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Friday, September 26, 2014

Mattia Settimelli- True Faith (ft.Hontis)

Mattia Settimelli -

I'm a fan of good covers and I feel this one does the original justice.

In his own words...

"My homage to one of the best song of New Order. The ethereal but sexy voice of Gemma from the up and coming band Hontis (Uk) gave it this special allure."

I couldn't agree more.

TOMMY TRICKER - Lonesome Rider

Lonesome Rider cover art

This landed in my inbox the other day and I've been bobbin' my head to it for days. For a first time beat maker, Tommy Tricker sure knows a groove when he hears one.

Blissful instrumental hip-hop!

Here is the video for Komministiche Tumulte.

Check out the full release below.



Danny Darko ft. Jova Radevska - Butterfly (Disco Mike Remix)

Disco Mike's remix of Danny Darko's tune 'Butterfly' has captured that same deep house vibe as Disclosure and BASECAMP that is so hot right now.

I love it though, so I'm not complaining at all.


San Holo - COSMOS EP

The silly name aside, San Holo's EP is full of warm melodies, groovin' bass and thumpin' beats.

Turn it up and check out.

BUY IT HERE!!! ($1!!)

Marta Ren & The Groovelvets - 2 Kinds of Men [Official Video]

Oh hell yes. I can dig it...can you?

Arure - Found Objects Long Edition LP

When I make my own music I tend to make sound scapes that try to transport the listener to other worldly places. Arure's music does that is spades. I hope to see a film scored by him soon because his music would be a perfect fit in the cinematic world. This is a high calibre release and is full of whimsy, charm and incredible musical skill.

Press play and prepare for your journey.




I posted about the original single a few weeks ago(which is pretty sweet to begin with) and now the inevitable remix EP has arrived!

Here is the original.

Here are the remixes from Howie Lee, Goodnight Cody, Twinztrack and GXNXVS.


G.Bonson - The Sound of the Sitar ( Official Video )

If you like Wax Tailor, The Herbaliser or the beats and grooves of the Chemical Brothers than you will dig the new release from G. Bonson.

Check out the video for 'The Sound of the Sitar'.

Sample some of the album below.

Buy it September 30th!


Wild Motion (Set It Free) - Remix EP

I was already in love with the single for 'Wild Motion (Set It Free)' but these remixes take an already infectious song and make it a full blown contagion.

Check out the remix EP with remixes from RAC, Rogue Vogue and Peter Herbert.


Download the Rogue Vogue mix HERE!!

Acre Tarn - Clasp & Shake EP

I've posted about these dreamy electro-pop gurus before and now you can sample the full EP!

As much as the EP is only 15 minutes long it is loaded to the brim with dreamy vocals, deep bass lines and ethereal sythns! I look forward to a proper full lengthen release in the future. The world needs more Acre Tarn.



Sunday, September 21, 2014

Darker Than Wax

This is a truly outstanding compilation from Darker Than Wax.

In their own words...

"To celebrate that diversity, we have put together a special compilation showcasing where our ideas are at right now. More importantly, it's a chance to introduce our entire roster, which has grown exponentially with the likes of Moods, Sh?m, KA-YU, Jasper Staal and Kerem Akdag. Its slightly unfortunate that Giorgio Oehlers and Maxx Mortimer are unable to make it for this compilation due to certain domestic commitments, but we feel the works presented here strongly represent the ethos of DTW.

Also included in this comp are some up and comers whom we felt deserve a chance to be given the spotlight and share their sounds with a greater audience. Make a point to listen to Versailles the Everything - she's a really fresh singer / rapper out of Florida, US and has blown our ears and minds with everything that she's doing.

So we will leave it as that, and hope this collection inspires and moves you, as much as it does for us. For our regular listeners, it will occupy another essential spot in your DTW collection. For our new listeners, welcome to the DTW universe - it is only just expanding. :)"

Download the whole compilation HERE!!


Girl Friend - Stop

Fans of Passion Pit and Wild Beats will surely love this new single from Girl Friend. They are currently touring with Acre Tarn, who I've blogged about before, so they keep good company.

