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Monday, April 25, 2011

Elite Force - 1 Hour March Mix

 Elite Force is back with an outstanding mix he did which was recorded exclusively for Lady Waks' regular Monday night show on Radio Record in Russia.

Check it out!

1. Umek Vs Chris Nasty - Crank it Up (an Elite Force Revamp)
2. Calvertron - Oh (Krafty Kuts Mix)
3. T.Raumschmire - Entertain Me (Dilemn Remix)
4. Plumps Vs The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows (Umbrella-Free)
5. Hunter Vaughan - Krakken (The Loops of Fury Mix)
6. Will Bailey - Grind
7. 501 - Somewhere in Time (High Rankin Vs Elite Force Revamp)
8. Elite Force & Klaus Badelt - Spazm
9. Tommy Schumacher - Bring Back Big Beat
10. Autoerotique - Turn Up The Volume (Krafty Kuts Mix)
11. Elite Force, Etienne, Gartner - No Brainer
12. Exco - Node (Bitkrusha mix)
13. Zodiac Cartel - Just Do It
14. Adele, Ghet's Noch?, Elite Force - Rumour (Revamp)
15. Congorock Vs Uppermost - Babylon (Krafty Kuts Revamp)
16. Elektronauts - Bumper Weight (Plumps Vs Plumps)
17. Felix Luker - Saw (Elite Force Remix)
18. Elite Force & Klaus Badelt - Speedball
19. Elite Force & Klaus Badelt - Loco
20. Elite Force Vs Black Ghosts & Ajapai - Warning The Ghosts [CDR]
21. Elite Force & Klaus Badelt - Shockland
Grab it HERE!!


Elite Force Soundcloud!!

Mason - New Album And Spring Mix

Mason has released his fantastic debut album "They are among us". Check out the tracklist below.

1. Runaway                                                    
2. You Are Not Alone                                           
3. Choices (featuring Kurtis Blow) 
4. Syncrom      
5. Little Angel (featuring Aqualung)                
6. Kippschwinger           
7. I Just Wanna Rock (featuring Sway)
8. Boadicea (featuring Roisin Murphy)
9. As The World Turns                                            
10. Corrected (featuring DMC & Sam Sparro)
11. Little Red Petticoat                                                  
12. Who Killed Trance    

You can buy the album HERE!

He also has a new sweet new mix out as well.

In his own words...

"This is a dj mix. I woke up one morning and had no train / plane / car to catch so felt utterly bored. TV didn't help as usual. I've already read all the books on my shelf. So dusted off the CDJs, grinded some coffee beans and went upstairs to my little room where girls aren't allowed and I can get in touch with the geek side of me. The result was a mix of 14 tracks, half of which will be out on Animal Language, as my manager tends to slap me when I don't shamelessly promote our own stuff.  My manager plays rugby #justsayin.  I hope this mix will give you courage and more reasons in life to listen to music loud. "

Take a listen below!

  Mason Spring Mix by Mason

1. Mason - Little Angel (Kolombo remix)
2. Black Rose - Anthem
3. Dirty Vegas - Changes (Mike Monday remix)
4. Alex Dimou - Nina And The Band
5. The Beatrabauken - Twisted Wire (Bjorn Nafe remix)
6. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Houshold Goods (Justin Martin remix)
7. Worthy - Right Time (Tom Flynn remix)
8. Arveene & Misk - Mis Casa Su Casa
9. 1984 - Bangladesh
10. Mason - Boadicea feat. Roisin Murphy (Polydor remix) (stukkie eruit)
11. Hatiras - Catz Play
12. Mason - Runaway (Hatiras remix)
13. Disco Of Doom - Alice Cooper (Mason's School's Out Rework)
14. Nelsen Grover - Awake (TWR72 remix)

Download it HERE!!! 


Mason Soundcloud!

