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Sunday, October 19, 2014


If you love synth-pop and wish you could be back in the 80's  skating around a roller rink on a Friday night....then I've got the band for you.

I present.... Paperwhite. The brother/sister duo of Katie and Ben Marshall hail from Brooklyn and I can't get enough of their retro sound.

Between Chvrches, Austra and Paperwhite I am one happy synth-pop loving fool.

Their debut EP, Magic, is out in November and a full length album will be out in 2015.


Zola Blood - Meridian EP

Zola Blood will be releasing their Meridian EP shortly. The ambient electronica they make is comparable to if Kenna and Radiohead had a love child. Great lyrics and outstanding layers of sound to accompany it.

Seriously good stuff.

Here are a few more tracks to get you excited about the release.

Pre-Order it HERE!!


Jo Mango - Transformuration

Jo Mango has released a remix album, entitled Transformuration. The album is a reimagining of all 10 tracks from her alternative folk 2012 sophomore release, Murmuration.

Just to get an idea of what to expect, here is a video of the original version of Evermore.

Here is the remix by The Cormorant.

For those that aren't into the original folk album (which is outstanding) then the remix album should do the the trick. It's loaded with up and down tempo beats and blips while maintaining the original feel that should keep most fans happy.

You can download the remix HERE!!

Buy the whole remix album HERE!!!

Hello! Beautiful - Echoes in the Pier

Fans of The Postal Service will enjoy the dream-pop sounds of Hello!Beautiful.

Jeremy Parker is the one man band playing everything and even producing it all himself.

The lyrics are catchy and music is very energetic and fun. Mr Parker has loads of talent and if this single is any indication, he'll be all over the place very soon.

I can see this being huge with the kids and the kids at heart.

His debut album is out in November!



This is haunting and enthralling. I was hooked from the first beat.

Amazing vocals and lush symphonic sounds, beats and bass to back it up.

Call it Electro-RnB, Electro-Soul...whatever you want to call it, it's good.

Osca - Blood w/ The Night VI

Two great bands that sound great together.

I'll let the music speak for itself.

Ummagma - Kiev Remixes EP

I've been a huge supporter of Ummagma and their dream-pop shoegaze sound and they have just release a remix EP for their track 'Kiev'.

Here is the video for Kiev.

Here are clips of several of the remixes.



Vök - Tension (Official Music Video)

I fell in love with this band the moment I heard them. So unique and so original.

Here is the video for their second single 'Tension'.

Here is the Aei remix of 'Tension'.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fickle Friends - P L A Y (Foreign Skin Remix)

Before yesterday I never heard of either of these artists.

Today I am a HUGE fan of both.

Here is the original.

Here is the remix by Foreign Skin.

Both are great in there own right...but that remix really has me movin'!



If you enjoy ambient down-tempo stuff like I do then you should really like Evitceles. Along the lines of Boards of Canada and Burial.

Really trippy and cool.

Download his stuff HERE.

VITAMIN - We Breathe Fire

Fans of Passion Pit and MGMT should dig the new single from Vitamin, 'We Breath Fire'.

Their brand of psychedelic-electro-pop is very catchy and fun.

Been listening to this all afternoon.

Smiles all around.

Here are a couple other tunes for your enjoyment.

Liz Vice

I listen to a little bit of everything. What I really love about this blog is being able to expose people to music they may have never thought to check out.

I keeping with that, here is an amazing soul singer, Liz Vice. I hope you like it as much as I do.

In her own words...

""There's A Light" is Liz Vice's debut album, and we here at Deeper Well could not be more excited about it if we tried (trust us, we tried, couldn't get more excited)! Recorded almost entirely live to analog tape over the spring & summer of 2013 in Portland, OR, this album is a gospel-fueled nod to the R&B / soul records of the 60's and 70's - modern enough not to be "throw back", classically influenced enough to feel timeless."

It's really good.



Eilidh McKellar - "Hold Steady" (Official Music Video)

Discovered on YouTube by guitar great, Joe Bonamassa, McKellar, a dazzling 20-year-old phenom from Edinburgh, Scotland, is taking the music world by storm with her raspy voice and amazing guitar skills.

The girl can play!

Check out her video for "Hold Steady".

Her new album, Delta Devil Dreams, is out now.

Here is a taste of the album.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Petter Carlsen

Norwegian singer Petter Carlsen sure knows how to make brooding, atmospheric and emotional music. For someone who has 3 albums out, I don't know how I've never heard of him before,

Very cinematic. Very moving. Very good.

Here is his new single, 'Tiger'.

Download it HERE!!

Here is a live version of another track, 'You begin where everything ends'.

Black Honey

These may all be demos but they sure sounds polished and ready for the masses to me.

I've had this on repeat all day. The guitars are warm and fuzzy, just the way I like them, and the vocals are lush, sexy and cool.

I'm really diggin' the combo.

Their first album can't get here fast enough.


Glyphs - The Machine


Ready for a bit of musical stew? Throw in a bit of  Aphex Twin style broken beats and bleeps, add some shoegazey drones and pepper it with dreamy echoed vocals and you get Glyphs.

