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Monday, October 28, 2013

PSYMON SPINE - Eric's Basement & Secret Tunnels (video)

Here's a great track from the new group Psymon Spine. They're a young experimental dance band from New York - all just 18 - and their debut EP comes out 21st October on Enfer Records.


Riddim Fruit Records - Cloud Watching Volume 3

Cloud Watching Volume 3 cover art

Riddim Fruit Records is back with another outstanding down-tempo compilation.

Download it HERE!


REFLEX Mixtape #19

Mixtape #19 Special Mama Festival Paris

Another infectious mix from Reflex!

Tracklist :
1. Miami Horror - Real Slow
2. The Louder The Better - Feels Good
3. Kauf - Relocate ( Psychemagik Remix )
4. CHVRVHES - The Mother We Share ( Moon Boots Remix )
5. Jim James - Know Til Now ( Pixelated Remix )
6. Made In Sane - Flying Circuits ( Morkeby's Bissi Zebra Remix )
7. Brynjolfur - I Love You - (Eskimo)
8. Juveniles - Void ( In & Out Of The )
9. Awkoder - Ho.Ho.Ho!
10. Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver - Cul De Sac ( Give Me Wallets 'nightclub' Remix )
11. JBAG - Mogadisco (Continental Records)
12. REFLEX - Together ( Punks Jump Up Remix )
13. REFLEX Bootleg : Crayon - Give You Up (Yuksek Dub) / Banks - Change (The Chainsmokers Hot & Steamy Edit)
14. REFLEX - Sunset (preview) - Coming soon on Tigers On A Leash
15. Lxury - J.A.W.S
16. Jamiroquaï - Space Cowboy ( Neptune Safari Remix )
17. Lemaitre - Splitting Colors ( Louis Laroche Remix )

Download it HERE!!!



Burning Peacocks - (Questioning) the silence (video)

Burning Peacocks

This is Burning Peacocks, a parisian musical duo and this is their first acoustic session for Quai 19 Production.

Burning Peacocks - (Questioning) the silence from Quai 19 Production on Vimeo.

I can't wait to hear more from this promising duo.



Polygon Palace - Sunburnt Shadows

Here is an album teaser for the new Polygon Palace album, Sunburnt Shadows. It's a little electro, a little bit pop and a whole lot of fun.


Heart-Ships - Pinhole of Light (video)


Here is the video for Heart-Ships new single, Pinhole of Light.

I expect great things from this band.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Aufgang - Ellenroutir EP

Ellenroutir EP

Here is a single from Aufgang. "Ellenroutir" is one of the standout tracks from their latest album Istiklaliya (released May 2013).

Buy it HERE!!


Mark Kane Live At ADE 2012 (Opening Night At Club Up)

Mark Kane Live At ADE 2012 (Opening Night At Club Up)

Here is a great mix from a buddy of mine...Mark Kane.

Turn this up to 11 and enjoy!

Download it HERE!!



Tittsworth & Shelco Garcia & TEENWOLF - Give It To Dem

Tittsworth & Shelco Garcia & TEENWOLF - Give It To Dem

Here is another solid house banger from Tittsworth!



OuD!n13 - NGC 4303

NGC 4303

Here is a great track from the cosmic artist OuD!n13.

It's a nice spaced out track...perfect for drifting off......

Download it HERE!


Kratos Himself - Imagination

Imagination cover art

Here is the new album from the awesome Kratos Himself!

Meat Katie 'Lowering the Tone' Episode 1- (Podcast) - FREE DOWNLOAD

Meat Katie 'Lowering the Tone' EP 1 (Podcast)

Meat Katie's new podcast mix show.

In his own words...

"Hi Guys
I hope you are well
So here is my first full blown podcast, I think It's a good example of my taste and what I am about, I managed to squeeze in an interview with a good friend Micah Black (From Black & Blunt) while he was in the UK although I had had a few drinks so it was a bit sloppy to say the least (I will work on my interviewing techniques ;-)
I intend to do these Podcasts as regular as I can and although it doesn't sound it it really was a fair bit of work, but I did enjoy doing it and I have already started the next one.
If your interested in getting involved somehow please email me on Mark@meatkatie.com and put in the subject LTT please, it's the promo that really needs some work so If you can please share the link leave a comment and give it a little push where ever you can it would really help me getting this show off the ground.
For more information please go to WWW.MEATKATIE.COM and if you subscribe to the mailing list you will receive a newsletter with the track listing.
All the best
Mark (Meat Katie)

Grab it HERE!!


Suzuki Method - Be Cruel Be Kind

Be Cruel Be Kind

Here is another great track from Suzuki Method.

It'll be out at the end of the month. Look for it!



Pop Rocket Soundtrack by Awake! Awake!

Pop Rocket | Soundtrack cover art

New tunes from Awake Awake are available now!!

In their own words...

"This is an early release of the Pop Rocket Soundtrack. We thought it'd be fun to share it right when we finished it. We'll be updating and adding to this soundtrack later on though. 

We again had a wonderful time working with Olan Rogers! This score was written very instinctively and it is definitely something special to us. We hope you enjoy it!"



LPP - Over Danse

Check out this sampler for the wicked new Les Petits Pilous EP.

Buy the EP HERE!!



Elite Force - The One Series Live (004) @ Forcefields 2013

The One Series Live (004) @ Forcefields 2013

Elite Force AKA Simon Shackleton has another great set for you to enjoy.

In his own words...

"It's not often you get to throw a proper party at your own place.

Forcefields was exactly that - an invite-only weekend on my little farm tucked away in the South East (UK) far away from the madding crowds.

This year, post-Burning Man re-entry has been harder than ever before, so burying myself in 18-hours a day graft to make this happen in a way I'd be happy with was the perfect way to ameliorate my way back to the default world.

Everyone who came was perfectly respectful, and most people participated, contributed and thoroughly enjoyed the unique nature of the event. Those who were able, helped create a truly magical kingdom for the night, and it's certainly one I'll never forget, regardless of how long I find myself living in this place.

My set that night began deep as darkness fell, and as the bar emptied, I rather surprised myself by rocking out for the last hour. Most unexpected ... but that's the beauty of DJ'ing, right?"


Download it HERE!!!