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88 till infinity - The Journey Of Discovery

Kill The Hero ft. Maggie K de Monde - Surrender (remixes)

Will Bailey - Movement EP

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Elite Force - Marathon Live Sunrise set from Burning Man 2012

The 2012 Loss Leader: A Paper Bag Records Compilation

Sol Sessions Vol 6

Violet Dream - Distant Voices, Lonesome Clouds (Remixed)

Torkelsen - Don't Care (Remixed)

Mr. J. Medeiros - The Marquee (prod. Beatsofreen)

Digital Switchover - Eclipse

Swim - Ride

Lady Citizen - Mind Trip EP

Hanetration - Torn Heat EP

Alkalino - Pele DJ Set

Melodysheep - Be Water My Friend!

Sedate - A Solcofn Mix September 2012