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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Panda Elliot - Forastera

Here at alittlebitofsol I post what I like and that includes music from all over the world. Music without borders, so-to-speak.

I have no idea what Panda Elliot is saying, she sings in Spanish, but her music is energetic, fun and rocks!

The Argentine singer/producer has just released her newest album, 'Forastera'.

Turn it up!



Say hello to Canadian dream-pop duo Fjord.

Sounds like a mix of Dido and Hybrid.

Groovy stuff.

Get their new EP here!!!

Cable Street Collective

Imagine if Lilly Allen fronted a Paul Simon cover band and you might have an idea of what to expect with Cable Street Collective.

This London based collective makes African infused music that will make you "dance your ass off"!

Such great energy. This is fun, intelligent and smile inducing music!!!

Download 'Wasted Hours' HERE!!

Here is the video for 'Worth Fighting for'.



London based musician Azedia has released a new album, 'Form'.

This is a fantastic mix of styles. Ambient, house and glitch all mix to form one staggeringly beautiful album.

Outstanding stuff. Truly.

Here is the video for 'Diving'.

Buy his new album HERE!!!!



Seriously cinematic mood music right here.

Texas based Missio does a stunning cover of The Cranberries track 'Zombie'.

His original music is pretty sweet too.

Can't wait to hear more from him soon!



Not sure what you call this...alternative...darkwave.....electro....all I know is that is is AWESOME!!

Meet Varick. He's based in New York and he is making some freakin' bad ass music. Hints of Depeche Mode, Radiohead and Kenna.

See for yourself.


Buy his new EP HERE!!

Janne Hea

More amazing folk music from across the pond. This time it is Janne Hea, from Sweden.

Check out these striking, nostalgic, emotion filled tunes.

Hear more of her wonderful music HERE!!!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Beech Creeps

This power trio has punk attitude with loads of 90's college rock distortion. That may not sound like much to you, but it's a winning combination to me!!

Brace yourself.

Their debut self-titled album is out in March.



Found this little bit of eclectic electro-pop in my inbox and have had it on repeat all day.

Russian singer Lena Kaufman and the parisian film-maker DJ Oof, make up Lunivers. They make their music with field recordings of sea organ, kisses, film samples and vintage synthetizers. You could dance to this or get lost in it wearing headphones. It's wild and relaxed at the same time.

So good!!


Here are a few remixes of  EP tunes.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Unnveig Aas

Unnveig Aas is an up and coming star in the Norwegian folk scene.

Take a listen to her newest song, 'How Long Must A Woman Mourn', and see why you'll be hearing her name a lot more in next few years.

Sensitive, passionate and poignant music indeed!

Here is the video as well.


Let me introduce you to the bi-coastal, all-girl, indie pop band, called BETS.  Their first track, "Don't Give A F#ck" is off their upcoming 2015 LP, 'Days Hours Nights.'

Combining 60's style pop (like Got A Girl) and modern day crooners (like Lana Del Rey or Jem), BETS is off to a good start with this intoxicating number.

Check out a few of their older tunes.

Hooka Hey

Fans of  The Black Keys or Queens Of The Stone Age will dig the blues-driven rock sounds of Hooka Hey.

This Texas quartet (by way of Paris) sure knows how to groove!


It's been almost a year since I first posted about Animali and their brand of psychedelica, and low and behold they are releasing a new track that is as twisted and fun as ever.

Here is another tune off their last EP. It's so good!

Check out more of their mind bending tunage HERE!!!


Cara Mitchell - Dust To Dust

I've posted about 19 year old ingenue Cara Mitchell before and she's back with another cool indie-folk  pop song.

Such a great voice!


Fans of Young The Giant, Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5 will dig AMZY, a Colorado based band that has been making waves in their home state.

These guys make very catchy tunes. Very catchy. Just try to listen to these tracks without tapping your feet or bobbing your head.


OK...They hooked me with their cover of "Wandering Star", one of my FAVORITE Portishead songs, and after listening to their original songs....I am officially a fan.

Forebear are a four piece, making what can be described as cinematic indie music. The music is complex and intertwines classical sensibilities with intelligent lyrics and beautiful harmonies.


Find more awesome tunes at their page below.

I expect big things from these four. Big things!


Waterstrider is a 5 piece indie band based in California. Sounding like a mix of Two Door Cinema Club and Radiohead, they are poised to make a big name for themselves in 2015.

Listen and see why!



Maybe The Moon

Here is a cool little downtempo pop duo. Their bio reads like a indie movie summary.

"2 lovers making noise.

Karmen Kimball and Alex Lasner met at a party on December 21st, 2012, the day the Mayan calendar had predicted the world was to end. That night, they struck up a conversation about their mutual love for Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, and realized they had both gone to the same elementary school, years before. They got engaged a few weeks later and, since then, they've been in the studio working on a batch of singles they plan to release over the course of 2015."

I hope they stay in love and keeping making their sweet tunes.

Download both HERE!!!

The Big Sun

The Big Sun are an English duo (Berry & Richard) who make a mix of quirky indie-pop and electronica.

Check out their new single, "Ten Ton Truck".

Download it HERE!!

Here is another recent track, "Up Later".

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Division Men

This Texas bred, Husband / Wife Acoustic Duo originally formed in Berlin, Germany in 2008. They are now based in Austin, TX. This is a prime example of  the kind of Americana/Country/Folk music that has been floating my boat as of late.

Their newest release, 'Under The Gun', is haunting, atmospheric and eerily romantic. Listening to this album transports me to another time and place. I really hope they get to do some soundtrack work soon as I could easily picture their music in a western or indie film.

This is my album of the month. 

Here is the video for "Criminal".