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Sunday, July 31, 2011

OaK MC - Back in the 70's (Instrumentals)

Back in the 70's (Instrumentals) Cover Art

I found this the other day will perusing through the Bandcamp website. This is superb instrumental hip-hop.

Here is a rough translation of the German on their page...

"After the first instrument valley album „back into the 90' s “comes now the second Tape of OaK MC to the man. The instrument valley album „back into the 70' s “leads out from 90's the Electronica angehauchten Tunes á la massifs Attack, air and Coldcut to a world was dominated from personalities such as Al Green, Funkadelic, Isaac Hayes and Curtis the Mayfield."

Grab it here!!!  (Name your own price!)


Oak MC Bandcamp!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OK Go + Pilobolus - All Is Not Lost - Official Video

OK Go‘s latest viral-ready music video finds the foursome decked out in bodysuits, writhing around with members of the contemporary dance company Pilobolus to the tune of “All Is Not Lost” off Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.

Make sure to check out the video’s interactive version. It’s way cooler.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

autoKratz - Becoming the Wraith (remixes) !

The autoKratz have a new single out called "becoming The Wraith" and there are some very wicked remixes included on the release.

 Becoming the Wraith (Remixes) by autokratz

Buy the remixes HERE on Beatport!!

The lads were kind enough to give me the Kezokichi remix that I can give away for FREE to download.

autoKratz - Becoming the Wraith (Kezokichi Remix)  (link removed by DMCA request, I will try to get the band to sort this out and have a new link up soon!)


AutoKratz Soundcloud!

Maribou State - Habitat E.P Preview - Forthcoming on Fat! Records

Here is a small preview of the Ep that will be out this month!


Take Another Look
Soul Structure

 Maribou State - Habitat E.P Preview - Forthcoming on Fat! Records by Maribou State

Here is their 'The Fat! Club Mix # 20' from last month!

 Maribou State - The Fat! Club Mix # 20 by Maribou State

Play List:

TMS. Feat Jagga - I Need You (Maribou State Remix) 
Sleepyhead - Nothing Changes 
Jacques Greene - Another Girl 
Kastle - Could U Want Me 
SBTRKT - Living Like We Do 
Dark Sky - High Rise 
Maribou State - Silent Scream 
Koreless - 4D 
Blawan - Iddy 
Kill Light - Daydream 
NYX - Letting Go 
Maribou State - Casanatra 
T Williams Feat. Terri Walker - Heartbeat (Mosca Remix) 
Zinc - 128 Trek 
Origin Unknown - Valley Of Shadows (T.L.G.B Remix) 
Maribou State - Breathe 
KashmiR Kid - Return To Bombay City 
Midland - Bring Joy 
Maribou State - Take Another Look 
SBTRKT - Wildfire 
Duffstep - Free (Eliphino Remix) 
The Weeknd - The Morning (Dolar Remix)

Grab it HERE!!


Maribou State Soundcloud!

Plump DJs Vs Daft Punk Vs Dyson VS Breakdown LA

Check out this great mash up by the Plump DJs!

 Plump DJs vs Daft Punk vs Dyson vs Breakdown by Plump Djs

Grab it HERE!

Plump DJs Soundcloud!

311 - Amber (Chubby Fingers Dubstep Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD!

Check out this very cool remix of 311 by Chubby Fingers!

 311 - Amber (Chubby Fingers Dubstep Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD! by Chubby Fingers

Grab it HERE!!

Chubby Fingers Soundcloud!

All India Radio - Free Me (FREE album!)

Here is a new album of remixes and unreleased tracks from All India Radio!

In their own words....

"Thank you for helping make our latest album The Silent Surf our most successful ever! To show our gratitude, we'd like to offer you a free download album called (appropriately enough) Free Me. The album features remixes and unreleased versions of songs from over the last eight years, including a previously unreleased eight minute version of Waukaringa featuring some wild keyboards from Kiernan Box (Augie March).  Hope you enjoy it!"

Grab it HERE!!

All India Radio Bandcamp!