They make me think of a happy Radiohead. It's a good thing, I swear.

Kratos Himself - Dandelion Seeds

Dandelion Seeds cover art

Here's another down tempo release from Kratos Himself (featured on the blog numerous times) to help you enjoy your lazy Sunday.


Mr. Moods - Mad blunted jazz vol 3

Mad blunted jazz vol 3 cover art

I love me some instrumental hip-hop and this is just what the doctor ordered.

Perfect lazy Sunday driving music.

So chill. So good.


Kids At Midnight - Unashamed and Vapours

Kids At Midnight is Australian songstress singer/songwriter/producer Jane Elizabeth Hanley. It also helps that it is being released by one of my favorite labels right now, Electronic Rumors.

I'm really feeling the deep house/ indie-dance vibe on this single release.

I think you will too.

And the remixes great too!


If you like Electro and you like Blondie, you will love Kovak.

Their debut album will be out later this year.

Here is a sample of what to expect.

Here is a teaser for their newest track 'Swing Song'.


Clas Tuuth is a little bit techno and a little bit lo-fi and a little bit everything in between.

It's also really good.

Vök - Við vökum (Live on KEXP)

This dreamy Icelandic trio is going to be huge.

I love this.


Natalie McCool - Dig it Out (ETCHES remix)

Etches takes an already cool song and adds some electronic flair to it.

Here is the original.

Here is the remix.

Download it HERE!!

Hello Bye Bye - Over (video) & album sampler

Hello Bye Bye are a French Electro-rock band who made incredibly catchy songs and have worked their way into my musical heart.

Here is the video for 'Over'.

Their new album "Everlasting Journey" is out now.

Check out the whole album below.

Buy the album HERE!!!


jr. hi - Virtual Lover EP and C-A-R-A-M-E-L (Official Video)

If you dig the down tempo sounds of SBTRKT or Flume then you will dig Jr. Hi.

Here is his Virtual Lover EP with guest spots from The Weeknd and Childish Gambino!

Check out his video for C-A-R-A-M-E-L.

Caotico - Bad Heart (video)

Here's a catchy little number from Swedish duo Caotico.

Here are a few remixes for Bad Heart and Rich Kids.

Sterling Fox - Holy

Displaying sterling fox holy cover art.jpg

This lovely bit of indie pop found its way into my inbox recently.

I had never heard of Sterling Fox before but now I am a huge fan!

So good!

Expect big things from this one. Seriously good stuff!!

Arcade Fire - Afterlife (Flume Remix)

I love Arcade Fire and I love Flume...I never thought they would do something together but Flume has gone and remixed 'Afterlife'!!!!

I am a happy man right now.


Cloud Seeding “Mirage“ (Feat. Alexa Wilding) Video and Download

'Mirage' is the newest single from Cloud Seeding, the musical creation of Brooklyn-based guitarist Kevin Serra. The project was conceived as a space for collaborations showcasing vocalists he admires. In his own words "There is no one signature sound, no fixed or preconceived notions, just a space for improvisation."

Download it HERE!!


Billon - Special ft. Maxine Ashley (video)

I love the deep house feel of the song and the 90's Vanilla Ice inspired video.



Always Bumpin' The Funk | 2010 - 2014 cover art

If you know anything about me, you know I love a good bootleg.

UK based Dancefloor Outlaws have put together 62 of their bootlegs and edits into one collection...and you can get it for just 1 pound!

In their own words..

"So before we go into the studio for the Winter to work on new music, we wanted to have a clear out at the hideout. 

This is our entire back catalogue of remixes, bootlegs, unreleased DJ edits and super special VIPs that have been a stable part of our sets for the last few years. 

The whole entire set can be yours for as little as £1. 

Thats cheaper then a pint of cider OR a pasty, so if you feel like giving a little more, please do. We need a stockpiles of both to last the bleak Cornish Winter. 

Thank you 

Will & Robin"

Check  it out below!! Lots of floor fillers and club thumpers!!

Turn it up!


