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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pirate Robot Midget & Riva Starr!!

Pirate Robot Midget is an half Italian-half french band living in Amsterdam, they are rough, distorted, sweat and noisy…like your garbage disposal singing northern soul!

“It’s My beat now!” features American rapper Grand Agent on vocals for an urgent hip-noise tune about sampling, hits and courts… “Sacrum” and “So Undead” testify why PRM’s sound is on demand worldwide: solid rockin' noise!!!

The package is completed by two remixes of “it’s my beat now!”, one from electro-minimal wonder Riva Starr (Dirtybird, Frontroom, Kindisch) who delivers a jackin' freaky version for the fidget house massive and man of the moment Dyno (Mantra Vibes) who adds his stomping techno flavour raping Grand Agent vocals: this is sick-beat!

a1: It’s my beat Now
a2: Sacrum
a3: So Undead
b1: Riva Starr RMX
b2: Dyno Remix

Try this out and it you like it...go but the EP!!

Pirate Robot Midget - It's my beat (Riva Starr Remix)

Also...don't foget..Riva Starr's I JACK U EP is out right now! on SOUTHERN FRIED with remixes from Tim Green and Derrick Carter!!

Buy Riva Starr choons HERE!!
Buy Pirate Robot Midget Choons HERE!
Riva Starr Myspace!
Pirate Robot Midget Myspace!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Make me wobble, make me whole body bubble...

I know I am late getting into this tune and I don't normally fall for this marketing stuff...but...this caught my eye the other day...

....and I have not been able to get that song out my head. I finally found it!

Here is the original video...not sure which one I like more...mmmmm.

The song is called 'Calabria' by Enur. The instrumental was done by Danish DJ Enur in 2003. Last year Enur takes the track and throws on vocals from Dannish reggae queen Natasja Saad, who sadly died of a car accident before she could see its absolute success.


Enur - Calabria 2007

Enur has a new album coming out on the 9th of September called 'Raggatronic'!

Enur Myspace!
Enur Website!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shearwater - Rook

Jonathan Meiburg and Will Sheff, who began their collaboration as members of the critically lauded Okkervil River, founded Shearwater in 1999 as an outlet for quieter songs on which the two were working. Shearwater's debut, 'The Dissolving Room', introduced Meiburg's now ex-wife Kim Burke on upright bass and shortly after, drummer and vibraphonist Thor Harris joined the band. Meiburg has since left Okkervil to focus on Shearwater full time. Five albums later, 'Rook' is the follow up to the critically acclaimed 'Palo Alto'. As much as there is really nothing new here, the album is still very good.

I was surprised at how much emotion and soul the album pack in it's short run time (35 minutes). The press release for Rook speaks of "themes within meditate of man's intersection with the natural world: the hunter and the prey; the extinction of the species; the world after human beings are gone". It may sound pretentious but Meiberg, who is also an Ornithologist (say what?), does a good job of not sounding too full of himself while still crafting some haunting and beautiful music. Sounding like a cross between Van Morrison and Talk Talk, Meiburg flows skillfully through 10 songs filled with complex arrangements of pianos, harps, strings, woodwinds and crisp percussion. Highlights of the album are tracks like ' Leviathan, Bound', 'Home Life', 'I Was A Cloud'. With 'The Snow Leopard', a song which almost sounds like a Radiohead b-side (although Meiburg's voice does go a bit lower than Thom's), Meiburg's voice is the main attraction and shows his versatile range.

My only complaint is that each song tries to be a mini-epic and it doesn't always succeed. Overall though, this is a great album and better than a lot of things out right now. Fans of Okkervil River may find 'Rook' to be a bit confusing but, like a lot of indie folk music, after repeat plays it sure does grow on you. I am sure this will undoubtedly find its way onto some critics' "best of" lists this year and for once, the hype might really be justified.

7 out of 10

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Brightest Diamond - A Thousand Shark's Teeth

I don't know what it is in the water lately but the amount of talented, moody and vocally skilled women releasing albums has risen to staggering proportions. My Brightest Diamond's 'A Thousand Shark's Teeth' is yet another one of these albums.

My Brightest Diamond is the project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Shara Worden. Shara has been performing music since 1998 and has even performed with Sufjan Stevens as a member of the Illinoismakers. Reportedly, the album was originally meant to be a more classical, 'A Thousand Shark's Teeth' was slowly crafted over the last six years to become what it is now. You can tell from listening to the album that a lot of thought and feeling went into it's creation. The record, which was mixed by Husky Höskulds (he's mixed Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Fantômas and many more), was recorded in Berlin, Los Angeles and New York City, and features twenty different musicians. According to Shara, she was influenced by artists such as Tricky, French composer Maurice Ravel and Tom Waits and it shows on the album. The songs, which discuss topics like intimacy, kisses by moonlight, laundry, lost friendship and more, use instruments (harps, clarinets, French horns, guitars and vibraphones to name a few) to create an unique and compelling listening experience.

The album opener and first single, 'Inside A Boy', is a perfect example of Shara and her style. Using guitars, strings and her voice to take the listener on a roller coaster of a ride. 'Bass Player' uses strings, with great effect, to build the energy of the track to a fervor only to slowly fade away and leaves you wanting more. 'Black and Costaud' borrows lyrics from a Ravel opera and shows more of Shara's amazing vocal range. 'Like a Sieve' supposedly samples a Tricky song (I couldn't figure out which one) and 'The Brightest Diamond' pairs a vibraphone and Shara's voice with wonderfully soothing results.

