Cruise track 'Double Digital Love'.



Hundred Waters - Murmurs (Official Video)

New video for Hundred Waters track 'Murmurs'.

It's dreamy.



Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars

Another contender for my top albums of the year.

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars (also called Refugee All Stars) is a band from Sierra Leone which was formed by a group of refugees displaced to Guinea during the Sierra Leone Civil War. Since their return to Freetown in 2004, the band has toured extensively to raise awareness for humanitarian causes. Their story is documented in the 2005 documentary film Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars.

You can buy the DVD HERE!!

This is pure feel good music. I can't help but be happy when I listen to this.

An amazing mix of reggae and West African music . It doesn't matter if they are singing in English or a variety of African languages...the music tells the story and takes you on fantastic voyage.

Here is their newest album, 'Libation'. I've had this on repeat in the car for days now. Perfect summer music.

Check out their other albums below .

Radio Salone

Rise & Shine




Darkitalia - 3​.​5 Decades - A Joy Division Italian Tribute

Outstanding Italian Joy Division tribute album. A little punk, a little electro, a little new wave...a whole lot of awesome!

Buy it HERE! (name your price!) 


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tunnelvision - Sky Swallower

Tunnelvision - Sky Swallower Album - OUT NOW!

Hands down the best house music release I've heard in ages.

Had this on repeat all day.

Buy it HERE!!!



Pretty Lights - The Hot Shit , Sonar Barcelona Edition

Pretty Lights - The Hot Sh*t , Sonar Barcelona Edition (Ep. 130)

The HOT Shit airs at 8PM EST/6PM MST every Wednesday with rebroadcasts on Saturdays at 12PM EST/10AM MST on SiriusXM’s Electric Area.

Set list available at facebook.com/prettylights/notes

1     Dam Funk - (My Funk Goes) On & On - Archetype Records
2     Stwo - Syrup - HW&W
3     Valles - Farewell - Neonized Records
4     Massive Attack - Black Milk - Circa
5     Tokimonsta - Sweet Day - Art Union
6     SuperVision - Dizzy Feeling - Pretty Lights Music
7     Pretty Lights - Fly Away Another Day - Pretty Lights Music
8     Break Science - Light Speed Transit - Pretty Lights Music
9     Bonobo - Antenna - Ninja Tune
10   Caribou - Odessa - V2 / Coop
11   Pretty Lights - Can't Stop Me Now - Pretty Lights Music
12   Pretty Lights - Vibe Vendetta - 8 Minutes 20 Seconds
13   Pretty Lights - Summer's Gone - Pretty Lights Music
14   Michal Menert & Break Science - Throwback - Pretty Lights Music
15   Eliot Lipp & Jasia 10 - Sunrise - Old Tacoma Records



Tanner - "Come Alive" (Official Music Video)

This is just fun. Great for a weekend drive with the windows open and the sun shinning.


Sonia Stein - Demented Mind

I'm diggin' this soulful and brooding track from Sonia Stein.


Wozniak - Pikes Peak and El Maresme video

Pikes Peak cover art

Wozniak is an awesome shoegaze-dream-pop band that I can't get out of my head. It's the soundtrack to my daydreams. Filled with hints of Catherine Wheel and The Cure, this EP is a great introduction to the band.

Take a listen below and you will be in dreamland too.



You should also check out the video to El Maresme.



London-based HAWK have been described as everything from alt-pop to dark folk. Check out the tracks below and see if you think that description fits.

All I know is that it's good music.



Arure - Aymara EP

2014 - AYMARA EP cover art

If you like your Dubstep and DnB on the chill side... then check out Arure.

Buy it HERE!!!


Lucius - Don't Just Sit There [Official Lyric Video]

Lucius, one of my favorite bands from last year, have a new video from 'Don't just sit there'.


Seriously, one of the best bands out there today.



Parquet Courts - "Sunbathing Animal" (Official Video)

Brooklyn based indie punk band Parquet Courts have released their full length album 'Sunbathing Animal' and here is the video for the title track.

These guys know how to get your feet tapping for sure.