Memory In Plant - An Epic Triumph

An Epic Triumph cover art

Strap in and get ready for a wild ride. This bit of experimental psychedelia is from the Tel Aviv based threesome 'Memory Plant'. They are unsigned at the moment but I can see these building a large cult following.  With just one listen they hooked me...maybe they will hook you too!

This is some seriously out there headphone music. Very easy to get lost in this one.

Download it HERE!!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nat Jenkins & The Heart Caves - Lost & Lonely (video)

Nat is very good at capturing that old school vibe but still making it sound fresh.

Check it out and enjoy!

Lois & The Love

Lois & The Love’s avatar

Another super awesome band found while surfing Soundcloud...I present Lois & The Love!

I am really looking forward to more from these guys!


Inline image 1

Youth are back with the sultry and seductive track 'Tonight' produced by none other than Astro Zu, who has been featured here before.

This is baby making music!

Hanetration - Murmurist EP

Murmurist EP cover art

Ambient-drone soundscape master Hanetration is back with a new EP entitled "Murmurist'.

Sit back, relax and get lost.

Download it HERE!!!

Magic Machines - My Bed

My Bed

Magic Machines have a new album coming is the first single!!!

Download it HERE!!


LVLS’s avatar

I found this little bit of awesome while surfing through Soundcloud today.

I think after you hear this indie-dance-pop outfit, you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Download it HERE!!

Here is the video for 'Young and Cruel'.

Check out a few more of their super catcyh audio jewels below.



FractionsUK’s avatar

Fractions have released their next single 'Burst' and it's a synth-pop dream!



I can't wait for their full length release!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Slakah the Beatchild - Soul Movement vol 2

Soul Movement vol 2 cover art

Here is the newest release from the soulful and smooth Slakah the Beatchild.


Ryan Mckenzie - In Light & Desperation

"Run To You" - Ryan McKenzie

This is a little out of my wheelhouse but I can appreciate good music and real talent when I hear it.

I'm actually surprised this isn't being played on most radio stations. This is perfect alternative pop like Coldplay or One Republic. Personally, I think it's much better than One Republic style pop as it has a real and honest feel to it that most radio pop is lacking.

It also just happened to be produced by an old friend of mine. Ryan's natural ability is obvious and producer Matt Wright's ability to get the best out of him in the studio shows on the final record.

See for yourself.


The Boxettes

All girl acapella group with some wicked beat boxing thrown in to boot!

Buy it HERE!!

Static in Verona - Everything You Knew Before You Knew Everything

Everything You Knew Before You Knew Everything cover art

Another indie-pop gem found while perusing Bandcamp.

Serious pop music that has a warmth and depth that feels like home. I've been lost in this album all weekend.

My album of the month!



Here Come The Mummies

Rumored to be a bunch of high profile Granny winning artists that dress up in costume so they can play other music while avoiding contract issues, Here Come The Mummies is a Funk and R/B band that is known for their amazing live shows.

The band's tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and character are maintained throughout appearances, history, and individual bios.

Current members of the band are:

Mummy Cass - Guitar, Lead vocals: Mummy Cass(annova)
Java Mummy - Percussion, Vocals: Java (born 1974 B.C. as J Mummy Love)
Eddie Mummy - Drums, Vocals
Spaz Mummy - Keyboards
K.W. Tut - Bass, Vocals: K.W. 'Big Bomb' Tut
Mummy Rah - Tenor Sax
The Flu - Baritone Sax
Midnight Mummy - Baritone Sax
The Pole - Bass
B.B. Queen - Trumpet

Check them out!!

Live at the Castle Theatre Bloomington Illinois February 22, 2014

Here are all their studio albums...

Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave (2002)
Everlasting Party (2003)
Single Entendre (2008)
Undead Live DVD (2009)
Carnal Carnival (2010)
Bed, Bath & Behind (2011)
Hits & Mrs. (2012)
Cryptic (2013)
A La Mode EP (2014)
Pull It Off (2014)

Download ALL their albums for FREE HERE!!!



Estère cover art

I don't know what the hell "witch hop" is (a term used to describe her sound) but I dig this album from Estère.

It has broken beats and soulful vocals. It's almost like modern freer form jazz. It's pretty sweet.