DJ Hyper -The End : Minus remix

Guy Hatfield, AKA Hyper, is set to release his highly anticipated third studio album "The Panic" on May 10th 2011 on the legendary Distinctive label!

Check out the video for "The End"

Grab the Minus remix HERE!!!

Hyper Soundcloud!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hot Pink Delorean mix - March 18th 2011


Hot Pink Delorean did this 30 minute mix for the Loose Cannons special friday show broadcast across the KISS network in the UK on March 18th 2011.

    Hot Pink Delorean mix on KISS Network for Loose Cannons March 18th 2011 by hot pink delorean

Hot Pink Delorean ft. Zena Kitt - Strangers
Hot Pink Delorean - All I Ever Need
Hot Pink Delorean - Rhythm From Mars (edit)
Hot Pink Delorean - Club Crashers
Hot Pink Delorean & Rory Lyons - Move It
Hot Pink Delorean - Lets Go
Hot Pink Delorean & Fantastadon - I Make You Sweat
Hot Pink Delorean - My Favourite
Funkagenda - Budgie
Hot Pink Delorean - Blew Steal
Hot Pink Delorean - I Surrender
Gabriel D'or & Bordoy - We Have to Blackmail
Hot Pink Delorean - Watch the Sunrise
Hot Pink Delorean - Right Over Here
Hot Pink Delorean & Rory Lyons - If Y'all
Hot Pink Delorean & Fantastadon - Party favour
Hot Pink Delorean - Muppet Bar Fight

Grab it HERE!

Hot Pink Delorean Soundcloud!

SuperDre - Get 'Em Up featuring Flying Without Wingz (video)


Super•Dre [soo-per-dray]

- proper noun
1.    a Michigan-born producer and DJ
2.    a byproduct of years of classical music training and nerdy computer skills

In just a few short years, SuperDre (aka Dre) has brought her unique sound and contagious stage energy to packed dance floors and events across the nation.

Check out her video for 'Get 'Em Up' below.

Grab the free download HERE!!!

SuperDre Soundcloud!

Human Life - Spring 2011 Mix


 Human Life is made up of veteran house music producer Joshua Collins, and musicians and singers Matt Wasley (a producer of solo work for the likes of Bedrock, Nettwerk and of several rock bands) and Rachael Starr. The trio cut a fine line in cool, catchy, potent electro with pop vocals and strong song writing. Citing influences including classic French and Chicago house and pop music as diverse as Genesis, Toto and Depeche Mode along with Prince and Happy Mondays.

Check out their spring mix below, you'll be glad you did.

  Human Life Spring 2011 Mix by Human Life

Track List:
1. Azari & III - Into The Night
2. Francis Inferno Orchestra - Meet Me In Salt Lake City
3. Chamboche - The Show Must Go On (Moscow Remix)
4. Hercules & Love Affair - My House (Tensnake Remix)
5. Juan Atkins - Marz (Oliver's Nightshift Remix)
6. Alec Carlsson - Kurtis
7. Arveene & Misk - Love & Lust (Tag Team Terror Remix)
8. Jori Hulkkonen - Opportunities
9. Levon Vincent - Love Technique
10. Maceo Plex - Vibe Your Love
11. Human Life - In It Together (Acid Girls Remix)
12. A1 Bassline - 1.4.7
13. French Fries - Merel
14. Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You
15. Mason feat. Roisin Murphy - Boadicea (Human Life Dub Remix)
16. The Subs - The Face of the Planet (Ado's Norp! Remix)
17. Tyson - Die On The Dancefloor
18. Bag Raiders feat. Dan Black - Sunlight (GLOVES Remix)

Grab it HERE! 


Human Life Soundcloud!

Frogs In Socks - It Don`t Mean A Thing


Frogs In Socks are back with a wonderful rework of a classic Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington track.

Take a listen below.

  Frogs In Socks - It Don`t Mean A Thing by FrogsInSocks

Grab it HERE!!!

