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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I've had this on repeat in my car for days.

In  their own words...

"Philadelphia's ECSTATIC VISION weave the guitar heroics of the 70s heavy classics of UFO and Hawkwind with the rhythmic intensity of Sun Ra and Amon Düül II, ECSTATIC VISION are sure to be a huge hit for fans of High On Fire and Fela Kuti alike. Massive riffs vibe seamlessly with deep rhythms to create one of the most original and best HEAVY PSYCH debuts in years!"

I'd pretty much agree with that.



Young Wonder

I can't help it...more awesome Irish music!!!


Super catchy electronic indie-pop flavored by the 60's.

Very infectious!

Turn this UP!!

Cry Monster Cry

Indie folk from Ireland! This is classy as hell!

Here is the video for 'Postcards'.


Time to highlight another quirky and original label. This time it's Monstercat.

Here is a taste of what they offer.

I really love what they do.


SEAGOAT cover art

LA based Seagoat have released their self-titles debut album....and it's beautiful.

Broken beats, lush ambient sounds and soothing vocals.

My album of the month!

DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM HERE!! (name your price)


Le Ciel

Time to dim the lights, get loose and get groovy.


Dreamy ambient soul.



The Whereabouts

Sounding like they are straight outta the 60's, I present the Irish group The Whereabouts.

These cats swing, ya dig?

Check it out!!!


Why We Run

This is some sweet, sweet indie-pop.

Love the melodies and harmonies.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ceephax Acid Crew Live at Schism, Manchester 06​-​03​-​99

Ceephax Acid Crew Live at Schism, Manchester 06-03-99 cover art

Acid baby! Woot!!!

Now where are my glow-sticks?

I love this.

Panda Knights

Panda Knights are an electronic duo from Barcelona.

I'm really enjoying the sounds they are putting out.

I think you will too.

Some original tunes.

Some remixes.

And here is a DJ set they did last year.


Summer is almost over and here is the perfect soundtrack to close it out.

Here are a few of his remixes that have been rockin' my boat lately.


Swiss Lips

I want more of this please.

This is Swiss Lips and they have a new album out. Here is a taste of what to expect.

Here's a few of there older tunes.

Electro-pop played to perfection!

So good!


*edit*  I appears the band has broken up due to possible major label issues. I still highly recommend pick up the album.


Just warning you on this's got a little BASS.

Crank this!

B. Miles

Sultry female vocals, check. Down-tempo beats, check.

Awesomeness, CHECK!

Constellation Records

I got lost for a few hours the other day going through this Canadian based labels artists. Once you here them, you will want to get lost in their sonic goodness too!!

Here are just a few examples of amazing artists they have on their roster.

Really edgy stuff.


2/3 Goat

This alt-country/bluegrass act is perfect for Sunday drives or just chillin' at the house. These guys are making some seriously sweet, chill and introspective music.

Ridin - Don Scott (Castellain Remix)

Castellian is doing some sweet remix work and here is a perfect example of his style.

Here are a few other remixes he's done recently.

Lois & The Love

I've posted these guys before. Here's a newer tune and it's just as rockin' as their other tracks.

Check it!