Download it HERE!!

Hundred Waters - Animal (Live Video From San Francisco)

I was already in love with this album but seeing them live just cements it.



Vérité - Weekend (Molina Remix)

I'm a fan of the original and I can already see the club kids going bonkers over this remix.

Rod Ladgrove - Love The Way It Hurts

Rod Ladgrove

I am totally getting the Elliot Smith vibe on this new single from Australian singer Rod Ladgrove.

Perfect introspective music for rainy days.

Here's the video too!


Fans of Lissie, Fleetwood Mac and indie rock (with some subtle hints of RnB) should thoroughly enjoy the UK based 6 piece The Night VI.

Sophie-Rose Harper's smooth vocals help guide the band through multiple genres and in the end are like our tour guide on a very enjoyable journey through the landscape that is The Night VI.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sirena - Chemicals

Here is yet another moving, emotive electro-pop artist who sounds wise beyond her years.

Take a listen to Sirena.


Fable - Fragile

I've been intrigued by Fable for a while now and here is the third song from her EP, Parasite. It still blows my mind she is only 19. If she sounds this good now, I can't wait to see what she's doing in 10 years!

Her full length album can't come soon enough.

LE VERY - Playground

This little bit of electro-pop awesomeness found its way into my inbox this week and I'm glad it did.

Enjoy LE VERY!

Their debut EP, 'Playground', will be out in November.


Like R&B? Like sexy electronica? Enjoy SBTRKT or James Blake? Then you'll love Hawkon!

If your lady doesn't like this, she's dead inside.

Amateur Dance

Amateur Dance sure makes some awesomely deep, emotional and moving house music for someone who is only 20 years old.

Dig it. I know I am.




Duly Noted Records has a hit on there hands and it's called Osca. Think Imagine Dragons meets Coldplay.

The Blood EP will be available in November

Mr President - Hips Shaking

Hips Shaking cover art

This is what sexy sounds like.

Soooooooooooooo groovy.

Here is a taste of the album.



IGZ - Gotta Do

This underground hip-hop single is from IGZ,  a 25 year old recording artist out of Toronto, Canada.

It's a catchy track and it's got me interested in seeing what else he can do.

His full length album should be out in early 2015.

Pill Hill - It Tastes a Little Sweeter

With hints of Toad The Wet Sprocket and the Gin Blossoms, Pill Hill does a great job of taking the working man college rock vibe and adding a bit of warmth and a personal touch that is lacking in a lot of music these days. With influences that range all the way back to the 70's, these Minneapolis rockers have put together an album that is really fresh, fun and a feel good slice of Americana.

This is a perfect soundtrack to that weekend drive to nowhere in particular.

Here is a sample from 'It Tastes A Little Sweeter', the first single 'Butterscotch House'.

Download the new album HERE!!! (name your own price)

My album of the month.


Attaque - Change Your Mind (Official Music Video)

I've been a fan of Attaque for a while and he's just released a video for 'Change Your Mind'.

I love how he seamlessly mixes electronica with shoegazey guitars to create this ethereal sound.


His full length album, ON LY OU will be release at the end of the month.



This is a little different from what I normally post but it's got my feet tapping so I thought I'd pass it along. Alchemist is a 4 piece from Auckland, NZ. Think Muse meets 30 Seconds To Mars.

It gets a bit heavy. Just so you know.

Hunters - tour and new release

As some of you know, I am a big fan of shoegaze and I love a catchy melody. 'Hunters' have both in spades.

To celebrate their new tour you can pick up a 3 track demo from the band.

Download it for free HERE!!

Catch them on tour!

HUNTERS -- Fall 2014 Tour Dates

10.03 - New Orleans - One Eyed Jacks %
10.04 - Austin - Mohawk 
10.10 - Los Angeles - The Smell #
10.11 - Las Vegas - The Bunkhouse #
10.12 - Salt Lake City - Kilby Court #
10.13 - Denver - Hi-Dive #
10.14 - Lincoln - Vega #
10.15 - Iowa City - The Mill #
10.16 - Minneapolis - First Avenue & 7th st Entry #
10.17 - Chicago - Empty Bottle #
10.18 - Indianapolis - Debbie's Palace of Noise and Laundry #
10.19 - Detroit - PJ's Lager House #
10.20 - Rochester - Bug Jar #
10.24 - Brooklyn - Baby's All Right #
% w/ JEFF The Brotherhood

# w/ Meatbodies

Friday, October 10, 2014

Olympic Ayres - Say My Name (Avenue Remix)

Great tune from Olympic Ayres. Great remix from Avenue.

"Say My Name" is the third single taken from Olympic Ayres debut EP "Leisureplex" out now!


Ark Patrol - Sun

turn your images on to see this promo in its full glory

Super chill new tune from Ark Patrol.

Perfect for daydreaming.

Ron Flieger - All I Want

Check out the very catchy and very sexy debut single from Ron Flieger, 'All I Want'.

In his own words....

"I wrote `All I Want` this summer in Los Angeles, staying at The Roosevelt, West Hollywood - Recorded the vocals that same crazy night - Finished everything off on holiday in Western Europe - Mixed it back at my studio. Things went incredibly fast and the track has this raw emotion-charged vibe. It happened to be a very special song to me."