Dig it.

Download it HERE!!


The Written Years

The Written Years cover art

I found this wonderful folk-pop band while surfing through bandcamp's site the other day.

Really moving, thoughtful and catchy release from The Written Years.



Owlright - PLUHNK

PLUHNK cover art

New fun synth-pop album from Owlright.

Download it HERE!!!

Lady Citizen - Sun Glitters Japan Tour Promo Mix

Sun Glitters Japan Tour Promo Mix By Lady Citizen

Another amazing mix from Lady Citizen.

Crank this and enjoy!

Track list:
1. Piper / Aldo
2. Don't Remain the Same / Dego, Kaidi
3. Calling You / Magical Mistakes
4. Butterfly (Kidsuke Remix) / Cuushe
5. Cook From South / Yosi Horikawa
6. Offense / N.O.R.K.
7. This Sound / Ooft
8. North Shore - Idjut Boys Version / Cantoma
9. Cold As Ice - Louie Fresco Remix / Modern Amusement
10. Ease Out - The Revenge Edit / Mid Air
11. Drop Out Theme / Drop Out Orchestra
12. Look At The Sun (Prins Thomas Sweet Surprise Mix) / Seahawks
13. This Girl - Canyons Dub / Tortoiseshell
14. Foreign Language feat. Jess - Drop Out Orchestra Remix / Flight Facilities
15. Orympia Rocks / Altz
16. Time and Time / Ilija Rudman
17. Hot Hands / Darius
18. Watch Out / Bufi, La Royale
19. Bird Of Prey / Karma Kid
20. Water Cycle / Metome
21. Butterflies / Leon Vynehall
22. Adventure Party / globe
23. Yell Out - Lady Citizen Re-Disco Dub Mix / N.O.R.K.
24. Make You Feel / Alina Baraz & Galimatias
25. Closer To The Sun / Sun Glitters
26. Sometimes (Sun Glitters Rework Feat. Rob Boak) / My Bloody Valentine

Download it HERE!!


Third Coast Kings - West Grand Boulevard

West Grand Boulevard cover art

If you love a funky beat like I do then you will love the Third Coast Kings. Full of soul and head bobbin' rhythms this is a fantastic album from start to finish.

In their own words....

"Recorded in Ann Arbour and mixed by funk producer Nate Goldentone (Dojo Cuts, The Liberators), Michigan’s finest deep funk combo Third Coast Kings returns with a brand new album. 

Recorded in Ann Arbour with the full band in one room, a minimum amount of effects, processing, and microphones and mixed by much respected funk producer Nate Goldentone, West Grand Boulevard is the awaited new album by Detroit finest deep funk combo Third Coast Kings. Their 2012 self titled debut album made a global impression upon its release, the Kings were invited to Japan to perform at Fuji Rock Festival and gained fans all over the world such as Craig Charles (BBC2), Kenny Dope and Dj Muro. Now the guys are back with a mission: to carry the torch of Deep Funk heritage across the planet. 

Named after one of the city's most wide-reaching thoroughfares, West Grand Boulevard is that album. Detroit is a city of music and muscle, and this is the sound it makes when it flexes. Every track on the album is inspired by the sights, sounds, smells and history of the city. Funky instrumentals range from gas-guzzling burners like Lead Foot, to high strutting cruisers like the title track, West Grand Boulevard. Punch out of work at your back-breaking job to High Tops, then suit up for the club with Errol Flynns. The track Jelly Roll almost has a European R&B sound while maintaining its Detroit influence. Ice Cream Man is an atmospheric funk caravan, dishing out sweet horn licks, smooth basslines and an organ solo straight from church. The Kings' alternating vocal duo are back as well with the sultry Michelle "The Belle" Camilleri calling all to the dancefloor with her party starter Just Move. Acting as James Brown while the Kings play the part of the JBs, charismatic singer Sean Ike displayshis range, telling the tale of legendary hero Jack Johnson in the American anthem I'm A Man,and then takes it to the bedroom with the straight up baby-maker Birds & Bees. 