Monday, July 04, 2011

12 Bands you should be listening to right now.

I went through my "new" folder this weekend and thought that I would share some of the bands that are really floating my boat right now. I will have another post soon with more electronic/dance oriented albums.

All of these are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

The Adults - Nothing To Lose (off their new self-titled album)

Moonface - Fast Peter (off their new album 'Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped')

Wheeler Brothers - Portraits (off their new album of the same name)

Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed (off their new album 'Within And Without')

Wim - See You Hurry (off their new self-titled album)

Fiona Sally Miller - I'm Going To Miss Your Smiling At Me Like That (off her new 'Out Of The Woods And Into The Trees" EP)

The Grates - Turn Me On (off their new album "Secret Rituals")

Manicure - Lights Are On (off their new album "Grow Up Cover")

Is Tropical - South Pacific (of their new self-titled album)

Hhymn - Girl Of Mine (off their new album "In The Depths")

Kid Loco -  The Morning After (off his new "Confessions Of A Belladonna Eater" album)

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - Two Against One featuring Jack White (of their new album "Rome")

The Adults Website!

Moonface Website!

Wheeling Brothers Website!

Washed Out Website!

Wim Website!

Fiona Sally Miller Website!

The Grates Website!

Manicure Website!

Is Tropical Website!

Hhymn Website!

Kid Loco Website!

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi Website!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Arnaud Rebotini - House Of Crass Mix May 2011

Arnaud Rebotini (Black Strobe leader) has a new album coming out (I LOVED his last album) and to celebrate here is a mix he did in May. Lots of lovely tech-house!! SO GOOD!

 House Of Crass Mix - Arnaud Rebotini - May 2011 by Blackstrobe Records 

Here is the tracklist:

Crass "Walls" Crass records.
Arnaud Rebotini "All you need is Techno gesaffelstein Remix Blackstrobe records.
Steve Bug " Jack is back" Poker flat.
Class B Band:" Brain damage" wagon repair
Arnaud Rebotini "echoes lee foss edit" Blackstrobe Records.
B.C. x Delivery:" Return too me SFVACID Remix" Scion AV
The intruder "You got me" Murk Records
Creeps "Days Azary and III remix" Kitsune
Steffi " Yours feat virginia" Ostgust ton
Billie Ray martin Sweet "suburban disco Severino less vocal" Disco Activisto
Lone "Raptured" Werk Discs
Model 500 "Time space transmat" Metroplex.

Grab it HERE!


Arnaud Rebotini Website!

Blackstrobe Records!

AutoKratz present Bad Life at Space Ibiza

In celebration of their new album "Self Help For Beginners" being released (You can buy it HERE and HERE) AutoKratz have released a set they did at Space Ibiza in June.

 AutoKratz present Bad Life at Space Ibiza by autokratz

Here is the tracklist:

Oh No Ono - Eleanor Speaks (Caribou remix) 
Pfirter - The Dub Track (Len Faki remix) 
Attaque - Moderate 
Style of Eye - SEXX 
autoKratz - Becoming the Wraith (Attaque remix) 
1984 - Arabesque (NT89 remix) 
Attaque - Light Falls 
Whitenoise - The Underground (TJR remix) 
TJR ft DJ Gant - Man Juke it (TJR heads remix) 
Jaymo & Andy George - Midnight (4am version) 
Style of Eye - Dry 
Jaymo & Andy George - Hold me Back (Mumbai Science remix) 
TWR72 - Future Tool 
autoKratz - A-Train 
Harvard Bass - Extreme Compote 
autoKratz - Opposite of Love (Joe & Will Ask? remix)



AutoKratz Soundcloud!

AutoKratz Webpage!

Free EP by Square Mode !

Square Mode is back with a new EP and it's FREE! Two tracks of techno fun!

Check it out below!

Convention EP - Free Download by Square Mode

Square Mode Soundcloud!

