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Sunday, October 04, 2015

White Panda

These guys make some pretty wicked remixes.

They also do some slick mash ups!!!

As someone who used to make mash ups I can fully appreciate these mixes.

I can't wait to hear some of their originals!!


Nick Fowler Canadian electronic music producer who goes by the moniker FWLR.  He makes Dubstep that borders on Drum and Bass (which I love).

I can dig it. Can you?

Turn this up.

This one cracks me up.

Looking forward to hearing a full length album from him soon.

Crackin' tunes!!

The Fierce And The Dead

London instrumentalists The Fierce And The Dead  have a new release call 'The Magnet EP'.

I'm a fan already so instead of telling why you need to pick this up or how incredibly awesome it is....I'll just let you hear it for your self.

But trust's incredibly awesome and you should buy it.



Molina - We Are Free (feat. Luz Ysela)

Molina is back!

When I first heard Molina, a year or so ago, he was just a kid making some remixes and just trying to get his name out there.

With this release, "We are free", he has done just that. This track cements his status as a force to be reckoned with and a name that is synonymous with quality and talent.

Expect big things from Molina over the next few years. He's gonna be everywhere.



The Milk

Nothing like good soul music to really set your mind at ease.

Isaac Vallentin

Isaac Vallentin is a very talented musician and producer based in Ottawa. Here is a taste of his new record, Hedera.  It's experimental, electronic based and moody as hell.

It's good.




Ola Szmidt

Olga is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, flutist and loopstation lover.

Haunting. Beautiful. Enthralling.


Selfish Things

If you are a fan of 30 Seconds to Mars or My Chemical Romance then you should check out Selfish Things.

This will be huge if it gets to US Radio. This is a good let's see if they can follow this up with another solid rocker.

Here's the video as well.


Superpoze is a Swedish producer. He makes incredible ambient house music.

This has been in my car for weeks. I get lost listening to such gorgeous music.

Loads of skill here.

Fantastic. Utterly.



Death In The Afternoon

I am a sucker for goods synths and dreamy vocals and this band has both in spades!

I present Death In The Afternoon!



Copywrite is a new indie group from Australia.

Here is the video for 'Philophobia'.

Stephen Bradley

Stephen Bradley, who has spent the last 19 years recording and touring the universe with No Doubt, finally has set aside time to release his first solo project called RUNAWAYS.

This is too cool.

Day Wave

YAY!!! New Day Wave!!

I've posted Day Wave before and they are still chugging out quality tunes.

Listen for your self.


Malice & Mario Sweet present: SMS

SMS is an r&b soul funk trio comprised of real-life married duo, Malice & Mario Sweet, with the addition of vocalist Shelby Poole.

Seriously groovy and sexy stuff.

This is baby makin' music!! Awwwww yeah!


Katie Lott

Katie Lott is an indie singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and violinist from Birmingham, AL.

I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more from here in the years to come.

Really enjoying the mix of her voice with the piano. Cool lyrics too!




I received this random track in my inbox and I am truly blown away by this.

My tune of the month for sure!!


I need more of this RIGHT NOW!!

Disco Killerz

Allow me to introduce Disco Killerz, the NYC based DJ production duo of Matthew Danger & The French.

Their tunes sometimes border on cheesy diva house but for the most part it is pretty solid main room house music.

Dig it.

Here is a DJ set from last summer.

Oh Geronimo

Oh Geronimo make a very friendly and soothing kind of indie folk. Very moving and endearing vocals mixed with well crafted music.

Just good music.

Here are a couple of their newer tunes.

Here are a couple of their older tunes.

Ash Walker

This is the perfect sound track to the rainy weather we've been having on the east coast.

Sooooooo good.

In his own words...

"Describing his current sound as trip-hop with an abstract twist, Ash incorporates an intoxicatingly heavy dub reggae bottom end with samples of original material – all firmly rooted in jazz harmony."

Check it out!!

Maybe The Moon

Maybe The Moon released another sweet tune a few months ago...I can't believe I slept on these.

I love these guys. I can't wait for a proper album.