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Sunday, April 12, 2015


Skilla is a 5 piece female band from Sweden who make heartfelt and mature pop music.

These ladies have loads of talent and I can't wait to hear more!


Thursday, April 09, 2015

Mini Dresses

I'm in a reflective mood today so here is another great band making dreamy pop. I present you Boston's Mini Dresses.

These guys could do the soundtrack to the new Twin Peaks show!

Hit play and dream away.

Download their EP HERE!!!


Here's a lovely bit of shoegaze/dream-pop from Deepfieldview.

The story behind this music is so sad and beautiful.

In their own words...

"Danny Lackey brought out the best in all whom he touched. He helped coalesce the shoegaze resurgence with his work for the blog When The Sun Hits and gave those of us who are drawn to that strain of early 90s dream pop a soft place to land. But Danny's pure enthusiasm for shoegaze extended to his own music making and resulted in his ongoing project Deepfieldview. 

I met Danny in person at the XD Records festival in Chicago in November of 2011. Danny had been diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier that year and his ability to play had been affected. So when he woke up from surgery and felt his left hand working again he dove into his music with fiery purpose. He told me this story in Chicago and I was so deeply moved. We'd already collaborated on the track "21 Grams" and I vowed on the spot to help him bring his musical vision to life. 

He reached out to Eric Matthews of Cardinal, Joey Levenson of SPC ECO, Anna Bouchard of Drowner and Nancy Nieland, my partner in Her Vanished Grace, to help. His compositions, which he created with layer after layer of spiraling guitars over dark drum loops, became a setting for us all to work together. With Danny's encouragement we made many of them into songs with vocals and lyrics. The project was not finished when he passed away in early 2013. As the year progressed, Danny's wife Barbie found the strength and inspiration to write her own beautiful songs with his music to complete the picture. So we now present a definitive collection of Danny's vision of Deepfieldview, shepherded to completion by those who loved him. 

Many of the tracks were created around Danny's demo mixes; we didn't have access to the separate tracks. But this music is full of his spirit and vibration and was a total inspiration to all of us involved. You can hear his life energy coming through, bringing us all together.

~Charlie Nieland, June 2014 "

You really can feel the soothing vibes coming through each track. So dreamy!



Tuesday, April 07, 2015


I've been listening to this in the car with the windows down and my fingers tapping on the steering wheel. Awwwww yeah!

Perfect summer music!


Say hello to GRRL PAL, an electro-pop duo, that writes, records and produces their music from a bedroom in Perth, Western Australia.

You are going to fall in love with them soooooooo quickly! I promise.

Download it HERE!!!

These two are my favorites at the moment.

So catchy and groovy!!!


Kool Head

This is sublime electro-hip-pop!

Kool Head is a duo that hails from Brooklyn and Atlanta. They make some very kick ass music that jumps genres and will you get up and get down!

In their own words..."Imagine Cameo singing over the soundtrack to Drive."



Loving this. It's been around for a year but it's new to me and I've got it on repeat!

The original.

The remix.

She needs to release some new stuff RIGHT NOW!

Monday, April 06, 2015

Your Underdog

Fans of Surfer Blood and Vampire Weekend should dig Your Underdog.

I'm hooked. I need more stat!!!

Download it here!!


Here is a cool house track from London based PowerDress.

Here is a remix from Linier.

My favorite remix is from the Mumbai boys!!!!


Fuck Art, Let's Dance! is an electronic act from Germany. Fans of Klaxons and Bloc Party should pay attention.

This is just damn good music.

Here is their video for 'Atlas'.



The Bluebeaters

Everybody Knows cover art

If you love reggae, ska and R&B then you will love The Bluebeaters!

Been rocking this around the house all day!

BUY IT HERE!!! (out in mid April!)

Bronnt Industries Kapital - Turksib

Turksib cover art

I'm a soundtrack man and I've been around Russian stuff my entire life so this project is quite interesting to me.

In their own words...

"Turksib is the fourth long player from Bristol-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Guy Bartell, AKA Bronnt Industries Kapital. The album marks Bronnt’s first full length release since 2009’s Hard For Justice (released on Berlin’s Get Physical Records), praised as a “pumped up and muscle-shirted Eurodisco epic” by The Wire. 

Turksib is taken from Bartell’s soundtrack to the acclaimed Russian film of the same name (1929, dir. Viktor Turin), commissioned by the British Film Institute and released as the centrepiece of The Soviet Influence: From Turksib to Nightmail, a collection of films looking at the influence of Soviet propaganda on British filmmaking. 

Turksib explores the clash of man, nature and machine in the building of the massive Siberia - Turkestan railway (one of the great achievements of the first Soviet Five Year Plan) through one of the most inhospitable deserts in the world, and is a picture of the civilisation of man versus the savagery of stark nature. Bronnt’s soundtrack takes a similarly epic sonic journey, pitching the metrical, electrical roar of industrialisation against the primitive folk drones and interwoven melodies of the natural order."

This is some great deep thinking music.



Saturday, April 04, 2015


They call it "brat pop", I just call it fun and infectious.

Get down to this!


Chelsea Lankes

Chelsea Lakes is a pop star on the verge of making it "BIG".

If this kind of pop was on the radio I'd listen more.

Here is her newest single and a cool remix.

I personally dig this older track.

I know I'll be hearing more from her soon!

Line & Circle

Line & Circle makes great music. There are hints of REM,  Kitchens Of Distinction and The Lemonheads to name a few but they really have crafted their own sound.

Listen and enjoy!

Here is one of their older tunes.

Their self titled EP is out now!



The Phantoms

The Phantoms make a cool mix of shoegaze and rock.

Their sound in their own words...."What Oasis would have sounded like if they listened to The Doors instead of The Beatles".

Regardless of the influences, They can sure rock!

Download it HERE!!

Fuzz Culture

Fuzz Culture is a very inventive electronic duo from New Delhi.

I hope you enjoy their brand of crazy as much as I do.

FANTASMA - new music

Here are a few new tunes from one of my favorite acts right now.

Here is the video for Shangrila

Shirley Said

Say hello to London based electronica duo Shirley Said.

This is sweet headphone music.

I'm drifting away in the blissful abstract sounds as I type this.

So good!

Here is their most recent tune, 'Salvation'.

Download it HERE!!

Tenderly - On & On (Tenderly Remix)

This one gets the head bobbin'. Tenderly have done it again.

Classy as hell.