Big Deal

London duo Big Deal may live up to their name after all.

Check out the videos for two of there tracks and get hooked, just like me.



Chela - Singles

Check out these tunes from Australin electro-pop singer Chela. This should  give you a taste of the sweetness that is to come when her full length album comes out on Kitsune next year.

Dig it.


Underground Sound of Lisbon

Pioneers of the house scene, Underground Sound Of Lisbon (Rui Da Silva & Dj Vibe) are reforming after a 13 years.

Listen to this and remember why you loved them to begin with.


Smoove & Turrell - Broken Toys

If you are a fan of funk and nu-soul then you will love the new album from Smoove and Turrell!!!

Make up your own mind and check out the whole album below!!



Die Antwoord - "Cookie Thumper" (Official Video)

They're back...and as crazy as ever!!


NatalieMcCool - Wind Blows Harder

Here is the new single from Natalie McCool!

Give it a listen, I think you'll like it.

Here is the video.


Mermaids - While Spectres Waltz (video)

'While Spectres Waltz' is the debut single from London-based shoegazers, Mermaids.

I expect great things from these guys!


IFF - The Bacon Escape (Beatsofreen Remix)

IFF - The Bacon Escape (Beatsofreen Remix)

Another outstanding remix from Beetsofreen!!!

Download it HERE!!


Saturday, June 07, 2014

Violet Swells - Into The Ether

Into The Ether

The Australian group 'Violet Swells' do their best to channel early Pink Floyd and do a pretty good job replicating that psychedelic sound while adding a bit of their own style to the mix.

Here is the first single from 'The Soft Focus'.

Buy the whole EP HERE!!



Shy for Shore – Love, Again

I love catchy 80's inspired electro-synth-pop so I'm really digging 'Shy for Shore'.

I think you will find yourself playing this one a lot.

Look for more from this duo later this year.



Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons

CRM126 Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Lovers' Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya)

If you are fan of electronica and world music then this should be right up your alley.

Vocalists Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad and Hamza Akram are Pakistan's leading Qawwali singers. Qawwali takes the form of a series of thematically and formally linked verses, and is steeped in a tradition that can be traced back to the 13th Century. They contributed vocals to ‘Lovers' Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya)’ and help make it one of the most interesting dance tracks I've heard in years.

Lazarus explains: "There is nothing that compares to DJing under the stars in the night air or being responsible for soundtracking the rising of the sun in the morning and I wanted to create an album that reflects these beautiful moments.

Buy it HERE!


Alexander Shofler & The Supertraxxe EP

Alexander Shofler & The Supertraxxe EP

Take the sexy, funky sounds of Justin Timberlake and mix in some Nu-Disco and Electro and you get Alexander Shofler & The Supertraxxe,

The ladies will really love this one.

Buy it HERE!!!



The Provincial Archive - Son of Sam (video)

If you like Elliot Smith, The National or Beck's most recent stuff then you should enjoy The Provincial Archive.

Check out the live video for 'Son Of Sam'.

Sample their last album below.

Buy it HERE!



Sunday, June 01, 2014

Wild Rumpus - "Exclusive" interview and album review!!!

WildRumpus’s avatar

Gary Lucas (guitarist Captain Beefheart) and Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy (Classic Album Sundays/Bitches Brew) have released their debut album 'Musical Blaze Up'. It features an eclectic array of collaborations with some of today's most interesting artists including, Beardyman, Lampchop frontman Kurt Wagner, KLF/Mad Professor, multi-instrumentalist Black Steel, Bristolian Queen of visceral country-punk and rockabilly Emily Breeze, Mr. Hermano/Sao Benitez, drummer/percussionist Ben Mitchell and MC Brother Culture of Manasseh Hi-Fi and Asian Dub Foundation.

The album is an amazing mix of psychedelica, reggae, rock, country, electronica, blues, house, surf, dub, disco and so much more. From the first moments of the quirky 'Rock The Joint' featuring Beardyman to the Moroder influenced 'Cloudhopper' (which clocks in at over 11 minutes) to the disco surf sound of 'Purple Somersault', the album takes you on a fantastic journey that demands the listener hit play again as soon as the album ends. If you ever need an instant party album, this is it.