Mustard Pimp - Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 8

Mustard Pimp is back with a new mix!!! 
Here is the tracklist:
1)Mustard Pimp - ZHM (Intro Edit) 
2)Mustard Pimp - ZHM (Tom Staar Remix) 
3)Warrior Bros - Jafar (Doctr Remix) 
4)Mumbai Science - Lotus 
5)Mustard Pimp (w. Jimmy Urine) - Money Shot (Felix Luker Remix) 
6)Neoteric Wax Motif - Go Deep (Keith & Supabeatz Remix) 
7)Sound Of Stereo - Diamond 
8)iPunk - Negativ 
9)Myback - Fewra 
10)D' Secret SVC - Alley Cat (Modek Remix) 
11)Viro & Rob Analyze Feat Whiskey Pete - Limelight (TJR's Let's Ride Vocalized Remix) 
12)Deftones - You've Seen The Butcher (Mustard Pimp Remix) 
13)The Loops Of Fury - I Need 
14)Afghan Raiders - Tunnel Vision (Mustard Pimp Remix) 
15)Yello - Oh Yeah (Tom Staar Remix) 
16)Bart B More - Traction 
17)RESET! - Love & Revolution 
18)VNNR - What ! (Modek Remix) 
19)BeatauCue & Shinichi Osawa - H.O.W.L. 
20)Ginuwine, Timbaland & Missy Elliot - Get Involved (Adam F & Hervé's Stadium Kaos Remix) 
21)Something a la Mode - Show Me (The Loops Of Fury Remix) 
22)Haezer - It's Not Our Fault (DJ Antention Remix) 
23)Dilemn - Don't Break It (Polymorphic Remix) 
24)Chewy Chocolate Cookies - Retard 
25)The Subs - Don't Stop (Mustard Pimp Remix) 
26)Counterstrike & The Panacea - Zefbass 
27)Counterstrike & The Panacea - The Minotaur  
Grab it HERE!!!
Mustard Pimp Soundcloud

Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Horn The Hunt - Paris

The Horn The Hunt are Clare Carter and Joseph Osborne. Their second album, Depressur Jolie, was released through White Label Music on 23 May 2011. 

In their own words...

“Depressur Jolie is the first pre-conceived album we’ve written together. After releasing our debut album (in 2009) and establishing ourselves as a band, we knew exactly what we wanted our next album to be about. It would be colourful and bouncy with lots of different forms and textures, but have this dark underbelly throughout. We wanted to make a big pop album – our ideal pop album – full of bold, aggressive songs that have no loyalty to any particular sound or style..” explains Clare Carter, a visual artist and who, along with Joseph Osborne, makes up the Leeds-based pop duo.

“To us the album is like a colonial voyage, all steeped in British ambition and guilt. It starts with this ship sailing out over huge waves in the opening track, then land is sighted, we go ashore on this tropical volcanic island and bump into predators and carnivorous plants - the usual adventure story. There are a few battles, lava’s flowing into the sea, coconuts are running out, you start to question why you left your home, homesickness descends.”

The Horn The Hunt first began writing and recording songs in a flat in Sandnes, Norway in early 2008. Their music has taken them on a journey – literally. During their travels the duo have been inspired by and written songs in places ranging from the frozen tundra of Greenland to a room carved into the side of a canyon in the middle of Spain, before finally settling into the bedroom studio in Leeds, where they are now based.

“When we returned to England after traveling for 3 years it felt like a huge adjustment going back to a regular job and domestic life. Like being sat in a cage made of pound coins, with loads of TVs and newspapers surrounding it. You can watch everything going on and educate yourself about things but you can’t move from your designated place,” says Clare. “I made the decision to take singing and songwriting seriously, and to start performing. It was a big scary deal to me, like a ‘coming-out’ process of being exposed, thrown into the deep end.”

Here is their song 'Paris'.

 The Horn The Hunt - Paris by charmfactory 

Grab it HERE!!!

Here are remixes of a couple other tracks....fantastic stuff!

 The Horn The Hunt - Remixes by charmfactory 


The Horn The Hunt Website!

Sea Oleena - Sleeplessness

Here is a great new release from Montréal’s Sea Oleena, also know as the multi-instrumentalist Charlotte Oleena. Low key dreamy music, perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoon drives.

Grab it HERE!!  (Name your own price!)


Sea Oleena Bandcamp!