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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Consigned To Oblivion - A Solcofn Mix July 2015

I am going on vacation shortly and won't be posting much this month.

So, to tide you over until August there will a few post over the next couple of days and newest DJ Mix.

I hope you dig it....turn it up!!!

Here is the track list.

1 Rich Jones - Choronzon (Harvey McKay Mix)
2 Simone Arcangeli - Scorpia
3 Nosia - Alpha Cetauri (The Bulgarian Club Mix)
4 Electrixx vs Alex Mind - No Discussion
5 Kaiserdisco - Carambolo
6 Andrade - Face De Bouc (D'Julz Mix)
7 Jerome Syndenham - The Visitation
8 Dubfie - Rejekt
9 Dustin Zah and Joel Mull - What DO You See (8 AM Beats Tool)
10 Mark Broom - She Didn't Like The Collar
11 Popof - Roxy
12 Dj Tonio - Moshi Moshi
13 Butch - Tease Me
14 Slam - Room 2 (Pan Pot Rave Tool)
15 Marco Bailey and Tom Hades - Raya
16 Koen Groeneveld - Fly By Wire (Umek Mix)
17 Kaiserdisco - Dark Orbit
18 Jakatta - American Dream (Rektchordz Mix)
19 King Unique - 20000000 Suns (John Digweed and Nick Muir Mix)
20 Samuel L. Session - Can You Relate (Joris Voorn Flooding The Market With Remixes Mix)


Check out a few of my original tunes below.


Just slick, catchy and fun indie-pop music.

Frogbelly and Symphony

Take progressive rock, mix in some folk, add a dash of urban poetry, pop melodies, repetitive chants, experimental segues and you get Frogbelly and Symphony!

Wild stuff.



Hailing from the picturesque tourist town of Lucerne, Switzerland, unsigned duo Huck Finn release their new wintery-rough video for Before You Begin.

Some of their tracks are haunting, some are energetic and some are just catchy pop tunes that will capture your attention from the first note.

Perfect Sunday driving music.



O.I.B.(Ours Is Better) is an electronic music project based in UK/London.

Groovy as hell.

Polaris Rose

Polaris Rose is a Los Angeles Alt Rock duo comprised of Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse.

A little dark, a little twangy and a lot of awesome.

Other Lives

Oklahoma based band Other Lives have perfected making dreamy and melodic "headphone music".

I've been lost in their sound for days and have no plans on getting rescued any time soon!

Here is live video for 'Easy Way Out'.


This is just awesome. Nice mix of different styles with amazing vocals tying it all together.


You really need to start following these guys. They're GREAT!



This London Two-piece makes some really cool and emotional music.

Nice melodies and driving music that pack a punch.

Download 'When the truth is out' HERE!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Urbana Recordings

Enjoy some sweet house music from the Urbana Recordings label.

Jennie ​Abrahamson

Swedish singer Jennie Abrahamson makes an interesting mix of moody synth based electronica. Her vocals have hints of Siouxsie and early Madonna. I know it sounds weird but when you hear it you will understand. Trust me, it's a good thing.

I forgot to mention that she has even toured with Peter Gabriel!!!

Seriously good stuff!!


Buy it HERE!!

Bronx Cheerleader

Super groovy psychedelia from Bronx Cheerleader.

Dig it.

Vienna Ditto

I am not sure how to describe this, except to say that it is AWESOME!!

My album of the month!!

If you don't love this then there is something seriously wrong with you.




Australian indie-folk artist Gordi is making quite an a name for herself. Did I mention she is only 21?

This girl's got skills.


La D├ęcadance

I'm a sucker for some deep house and these guys are hitting all the right buttons.

Wavves x Cloud Nothings

Wavves x Cloud Nothings cover art

Fans of Pavement and Sonic Youth should dig this.

Wavves and Cloud Nothings join forces to create a wonderful and playful punk/drone/pop album.


Tess Parks

Take a little Patti Smith and mix in a bit of Spiritualized and you get Tess Parks.

I am LOVING this at the moment.


Here is the video for 'Friendlies'.


Buy the album HERE!!

The Orange Humble Band

If Bob Dylan fronted Cracker, they would be called The Orange Humble Band.

The band has been around since 1995. They broke up on 2001 and recently reformed in 2012.

Buy the album HERE!!

The Black Lamps

The Black Lamps are a great indie-shoegaze band from the UK.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

SUMMER BOOTY 2015, The Summer Mashup Album

Every year, for the past I don't know how long, I contribute a few mash ups to a Summer Booty collection put together by DJ Useo. Lots of cool productions from some pretty creative producers!

Here is this years edition!