Frogs In Socks Soundcloud!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Yoghurt Warrior - Jumanji


I opened my inbox the other day and there was an email from Yoghurt Warrior.  I had never heard of him before but I am glad I followed some of the links he sent me.

Check out this fantastic tribal track he made. It's down tempo and perfect for summer (it's right around the corner!).

In his own words...

"This time Yoghurt Warrior brings you a blend of old and new with part one of this launch where there are 4 new designs aswel as the old classics such as 'Just Say Neigh' and 'Keeping It Splendid'. The new designs are also complimented with the first Yoghurt Warrior productions.. a new tune called Jumanji. As the name suggests, this project has been created using tribal, axtec, navajo and tropical influences, a theme for the summer as we emerge from hibernation in to the sun".

  Jumanji by yoghurtwarrior

Download it HERE!!

Yoghurt Warrior Soundcloud! 

He's got all kinds of cool stuff on his site. Check it out below!

Yoghurt Warrior Website!

Eddie Hoey - Promo Mix March 2011


Here is a new promo mix by Eddie Hoey. It's full of some great tech-house and is about an hour long.

Check it out below!

  Eddie Hoey Promo Mix by dj eddie hoey

Download it HERE!!

Track List:
Tonight – eddie hoey (unders & loops remix)
glenn morrison triangle and strings (original mix)
tribal wobble – eddie hoey vs. terence mckenna
riva starr ft rettore - splendido (chris james remix)
thunder cats (homero espinosa remix)
yo that sounds dope – mike genius (eddie hoey remix)
plastikman - spastik dubfire rework
adam beyer - antistius
highpass - spacer (highpass club mix)
native intelligence and b. smiley - journey into ayahuasca
dirty vegas - electric love (dj fame remix)


Eddie Hoey Soundcloud!

THE PETEBOX - Where Is My Mind (Pixies Cover)


The Petebox has a fantastic new video of his cover of 'Where is my mind' by the Pixies.

In his own words...

"Here's my new vid - a cover of a song by one of my favourite bands.
The track is made live using a guitar, beatbox, voice and an RC-50 loop station.
The reverb on the vocals at the end is off a Kaoss Pad which only features at the end for the reverb effect (u can see 2 but that's to do a different track we filmed after!)
There's nothing prerecorded or added post recording, it's all live!

Check it out below.

Download it HERE!

The Petebox website!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

LCD Soundsystem - Last Show (THE WHOLE THING!)


Here, in it's entirety, is LCD Soundsystem's very last show at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY - 2011-04-02. All 3hours and 40 minutes of it!!!

Be on the lookout for several special guests!

Here is the playlist.

Set 1:
2:10 Dance Yrself Clean (with "I'm Not In Love" by 10cc intro)
12:40 Drunk Girls
17:09 I Can Change
23:45 Time To Get Away
28:16 Get Innocuous!
35:18 Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
41:45 Too Much Love
46:53 All My Friends
55:30 Tired (with "Heart of the Sunrise" by Yes snippet)

Set 2:
45:33 Part One
45:33 Part Two (w/ Reggie Watts)
Sound of Silver
45:33 Part Four
45:33 Part Five (w/ Shit Robot)
45:33 Part Six
Freak Out/Starry Eyes

Set 3:
1:54:39 Us v Them
2:04:00 North American Scum (with Arcade Fire)
2:11:45 Bye Bye Bayou (Alan Vega cover)
2:16:30 You Wanted A Hit
2:24:07 Tribulations
2:29:15 Movement
2:33:48 Yeah (Crass Version)

Set 4:
2:45:30 Someone Great
2:53:06 Losing My Edge (With "Da Funk" by Daft Punk snippet)
3:03:36 Home

Set 5:
3:15:53 All I Want
3:22:18 Jump Into the Fire (Harry Nilsson Cover)
3:30:30 New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (with "Twin Peaks Theme" by Angelo Badalamenti intro)


LCD Soundsystem Website!