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Saturday, December 20, 2014


One of the Crystal Fighters vocalists, Kyiki,  is striking out on her own.

So far...I like what she's doing.

Here is her new release, 'One'.


Here is a remix of the same track by LCAW.

Jan Roth

Live cover art

Jan Roth sure can make some moving music.

Enjoy this bit of instrumental bliss over your holiday vacation.

It's sooooo good.

Get the full EP below.

Here's the video for his track 'Einundzwanzig'.

The Vultures

The Vultures are collection of six talented musician from all over the world that came together to make sweet, sweet music.

They sound a little like Pulp, James and even some Nick Cave all mashed together to create their own take of alternative pop music.

All I know is that I dig it.

I think you will too!

Here is part one of their new single, 'Vlad'.

Here is the video for 'Cancer', the second half of the new single.


Lost In Tundra - Photograph

This just makes me think of summer.

Dreamy vocals, twangy guitar and awesome synths make this tune a perfect cure for those winter blues!



Great "old school" vibe from this new English production duo.

Download it HERE!!


Tis the season for giving...and if your in the giving mood already, why not give to Ephram's Kickstarter? He's a very talented young man who is working on his new album. Support him and help make him the next Bruno Mars.

Hear it from the man himself.

Here are some samples of his work.

Download it HERE!!

Download it HERE!!

Watch him channel his inner Jamiroquai.

Please support him if you can. They kids got skills and you could be one of the people that help him "make it".

DONATE TO Ephram's Kickstarter!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

D&B Arena: 18 Years


Drum&Bass Arena is celebrating 18 years of Drum and Bass awesomness with 3 discs, 60 tracks and 20 exclusives!!

This collection is a perfect way to show how Drum & Bass Arena was and is on the cutting edge of DnB.

Prepare to have your face melted.

Here are a few of the exclusive to get you pumped.


Here is the track list for the whole collection.


1. Sigma - Nobody To Love
2. The Prototypes Feat. Amy Pearson – Don’t Let Me Go
3. Matrix & Futurebound Feat. Max Marshall – Control
4. Netsky Feat. Beth Ditto - Running Low (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
5. Chase & Status Feat. Moko – Count On Me (Andy C Remix)
6. Jaguar Skills & Chords Feat. Matti Roots – Lust (Break Remix)
7. Rockwell – 1_2_3_4
8. State Of Mind – No-Operative (Audio Remix)
9. Noisia & Prolix – Asteroids
10. DJ Hazard – Mk Q
11. N3GUS Feat. Jakes – Walk The Walk
12. Camo & Krooked – All Night
13. Logistics Feat. Hugh Hardie – As Sure As Sunrise
14. BCee Feat. Philippa Hanna – Back To The Street (Nu:Tone Remix)
15. Technimatic – Like A Memory Feat. Pat Fulgoni
16. Hypoxia – Badass
17. S.P.Y Feat. LowQui – Manicured Reality
18. Optiv & BTK - Shredder
19. Ulterior Motive – M.I.R
20. Emperor & Mefjus – Void Main Void

1. The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Mix)
2. Sub Focus – X-Ray
3. Wilkinson – Moonwalker
4. Bad Company – Planet Dust
5. Fresh – Signal
6. Wots My Code – Dubplate (Total Science Remix)
7. DJ Zinc – Reach Out (Remix)
8. Top Cat – Ruffest Gun Ark (Chase & Status Remix)
9. DJ Hype, J Majik & Wickaman Feat. Daddy Earl – Dubplate Killa
10. Taxman – Too Bad
11. DJ Krust – Warhead (Ram Trilogy Remix)
12. DJ Hazard – Machete
13. Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Alien Girl
14. Dillinja Feat. Lorreia Loushy – Nasty Ways
15. Cause4Concern – Peep Show
16. Noisia – Diplodocus
17. dBridge Feat. Vegas – True Romance
18. Shimon & Andy C – Nightflight
19. DJ Die – Autumn (Commix Remix)
20. Shy FX & T-Power Feat. Di & Skibadee – Don’t Wanna Know