Looking to present this history lesson/house party in a raw and real manner, the group enlisted engineer Jim Roll and producer Nate Goldenton to capture the music in the most authentic (and these days, difficult) way possible. This is how Detroit did it in the '60s and'70s, so get to work on that time machine, or just let the Third Coast Kings take you on a vintage tour of West Grand Boulevard… Watch out the Kings are back! "

Buy it HERE!!


Angela Sheik - Bring It On (Official Video)

In support of her new album 'Home before Dark" Angela Sheik has release a video for 'Bring It On'.

Check out some of her other releases below.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

DJs from Mars - Phat Ass Drop (How To Produce A Club Track Today)

djsfrommars’s avatar

Does what is says on the tin.


Check out more of their live shenanigans below.

01 Ennio Morricone vs. Nas - Ecstasy Of Gold [DJ Erb]
02 Talk Dirty Knight Rider - Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz x Panjabi mc. x Glen A. Larson (Dj energy)
03 Fuzzy Hair & Chardy - Swang (Hussle)
04 Rave Radio - Rumble (Original Mix)
05 GoldLink - Ay Ay (Nick Catchdubs Remix)
06 Gregor Salto Feat Curio Capoeira - Para Voce ( Ivan Kay & Andrea Tufo Reworked )
07 Stanton Warriors - Pop That (Stanton Warriors Poppin Mix)
08 Ummet Ozcan - Smash (Goshfather & Jinco Remix)
09 Dire Straits x Botnek & Snails - Money For KRMT (Da Keffe Mash-Up)
10 Calvin Harris vs Empire Of The Sun vs Zedd - Summer Shotgun Alive (Djs From Mars Bootleg)
11 Mauro Picotto - Iguana (Organ Donors Rmx)
12 Icona Vegas & Hardwell Mike - Dare You Stampede all night (Djs From Mars Bootleg Rmx)
13 Rob Base vs. Prince - It Takes Two To Kiss [DJ John]
14 Brigitte Bardot - La Madrague (Antis Remix)
15 Diplo x Jay Fa - Biggie Dibby Bounce (SwaggleRock Edit)
16 Wiz Khalifa -We Dem Boyz (Charlie Darker Remix)
17 Djs From Mars Vs David Puentez - Welcome To The Dark Side (Club Mix)
18 Survivor // Hyperbits // Bender // Firebeatz - Eye of the Tiger (Koyote Edit)
19 A$AP Ferg - Shabba (Sleepy Tom Bootleg)
20 Klingande - Jubel (Guillaume Delarge & Mat Coast Bootleg rework)
21 Deadmau5 vs Azealia Banks vs Missy Elliott - Avaritia vs 212 vs Really Hot (Djs From Mars Bootleg)
22 One Republic - Love Runs Out (Apek Remix)
23 Green Day Vs Europe - Boulevard Of Final Countdown (Djs From Mars Club Bootleg)
24 Miley Cyrus Vs Black Eyed Peas Vs Kid Cudi & Steve Aoki - We Can't Stop The Pursuit Of Love (Djs From Mars Club Bootleg)
25 Dahlback vS Shaft - Mucho Nuke (Mastro J's mash)
26 The Doors Vs Depeche Mode Vs Tears For Fears - Personal Roadhouse Shout (Djs From Mars Club Bootleg)
27 Sixpence None The Richer vs. Survivor - Kiss Me Tiger [DJ SeVe]
28 Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl (Lobo Rmx)

Download it HERE!!

They also have released 'Bootzilla vol 2' which you can get HERE!!

Alanna Royale

Combining the best elements of rock, pop, funk and soul, Alanna Royale is led by Alanna Quinn-Broadus, whose soulful voice and suggestive, "spicy swagger" hook you from the moment you hit play.

One of the most soulful, energetic and emotional releases I've heard in years.

Seriously groovy stuff. This one will slap you silly.

Here are a few of her older tunes that will rock your socks off.

Here is a live video for 'Animal'.


The Travelling Band - Passing Ships (Live for Amazing Afternoons)

In preparation for the new album from The Traveling Band (out this week!!) is a live video for 'Passing Ships', their new single.