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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ayah Marar - Bass Soldiers (Video)

I'm a huge fan of drums and a huge fan of bass and this tune has both in spades. It also has a very catchy vocal. All of those elements combined will get your feet tapping, head bobbin' and your ass shakin'.

In her own words...

"THE BASS SOLDIERS EP is a real labour of love. Following the success of my track with Calvin Harris last summer (Thinking About You), we decided that the next logical step would be to remind the fans who we are and why we do this. 

The last few months have been spent putting together a team that best represents HG and this thing we love so much, bass music. The EP is made up of four tracks with established and successful bass artists including DRUMSOUND & BASSLINE SMITH and RACK'N'RUIN, as well as up and coming talent, to remind everyone that we are in this together. We are so lucky that bass music is flying high at the moment. Myself and HG hope to be fully involved in promoting and proliferating not only the music and artists that we love but also fashion, design, art and film. This is to support UK talent in various creative movements representing the UK."

Check out some of the slick remixes below.


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