1. A.M.C – Ignition
2. Callide & Intraspekt – 5 Tonne Monster
3. Mampi Swift – Higher
4. T-Phonic & Modula – The Resurrection
5. Funk Effect – Devil Dance
6. Coda & Skore – Everything
7. Q Project – Blurred
8. BTK Feat. Ryme Tyme – Spawn
9. NC-17 & Soulculture Feat. KC – Contamination.
10. Akov Feat. Twitchee Cordz – Mirror Image
11. L 33 – Saviour
12. KloĆ© – A Distant Planet
13. Ben Kama – Blink
14. Raze – Leviathan
15. Klute – The Beyond
16. Bladerunner – Reflection
17. Saxxon – Zapatera
18. KG – Repton Road
19. BCee – Vicarage Road
20. S9 - No More Games



Johanna Glaza

Johanna Glaza has crafted an amazing sound all her own. Some people are calling it Ambient folk. I just call it great.

 It's a little Tori Amos, a dash of Danny Elfman and a pinch of faerie dust to make the whole thing quite a magical experience. Ethereal vocals and dramatic music = Awesome.

If she is not doing movie sound tracks soon I'll be shocked.

Sample her EP, 'Letter To News York' below.

Here is the video for 'Paper Widow'.


Turtle - Lavender

Turtle is the musical outlet for Jon Cooper. Comparable to Thom Yorke or James Blake.

Loving the bass and moody synths. I'm a sucker for a good synth,


If you dig this, expect a full release from Turtle in the Spring.

Check out more of his work, which is VERY good, at his soundcloud page below.

Hosaia & Luboku - At Dawn EP

Here is another great mix of RnB and Electronica.

Luboku is a up and coming producer from Australia. Here he joins forces with Hosaia, a soul singer from New Zealand.

Together they make sweet, sweet music.

See for yourself. Here are two tracks from the EP.

DOWNLOAD THE EP HERE!!  (name your own price!)

David Blackbourn - Impulses EP

I found this in my inbox the other day and I'd been so busy I'd almost forgotten to listen to it...I am so glad I hit play tonight.

David Blackbourn lists a lot of influences but in my opinion this is amazingly unique and it kicks some serious ass!!

Check out the first single 'Pretty Please'.



Expect another single to be released soon as well as the full EP "Impulses".

Beacon - L1

Beacon have just released their 'L1' EP and it's a dozy.

I've been groovin' this one in the car for a while and won't stop any time soon.

Great for night time driving. Very moody.

Listen to the rest of the EP HERE and BUY IT HERE!!

Saturday, December 06, 2014


Tokyo EP - Maiians

The Maiians debut EP, 'Tokyo' is out now and it's great!!!

Check out the lead track, 'Lemon'.


EZA is 21-year old Ellery Bonham, an exceptional vocalist and musician who writes her music primarily using vocal loops and synthesizers.

Dark, chilled grooves.

I dig it.

New Navy - Pelican

'Pelican' is the newest single from Australian based New Navy.

It's a mix of pop and electronica with a hint of the tropics... the lads sure know how to compose a pop song.

Luke Reynolds - After The Flood

Luke Reynolds is a Grammy nominated American songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and film composer best known as a member of Guster.

His new solo album, 'After The Flood', is out now. It's a little pop, a little country and even a little 60's inspired soul.

All in's a great album and worth your time.



Kid Scissor

Kid Scissor is the solo project of Josh Ben, a Philadelphia-born, Austin-based singer, songwriter, and producer.

The "Kid" has a great electro-pop style and I expect to hear his name a lot in the coming years.



Fairchild are an indie-rock 6 piece from Australia.

Get a taste of their catchy and inviting sounds below.

Neil McLaren

Enjoy this heartwarming acoustic folk from Scottish artist Neil McLaren, I know I do.

The Kiss That Took A Trip - Electroforest

Electroforest cover art

The Kiss That Took A Trip has just released Electroforest. An album of post-rock (mainly) instrumental music that indeed take you on a wild trip.

Seriously cool headphone music.