Get the free download HERE!!

Keep an eye out for more of Ron's sweet sounds as he is busy doing remixes for The Ting Tings and many more!

Whacka & Azuruk - Speaking In Tongues

If you love bass and wicked beats then crank this one.

Whacka & Azuruk's Speaking In Tongues is the first release on Heroic Recordings new Sub-label Rockforce.

Check it out.


Sunday, October 05, 2014

Night Club - Black Leather Heart

Black Leather Heart cover art

Night Club is a synth-pop duo from California. Think early Madonna with an electro synth-heavy bent.

Nothing too deep but lots of fun.

Here's their electro cover of the INXS tune 'Need You Tonight'.

Buy the Black Leather Heart EP HERE!!

Nsolo - Jam Collections

Jam Collections cover art

Seriously...this is why I LOVE Soundcloud. You can find an unsigned artist like Nsolo just sitting there...with barely any followers and a collection of tracks that should begetting airplay all over the world. I feel like I just discovered the next big thing. This guy should be huge. With your help, he will be.

Fans of Hercules and Love Affair  or Disclosure will fall in love with the deep house/electronica/RnB sounds of Nsolo.

I know this album will be on my playlist for a while.



Sounds of Sputnik - New Born I've been a HUGE shoegaze/dream-pop fan for years. There were a group of bands in the 90's that pretty much had a strangle hold on the genre...until now.

Sounds Of Sputnik have, in my humble opinion, cemented their place in the shoegaze hierarchy. With the help of one of the genres other up and coming stars, Ummagma (whom I really dig as well), Sounds Of Sputnik have made me fall in love with the genre all over again.

Sounds of Sputnik is the combined sonic awesomeness of Roma Kalitkin and the duo Ummagma. Their new album 'New Born' is a combination of instrumental dreamscapes and vocal dream pop that take you on a journey to a ethereal dreamland you never want to come back from.

My only problem with the album is that it is too short. Half of the run time is spent on remixes, which are great, but I would have preferred to be in shoegaze heaven for another 30 or 40 minutes!

I can't wait to hear more from Sounds Of Sputnik and get lost in that dreamland all over again.

Sample the album below.



Hayley Kiyoko

Fan of electro-pop? Like Lykke Li? I may have found your new infatuation.

Hayley Kiyoko is the new kid on the block and she's making sure people know she's serious about sticking around.

Check out 'This Side Of Paradise' and see why you'll be humming this tune for the next few months.

Check out the Video for 'Rich Youth' below.

Natalie McCool - Dig It Out (Official Video)

If I had my way...this is the kind of pop that would be on the radio. GOOD pop music.

Smoove & Turrell - Will You Be Mine (Official Video)

Enjoy the new video for "Will you be mine" of their new album, 'Broken Toys'.

Sample the whole album below.

It's great!



Happy Hollows - Amethyst

Amethyst cover art

Now for a little change of pace. Indie-rock outfit Happy Hollows has a new album out (ok, so it came out last year, but it's new to me) and it's pretty sweet. No need to worry about the sophomore slump...this second album has everything you want...soaring vocals, driving guitars and an almost childlike sense of wonder. I could easily see this being the soundtrack to a indie movie. I can already see the lead boy and girl listening to 'Endless' while laying on a blanket under the stars about to kiss for the first time.

Sample the sweetness below.

Buy the album HERE!

Tora - Eat The Sun

Eat The Sun cover art

If you're a fan of down-tempo music, like me, then you will dig the silky sounds of Tora. The Australian music makers will release their newest full length album tomorrow!

Get a taste below.



Sampology - Shine A Light ft. Daniel Merriweather

turn your images on to see this promo in its full glory

I've been a fan of Daniel Merriweather for a while and this collaboration with Sampology is a match made in vocal house heaven.

The single will be released in October. Expect more from Sampology later this year.

Black and White Visions

This little bit of awesome found its way into my inbox a few days ago.

In their own words...

"Black And White is from Los Angeles, CA now residing in Nashville, TN. 

B&W influences range from West Coast Hip-hop, The Cardigans, and The Weeknd. 

Vanity, XØ, and Strangers are the first songs released off the "SelfishDesiresMixtape" that will be released in its entirety later this year."

Both tracks here are outstanding and I am looking forward to the full length release later this year.

See for yourself!



KEATS//COLLECTIVE - Future Funk Friday Vol. 3

K//C BULLPEN JACKET main photo

The Keats Collective is an amazingly talented group of artist that highlight the best of 'chillwave', 'disco-funk' and almost everything in-between. They have just released the third volume of their Future Funk Friday sampler.



Find many more amazing artists that are part of the Keats Collective HERE!!

Saturday, October 04, 2014

VÉRITÉ - Weekend (Ducked Ape Remix)

The Ducked Ape boys heard 'Weekend' by Verite and decided they had to remix it.

I can't decide if I like the original or the remix more. Both are great in their own right.

Decide for yourself!

Here's the original.

Here's Ducked Ape's remix.