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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Last Dinosaur - Horray! For Happiness

My pick for album of the year.

Get this now.

<a href="http://thelastdinosaur.bandcamp.com/album/hooray-for-happiness">every second is a second chance by The Last Dinosaur</a>


Here is their video for 'Every Second Is A Second Chance'.

The Last Dinosaur Myspace!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dan Bull - Dear Lily [an open letter to Lily Allen]

This is great.

I also recommend you go get his new album 'Safe' for free HERE!

Dan Bull Myspace!

Little Boots vs Hot Chip

Been around a while but it is still pretty cool.

Little Boots - Ready For The Floor (Hot Chip cover)

Oh, if you love the controller Little Boots is using as much as I do...It's the TENORI-ON and you can find out more about it HERE!

Here's the original.

Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Twisted Tongue - Twisted Tongue

Twisted Tongue, aka production duo Dave Jay and Mark Dalton, release a debut album that is a little P-Funk, Prince, Beck and Mr. Bungle with some extra weirdness thrown in for good measure. The opening track `You Want That Soul?` introduces you to the duo`s idea of funk right away and, if you like that, you will dig the rest of this extremely fun album.

`Got a really good thing` has hints of Motown soul in the chorus as the background singers sing "Got a really good thing" and the horns really add accents to this already groovy track. One of my favorite tracks, `(I Need A) Freak For Armageddon`, is an instrumental jam that really lets the saxophone wail. `Mindbeam Parts 1 & 2` has the Gnarls Barkley vibe as it mixes hip-hop and soul with funk for an extremely moving, organ driven, groove. The album closer `Niagra Song` is a slower, horny (love those trumpets!) funk love jam that will surely end up on a "bedroom mix tape".

Overall, The band doesn`t take their lyrics to seriously, but they do focus all their attention to the music which is pure electro funk fun. This is the kind of album that you would hear at a party and you would hunt down the host to find out what the hell it was. It`s not for everyone but if you love to have a funkin` good time, then this is for you.

Here is a video for 'Got a really good thing'.

Twisted Tongue Myspace!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nuggies - The Sound of Explosions from the Northeast

If you like your music to be a little weird and abstract, look no futher than the new EP 'The Sound of Explosions from the Northeast' from the Brooklyn based avante garde/noise rock band 'Nuggies'.

The EP is full of atmospheric noise, abstract samples and enough distortion and fuzz to make any fan of Sonic Youth or Mike Patton's solo work very happy.

Try it out for yourself below. Just make sure you don't listen to this while taking acid. Just sayin'.


1. Modeling
2. Historic Freeze
3. Water
4. Minor
5. Starlights
6. Energyshots
7. Sweat Soup

Grab it ----->Nuggies - The Sound of Explosions from the Northeast

Nuggies Myspace!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Friday, September 04, 2009


Since 2005, Serge Santiago and Tom Neville have been slowly cooking a career-defining album... What came out of the studio sessions was a perfect modern day Italo/Disco sound, straight off the bat... This was the birth of the group Retro/Grade.

'Moda' is a taster from the new Retro/Grade album forthcoming 2010.

Serge Santiago and Tom Neville first worked together on a re-edit of Kano's 'It's A War' in 2004, which received stand-up attention in all the right places. This random hook-up led to the idea for an album project, with the intention to create a modern day take on Italo Disco...

Due to their separate schedules - Neville knocked up a remix discography that includes artists from The Ting Tings to The Verve to Britney Spears, whilst Santiago delved deeper into the world of Italo Disco, re-editing the likes of Goblin, Droids and Baciotti, as well as working on his own productions including 'Atto D'Amore' and remixing DFA and Simian Mobile Disco - the project's formation took time... But of course perfect timing.

There are only 500 limited edition vinyl copies available of this release. Coming September.

The next Retro/Grade EP 'ZOID' is coming late November

Retro/Grade album coming early 2010.

Buy the single 'Moda' HERE!