I'm not lying when I say this has not left my car stereo for weeks. I know this will be in my top ten for album of the year...it just remains to see if it will be number 1 by years end. As of now, it is.

Wild Rumpus - "Purple Somersault"

After enjoying such a great album it was a real treat that I was lucky enough to get to interview them.

How did you two end up working together? Mutual appreciation society or random chance encounter?

Gary: Well I have known Colleen Murphy since hanging out at WNYU FM back in the mid 80's where she had a regular slot on their alternative rock program called The New Afternoon show. Colleen was a student at NYU then, and we became friends--and I believe I played acoustic guitar a few times on her program. In the mid 90's she had totally gotten into dance music and dj'ing and one day asked me to appear at some midnight events she was throwing weekly in the Meat Market District here on 14th St. in Manhattan with a couple of cool dj friends of hers,  Adam Goldstone and Perry Brandston a/k/a The Departure Lounge Crew. The 3 of them would throw down beats and sometimes old rare groove tracks at me and I would improvise along to their grooves electronically while they mixed me into the groove. In 2001 I had a show at Royal Festival Hall solo on a bill with Faust during the Mind Your Head Festival, and Colleen sought me out in the Green Room backstage. She had subsequently gotten married and moved to London and was dj'ing all over the world.  She told me about new Bitches Brew label and how we really ought to cut some tracks together, which I thought was an excellent idea! It still took a few years to get going, but that is how Wild Rumpus was born.

Gary, Since you've been in the biz for a while...What are the most notable pros and cons when working in the studio in the 90s verses current recording techniques? Was it more of a wild west then or has technology now allowed for more "wow, I didn't know we could do that" moments?

Gary: That's a good question. Vis a vis dance music, I recall a session I organized for Arthur Russell with the mad mixer Walter Gibbons for a version of what was to come out as his first single on Upside/Logarhythm and Rough Trade Records in the UK simultaneously, a song called "Lets Go Swimming". Back then Water would just print what sounded like random mix experiments of various sections of the track onto quarter inch tape and cut them up and rearrange the magnetic tape strips of various sections of the song like macrame. I don't think he even paid too much attention to labeling these various strip sections, they just hung there off all the gear in the control room. and just combined sections on the fly, as his moods took him over the course of a very long night, seemingly totally at random. By splicing let's say one section of a breakdown section of the song next to a wildly attenuated mix of the chorus section and so on all sorts of fantastic colors and textures would emerge through this juxtaposition, or guerrilla collage action-- and the final mix was so psychedelic and inspired you had to wonder if there was any real method to his mix madness other than a William Burroughs-like cut-up approach of placing seemingly random elements next to each other to form a new and satisfying whole. Today of course, as everything can be tweaked and recombined electronically, you get some amazing effects sonically of course, but somehow the whole technological process has become almost too apparent to me, and subsequently less inspired. I prefer the old hand's on/kitchen sink approach, what you have termed the "wild west" approach. Sometimes less (in terms of available studio technologies available to utilize in a mix down) turns out to be  a whole lot more.'

Besides your guitar work you have a very diverse musical past...how much of that helped you in making this album? 

Gary: Oh I think it helped a lot, as I am totally open to all sorts of music, as long as it swings, or has a heart and a soul to it. Much of the music today has no heart at all, or at least it doesn't beat along with mine. It just sounds so freeze-dried and manicured, everything seems to come out of a cookie cutter/ or an assembly-line of supposed master chefs who "know" what it is the public wants, and serves it up to them with a nod and a wink. It's so phony sounding that my ear automatically recoils and closes down when I hear this kind of production, and my gag reflex goes into over-drive.

Colleen, how much did your background as a DJ help with the production of the album?

Colleen: I think it reflects both my background as a club DJ on the more dance-oriented tracks and as a radio DJ on the more eclectic tracks. For my radio shows and DJ sets I try to program them so that the listener starts in one place and then organically ends up in another place. I sequenced the album in the same way and call it a sonic road trip.

