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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Buygore Allstars

Bass Music’s "Bad Boy" Borgore offers the best of the best from his own imprint Buygore Records. Up and coming talent from across the globe and his own cheeky remix of the Macarena! Each Download also enters to win a pair of Borgore’s unique FannyWang Headphones.


Here is a free download for Shift Key - Wiggle With It.

Grab it HERE!

Buygore Soundcloud!

Seldom Cinq - Bethnal Green (Everybody)

No free download...just a damn good tune.

Seldom Cinq Soundcloud!

Douster - King Of Africa (Bo Cendars Edit)

This is just a bit of fun. Crank it and start dancing!

Grab it HERE!!!

Bo Cendars Soundcloud!

The Police - King Of Pain (Chubby Fingers Bootleg)

Enjoy this thumpin' remix of the Police by Chubby Fingers!

Grab it HERE!!!

Chubby Fingers Soundcloud!!

Jezz At Home - MAD

I found this in my inbox a while ago and I just had to share it! Superb!!!

Grab it HERE!!


Jezz At Home Soundcloud!

Beatsofreen & Medaforacle - Global Soul EP (instrumentals)

Global Soul EP (instrumentals) cover art

Producer Beatsofreen (NL) and Medaforacle (USA) presented their Global Soul EP a year ago.
Right here is the instrumental release of the Global Soul EP to you, to celebrate the album's 1-year anniversary!

It also includes TWO BONUS beats, who didn't make it to the album.

No free download with this one...but I think with something this good you shouldn't mind parting with a few bucks to get it!

Beetsofreen Bandcamp!

SHINDU – JUST GO (Video) + Shindu - Just Go (Jerry Bouthier dub edit)

Shindu has a new release out and to celebrate, they made a video!

Check out the video for the new tune "Just Go".

If you like the video then you'll love this FREE remix!

Grab it HERE!!

Shindu Soundcloud!

Mavado - Caribbean Girls (Ackeejuice Rockers Remix)


Here is a new remix from one of my recent favorites, Ackeejuice Rockers! This will make you wish it was summer!


Download it HERE!

Ackeejuice Rockers Soundcloud!

Night Owl - November 2012 Mix

You really need to pick up this awesome mixtape from Night Owl.

Here is the tracklist...

1. Evelyn "Champagne" King - Love Come Down
2. Prince - Erotic City
3. Fernando - Non Stop (Fabrizio Mammarella remix)
4. Krystal Kleer - We're Wrong
5. Jimmy Edgar - Let Yrself Be
6. Eliphino - More Than Me
7. Citizen - Deep End
8. Mr Fingers - The Juice
9. Fatima & Funkineven - Phone Line
10. Night Owl - Freak
11. Blawan - Getting Me Down
12. Bicep - Stripper
13. FCL - Let's Go
14. Omar-S - S.E.X. (C.G.P. remix)
15. Dusky - Tyto Alba
16. Night Owl - Get Up
17. Velvit - Scarlett
18. Martyn - Viper (London Arches Edit)
19. Ame - Rej

Download it HERE!!

Night Owl Soundcloud!



In celebration of his new Nightmares release, you can download his remix of Worthy's "Shy Look".

Download it HERE!!

Eddie Hoey Soundcloud.