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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stan Forebee - Reflections EP (Album sampler)

Reflections EP Album Sampler (Forthcoming on Digi Crates 9.2.14)

I am huge fan of Stan Forbee and his jazz influenced hip-hop beat tapes.

He's back with a new EP and it looks to be super sweet.

In his own words...

"After the successful release of my debute album Jazz Sessions last year, beatmaker and jazz musician (and alterego of a certain Dutch producer) I announce my second project entitled "Reflections EP", which consists out of 6 fresh jazzy tunes. This project, like my first Jazz Sessions album, will be released on Digi Crates Records (NY / JP) by the 2nd of August on CD + Digital."

Here is a sample of what to expect.

Check out more of tunes below.


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