How much of the album is pure experimentation? How much input did some of your collaborators like Mad Professor and Kurt Wagner have on the album? Did you just tell them what you needed or did you let them surprise you?

Colleen: Each song is different. For some of them I had a very clear idea of what I wanted. When I got in Black Culture (Mad Professor's Musical Director) for "Musical Blaze-Up",  I played the kind of bass line that I wanted him to play and expected him to do something different but he didn't! However, he made it sound a lot better on his six-string bass than I did on the keys. For "Kazan" and "Purple Somersault" I wrote much of it on the keys at home. Other songs like "Cloudhopping" and "El Duende" came from ideas that Gary had so I recorded him jamming and then worked out how to make it into a song. For the songs with lyrics, I didn't know what the singer was going to do but gave them freedom. I absolute LOVE Kurt Wagner's contribution and still laugh every time I hear it. He sent over so much great stuff that I had to do a psychedelic headphone mix where it is almost like an overlapped conversation. 

Both of you have a extensive musical background...What were your influences when making this album? 

Gary: I think I just drew on my whole range of guitar sounds and styles. Colleen encourage me to let it all hang out, as it were. Basically, everything was permitted, and encouraged! Psychedelic rock, blues, jazz, country finger-picking--they all went into the mix.

Colleen: Working with one of the best guitarists in the universe definitely helped! Gary play anything on the guitar. For myself, I have been working in the music business (whether on the radio from the age of 14, record shops, record labels, DJ-ing) that I naturally have a wide appreciation of all forms of music. Albums that sound like the acoustic representation of a straight line bore me.

Who are some of your contemporaries that you think are doing amazing things musically?

Gary: The best singer I heard in the last several years is sadly gone now, a woman named Lhasa de Sela. Fantastic voice and songs. An experimental band from Hungary I've been working with named DeBORT, plus a traditional singer named Eniko Szabo from Budapest are both outstanding. The score for the Scarlett Johansen sci-fi film "Under the Skin" really gave me, uh goosebumps. A young synth whiz from Prague, Ales Vejnar, coaxes fantastic sounds out of old analog synth gear. Peter Hammill, with whom I collaborated recently, always does amazing music, and I think our recent collaboration "Otherworld" is something fairly new under the sun, in all modesty.

Colleen: On the dance side of things, I am loving Carabou (also known as Daphne), Ame and Henrik Schwarz from Innervisions and Floating Points.

How did you get involved with Beardyman and did he add to the album as a whole in any surprising and unforeseen ways?

Colleen: My husband manages Beardyman and I turned him onto Captain Beefheart (and Frank Zappa and many other weirdos as if he really needed to be pushed more into that direction). For "Rock the Joint" I really wanted a gruff sounding bluesy voice and like Gary on the guitar, Beardy can do anything on the vocal chords. We had a great time and he was such a pleasure to work with and great in the video, too.

I know you did a remix EP with several creative and exciting remixers...Any thoughts to doing a remix album? I can already imagine what Norman Cook or Andrew Weatherall could add to your already wildly addictive tunes.

Colleen: That would be interesting and in fact, Andrew and I talked about him doing a remix but we just couldn't get dates to coincide. I think he would be brilliant as he is one of the only other DJs aside from myself who would think it natural to combine dub and country!

Will there be any touring to support the album? If so...Worldwide tour or just European? Doing any festival appearances or shows like Later...With Jools Holland? Where will my readers be able to get there Wild Rumpus fix?

Gary: We have to see if conditions are favorable "on the ground" as it were first in order to be able to play out. Gee I hope so!

Colleen: Me, too!

Will we see more of Wild Rumpus or is this more of a one off collaboration? Seriously, I need to know because I can't get enough of this album and I want MORE!  :)

Gary: It would be a beautiful thing indeed, and I for one vote yes. Thanks for all your enthusiastic support!

Colleen: It would be great. It took us so long to get this one off the ground so hopefully I can move it along a lot more quickly!

Here is a sample of the brilliance that is Wild Rumpus!