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Sunday, August 17, 2014

ZOHARA - Soldier

Soldier cover art

 ZOHARA is an Israeli artist based in Tel Aviv, who just finished her first album which she produced in her bedroom. HEr first single, Soldier, has some really moving and meaningful lyrics that hit home a bit more due to during these turbulent times in the Middle East.

"You will go and you'll find you've been wrong 
Ten thousand miles too long 
And it's not only you that's to blame 
You've been raised by the rules of the game 

And i know you've been sitting on high 
Watching mistakes passing by 
And you shrugged and you turned a blind eye 
When they told you too many have died 

Yes i remember one, told me once, told me once 
That same actions will yield the same outcomes 

You will go and you'll find you've been fooled 
Following all of their rules 
We're the same on both sides of the line 
How did they turned you so blind?"

Download the single HERE!!

I look forward to hearing more from this burgeoning artist.



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