01 - Summer ( dj_mxr Party Mix 2015 ) ( dj_mxr the original ) Calvin Harris & John Newman vs Empire of the Sun
02 - Die Young Inside My Head ( Chocomang ) Ke$ha vs Flo Rida vs The Police
03 - Carribean Funk UpTown Queen ( Jesus Cadena ) Billy Ocean vs Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars
04 - Take A Waste V2 ( Rappy ) Tiesto ft Matthew Koma vs Madonna
05 - Cruel Summer 2015 ( Mumdy Edit ) Ace Of Base +
06 - Young Drunk Girls ( DJ Rudec ) Bruno Mars vs LCD Soundsystem
07 - School's Out And It Feels Good ( Voicedude ) Gorillaz vs Alice Cooper
08 - Madness ( TJT ) Muse w/ guests
09 - Uptown Bom Bom Funk ( Extended Dance Mix ) ( DJ Spider ) Sam & the Womp vs Bruno Mars
10- I Ran White Wedding ( DJ Useo ) A Flock Of Seagulls vs Billy Idol
11 - Bombay Fame ( Alan Black ) David Bowie vs Tape Five
12 - Summer Bara Bere ( Chocomang ) The Underdog Project vs Alex Ferrari
13 - I Like to Dream It ( mARKYbOY ) Reel 2 Real vs Empire Of The Sun
14 - All Apolothrees ( oki ) Nirvana vs Silversun Pickups
15 - Need Some Nectar ( DRA'man ) Bassnectar vs Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
16 - Kings and Queens Of Summer ( Solcofn ) 30 Seconds To Mars vs Pentagon 
17 - Walking On The Sun Again ( G3RSt ) Steely Dan vs Smashmouth
18 - American Circus ( DJ Useo ) Grand Funk Railroad vs The Jam
19 - Find What Its Worth ( YITT ) Buffalo Springfield vs Zedd ( f/ Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant )
20 - See Me Feel Me ( Zzebraa Version ) The Who

01 - Release Yourself 2k15 ( ScotontheLoop ) Antoine Clamaran ft Lulu Hughes vs Kylie Minogue
02 - Mash 5 ( Jesus Cadena ) Dima vs Corona vs Adele vs Steve Miller vs Britney Spears
03 - Ape Call 2015 ( Mumdy Edit ) Mumdy ft Johnny Weissmuller +
04 - Crazy Beautiful Stayin’ Alive ( Chocomang ) Ke$ha vs Bee Gees
05 - Especially For 21 Guns ( Rappy ) Jason Donovan & Kylie Minogue vs Green Day
06 - Sophies Toxic ( Rillen Rudi ) Britney Spears vs Sophie Ellis-Bextor
07 - Super Freak Like You ( DJ Rudec ) Rick James vs Pink
08 - I'd Rather Love Come Down ( DJ Spider ) Evelyn King vs Clean Bandit
09 - Give Me a Wicked Reason ( Chocomang ) Chris Isaak vs The Corrs
10 - Picture of An American Woman ( TJT ) Guess Who vs Filter
11 - Whole Lot'ta Purple ( Sgt Mash ) Led Zeppelin vs Jimi Hendrix vs Plastik B
12 - In Blood ( DRA'man ) Nirvana vs Jimmy McGriff
13 - I Obviously Need Your Love ( Solcofn ) Stee Downes vs Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding 
14 - Bottle Of Summer ( DJ Petrushka ) Police vs Don Henley
15 - Send Me An Angel 2015 ( Mumdy Edit ) Real Life +
16 - Want To Love Me Like You Do ( Tweylo ) Jason Derulo vs Ellie Goulding
17 - The Good Life Without You ( mARKYbOY ) Inner City vs David Guetta feat Usher

01 - I Don't Care un Jour tu Me Reviendra ( Lizzart ) Fall Out Boy vs Les Fingers
02 - Leaving Your Body ( Chocomang ) Pet Shop Boys vs Eiffel 65
03 - Put Moi On Small Love ( DJ Rudec ) Bob Marley vs Blink 182 vs Bob Sinclair vs Paul Mauriat
04 - Sweet Trouble All Summer ( Voicedude ) Iggy Azalea & Jennifer Hudson vs Kid Rock + Lynyrd Skynyrd
05 - Tubular Bells 3 2015 ( Mumdy Edit ) Mike Oldfield +
06 - Rondo With You ( Assal vs DJ Useo ) Michael Jackson vs Dario Cantarella
07 - Wonderoar ( DJ J-Brew ) Oasis vs Katy Perry
08 - Pieces Of Numb ( Rillen Rudi ) Mgmt vs Linkin Park f/ Jay Z
09- Golden California Girls Years ( DJ Useo ) David Bowie vs Beach Boys
10 - Prayer In C ( Jesus Cadena ) Yes vs Fleetwood Mac vs Lilly Wood & The Prick vs Robin Schulz
11 - Recipe for Love on the Lifeline ( DJ Spider ) Lack of Afro vs Spandau Ballet
12 - Baby Harmony ( Chocomang ) The Beloved vs Gwen Stefani
13 - In a Big Libella ( Alan Black ) Big Country vs Parov Stelar
14 - Endless No Can Do Summer ( DJ Petrushka vs DJ Useo ) Hall & Oates vs The Neptunes
15 - Summer Sweet Summer Find ( Sgt Mash ) The Dirty River Boys vs Ende
16 - In The Summer Shine ( Crow vs Blow ) ( AtoZ ) MST3K & friends vs Kurtis Blow
17 - Take A Waste V1 ( Rappy ) Tiesto ft Matthew Koma vs Madonna
18 - Frozen In Summer ( oki ) The Supremes vs 'Frozen'
19 - Good Summer Booty Vibrations ( TJT ) Dr Oz vs Beach Boys vs asst

Download all 3 discs below!

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Download Mirrors HERE!