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Sunday Selections

Leeroy Stagger - Strange Attractor

Birds of Tokyo - The Greatest Mistakes

Ryan Rickenbach - Adelaide

Oh, Rose

Sivan Talmor - Not Afraid

GLISS - Sister Moon

Amitay Lev

Isobel Campbell - Ant Life

Rachel Sermanni- What Can I Do

Marc Bianco

FLAGSHIP ROMANCE - (Love Is) Running Me Ragged

Vinyl Staircase - Sidewalk!

Sunday Selections

Relick - Today Sunshine

Natalie Claro - Daisy (Live)

Sarah McQuaid

The Bobby Lees - GutterMilk

Phia - Oxide (Town Hall Live Sessions)

Pond - The Boys Are Killing Me

PIXIES - Catfish Kate

Tia Gostelow - Blue Velvet (Piano Version)


Greta Stanley – Pour

Marika Hackman - the one

Sunday Selections

Shikoswe - Swimming