It is refreshing to see so many talented female vocalist doing highly original work. My Brightest Diamond is one of the most interesting and creative artist I have heard in years. This would be a great addition to anyone's music collection.

7 out of 10.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Cure - May 9th 2008 Patriot Center - Fairfax, Virginia

(This was up at www.culturedeluxe.com first and I am posting here in case anyone missed it!)

The Cure concert Friday May 9th at the Patriot Center (a 10000-seat arena) was almost completely sold out and you could tell that it had been to long for many people since they had last seen Robert Smith and crew entertain them. The venue didn't really fill up until well after the opener, the UK band 65 Days Of Static , had let the stage. 65 Days Of Static were actually a bit different than expected and played a quick 30 minute set of more guitar jams then electronics, which is what I was expecting. The lead singer even joked "If you're here now, you're either really early or lost...but thanks for coming out".

Seeing Robert Smith come out on stage, at 49, still wearing oversized shirts and the dark (raccoon-like) eye makeup he is known for, I had a ear to ear grin. He also had his hair teased up as always,but there was a noticeable bald spot. The mostly 30-40 something crowd energetically sang along, clapped, danced and stood for over three hours as the band went through 39 songs picked from their 30 plus years in "alternative rock".

The Cure ,as they are now, have slimmed down and changed around their four members, with Smith and Porl Thompson on guitars, Simon Gallup still holding a low-slung bass (as if every song was super intense) and drummer Jason Cooper wailing away behind them all. Several times throughout the show there were some triggered synth sounds in the mix but the group revamped keyboard-heavy songs such as "The Lovecats," "The Walk" and "Close to Me" so that Porl could play them on guitar, with mixed results. The boys even included two new numbers into their hits-heavy set list, 'The Perfect Boy' (think Wish era), which Smith said was a "world premiere", and 'Freak Show' (think Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me era). The Cure then proceeded to come back for 3 encores. Yes, 3 encores, which ended up putting the show over the 3 hour mark. It was sweet.

After waiting for almost 8 months (the show was originally scheduled for last September) it was more than worth the wait. This was also the first night of the US tour and at the end of the third encore, Robert exclaimed"Thanks for making this the best fucking opening night ever!". The Cure sound just as good as they did back in their prime (with some noticeable aging) and the crowd loved every minute of it.

In case anyone cares...here is the set list for the show.


plainsong/ prayers for rain/ a strange day/ alt end/ the walk/ the end of the world/ lovesong/ to wish impossible things/ pictures of you/ lullaby/ the perfect boy/ from the edge of the deep green sea/ hot hot hot/ the only one/ push/ friday i’m in love/ inbetween days/ just like heaven/ primary/ shake dog shake/ never enough/ wrong number/ one hundred years/ disintegration

Encore 1:

at night/ m/ play for today/ a forest

Encore 2:

the lovecats/ let’s go to bed/ freak show/ close to me/ why can’t i be you?

Encore 3:

boys don’t cry/ jumping someone else’s train/ grinding halt/ 10:15 saturday night/ killing an arab

Oh...and 'Disintegration' is still one of the best albums ever!!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Loose Salute - Tuned to Love

The Loose Salute is a British band founded by drummer Ian McCutcheon (formerly of Slowdive and Mojave 3 who also sings and plays guitar). The rest of the band consists of Lisa Billson (vocals, keys, percussion), Charlotte King (backing vocals, percussion, bells and whistles), Pete Greenwood (guitar, bass) Alan Forrester (bass, keys).

Subdued and thought provoking, The Loose Salute's debut album 'Tuned to Love' is a low-key gem that combines country, rock and indie-pop to create a wonderful and sweet sound. Ian proves that he is more than just a drummer as he skillfully sings on tracks such as "The Mutineer" and "Ballad of the Dumb Angel" and sounds a little like Elliot Smith in spots, which is not a bad thing! Having Lisa Billson singing on the album is also a treat as her voice is a pleasant surprise and truly does accentuate the album. Tracks like "Photographs and Tickets" or "Why'd We Fight?" are sung with soulful charm and the more upbeat numbers like "From Head to Sandy Toes" have great harmonies from Lisa and Charlotte. "Cold Water"(one of my favorites tracks on the album) feels like something Leonard Cohen wrote for Lisa to sing. The guitar and keyboard work meld with the other instruments as well as Charlotte's smooth backing vocals to add the final touches to a wonderfully charming record.

This album (like several others this year) shows that there are still a few bands out there that have some original ideas. They may have found inspiration from a mix of different bands but they have made the sound all their own. I mean really...who knew the Brit's could do country music? This album will be in the car all summer long as it is a great soundtrack to those lazy Sunday drives to nowhere in particular.

8 out of 10

Cumbia Mashups!

In early 2008 Lucas Luisao and Martin "negromoreno" Moreno joined forces to shape one of the least profitable projects on earth. Cabeza! A virtual label whose main goal is to distribute suburbia music. Cumbia, dancehall, reggaeton mash ups and any other rhythms that started in the slums and made its way to the dance floor. Cabeza! is independent and distributed for free.

Check out some sweet mixes like this one...


...on their site...HERE!!