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Monday, January 16, 2017

My Top Albums Of 2016 Part 3

Here are the last 20 in alphabetical order. I've listed the album name and then a track that represents the album.

Enjoy, I did!

Phoria - Volition

Rival Sons - Hollow Bones

Russian Circles - Guidance

Shook - Continuum

Silvertooth Loos & The Witch - Witch Music

Steve Roach - This Place To Be

SULK - No Illusions

The Bongolian - Moog Maximus

THE EYE OF TIME - Myth I A Last Dance for the Things We Love

The Lower 48 - Hot Fool

The Saxophones - If you're on the water (an EP but it's great!!)

The Wave Pictures - Bamboo Diner In The Rain

Tides From Nebula - Safehaven

Utah Jazz - The Music Factory

Vinyl Williams - Brunei

Voices from Deep Below - This Place Will Raise Up

Warpaint - Heads Up

Wild Belle - Dreamland

William Ryan Fritch - New Words for Old Wounds

Yung Bae - Bae 2

I expect that 2017 will have loads of surprising and exciting sounds. I also hope to share them with you.


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