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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chemical Brothers - DON"T THINK CD/DVD

From the press release...

"For nearly two decades, the Chemical Brothers audiovisual live show has played to packed clubs and festivals across the globe, but it has never been captured on film until now.  Originally filmed in 2011, at the iconic Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, this event captures the synesthetic barrage of sound, film and light and the transforming effect it has on its audience. Directed by Adam Smith, the band's long-time visual collaborator and produced with 20 cameras at Japan's Fujirock Festival in July 2011 in front of 50,000 dedicated fans, this event marks the first time the duo's full live experience has been captured for audiences."

I have been lucky enough to see the Chemical brothers multiple times in the 37 years I have been on this planet. I have seen them in large clubs like BUZZ at the Capitol Ballroom in Washington D.C. (at least 3 times over several years) as well as smaller, intimate clubs like Centro Fly in New York (for a special show in November 2001, right after 9/11). Regardless of the venue or the crowd size, the Chemical brothers always bring an intensity to their live performances and the concert film "Don't Think" is able to capture this in a way I was not expecting. One of the most interesting and amazing things I found with this performance is the way that they effortlessly weave in and out of the songs, mixing up the vocals and other parts, taking the tracks you love and creating a new and fresh experience.

I haven't been clubbing in a few years (for many reasons) and this film took me right back to  my clubbing days and made me remember what I loved about going clubbing in the first place. Between the amazing performance from the brothers themselves, the visuals and the camera placement in the sea of faithful fans....you are transported and thrown right into the heart of a wonderful, mind altering and cathartic experience.

In their track 'Believe' the Chemical Brothers say "I need you to believe in something". Well, after you watch this movie....you will. You will believe in the Chemical Brothers and their ability to make music that triggers some kind of response (see what I did there?).

This is hands down the best Electronic concert film I have ever seen. The Chemical Brothers are getting better with age and if this and their soundtrack to last years film "Hanna" are anything to go by, there is a lot more to come from the Chemical Brothers.

Check out the trailer for yourself.

With the CD/DVD package you get the following....

Tomorrow Never Knows (intro) - Junior Parker
Another World
Do it Again
Get Yourself High
Horse Power
Chemical Beats
Star Guitar
Three Little Birdies Down Beats
Hey Boy Hey Girl
Don't Think
Out of Control
Setting Sun
It Doesn't Matter
Escape Velocity/ The Golden Path
Leave Home / Galvanize
Block Rockin' Beats/ Das Spiegel

Another World/ Do It Again/ Get Yourself High
Horse Power/ Chemical Beats
Swoon/ Star Guitar
Three Little Birdies Down Beats/ Hey Boy Hey Girl
Don't Think/ Out of Control/ Setting Sun/ Saturate
Escape Velocity/ The Golden Path
Leave Home/ Galvanize
Block Rockin' Beats



To order this amazing package go HERE!!!!!

Chemical Brothers Website!
Don't Think Website!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Thomas Azier has a new track out....and it's pretty cool. If Sting ever did electronica I would image something like this.

Thomas Azier  is a pop-electronic music artist, based in Berlin. After spending the past 4 years honing his sound Thomas Azier has emerged with his debut EP “Hylas 001”in January 2012, released on his own label Hylas Records.

Here is the video!

You can download the track HERE!!

Thomas Azier Soundcloud!

Belleruche - Stormbird

I am really digging the first single from Belleruche, called 'Stormbird'.

Check out the video!

Belleruche Website!

Casiokids - Fot i Hose (sayCet RMX)

I love the Casiokids. I can't understand a word they are saying but I love them.

Here is their original tune 'Fot I Hose'.

This is a remix by Saycet, a French producer, of the same track.

Grab it HERE!!!

Saycet Soundcloud!

The KDMS - Wonderman (Justus Köhncke Remix ft Alexis Taylor) (Radio Version)

The KDMS are electro soul diva Kathy Diamond and the young and talented producer Max Skiba. They will be releasing Wonderman in the lead up to the launch of their highly anticipated debut album Kinky Dramas and Magic Stories, which is due for release 30th April 2012 on Gomma.

Here is the Justus kohncke remix of 'Wonderman'.

Grab it HERE!!!


The KDMS Website!

Over the influence - Belleruche DJ mix

Here is something a little different for you guys.

These are some of the tunes that Belleruche listened to, while they were working on the recording of their forthcoming album 'Rollerchain'.

It's sort of mixed by DJ Modest.

Hope you enjoy it, quite an odd selection...

(sorry there is no download!)

(00:00) Sons & Daughters - Silver Spell
(03:43) Holy Other - Touch
(06:09) Creep - Days
(09:27) Teeth - OJ
(11:59) Smith & Mighty - B-line fi blow
(15:42) Emika - Double Edge
(18:22) MJ Cole - Volcano riddim
(20:49) Edu K feat' Marina - Me Bota Pra Dançar
(24:14) South Rakkas Crew feat D-Rakkas & Gangsta Kid F - Gangsta revival
(24:47) Plasticzooms - Under Black (Dandi Wind Remix)
(27:02) Buck 65 - Lights out
(28:30) Jukka - The Trick
(31:29) Bike for three - Lazarus phenomenon
(34:00) Eyedea & Abilities - This story
(36:30) Hannahs Barber - Piano 4 OK
(37:47) Roy Budd - Waltz for Sandy
(38:37) Atmosphere - Puppets
(40:10) Clutchy Hopkins - Percy on the one
(44:44) Charlie & the boys - unknown
(46:10) Clifton Chenier - Black Snake blues

Belleruche Soundcloud!



This is hands down one of the best electronic releases I have heard this year.

I don't think I can explain well enough in words as to why you should get this so I will let the music do the talking for me.

Please...go out and buy this. It's worth it.

Highly Recommended!!!!

Attaque Soundcloud!

Rebecca Ferguson - Glitter & Gold (Cahill Remix)

No download on this (sorry) but it's still a pretty sweet remix, by Cahill, of an already cool tune.

Rebecca Ferguson Soundcloud!

The Chemical Brothers -“Don’t Think” Repeat Screening at Arclight Hollywood


In 2011, at the iconic Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, The Chemical Brothers played a headline set in front of 50,000 fans which was captured on 21 cameras. Immersing us in the thick of a frenetic crowd, “Don’t Think” captures the synaesthetic barrage of sound, film and light and the transforming effect it has on its audience. Directed by Adam Smith, one of the show’s visual creators, we are taken on a magical realist psychedelic journey where we feel the show rather than merely watch it.

The global release in February 2012 has since reached legendary status. Unlike any other movie release “Don't Think” catalyzed rave-like cinema scenes compelling elated viewers across the world to abandon their cinema seats, dance in the aisles and chant along with the on-screen Fuji Rocks Festival crowd. The verdict from fans and critics has been unanimous - this was a one of a kind experience, definitely not to be missed.

One of the cinemas that led the charge was Arclight Hollywood where 450 fans shared an unforgettable and now well documented experience.


On Saturday, April 28th, Arclight will host a special late night screening of “Don’t Think” featuring an exclusive Q&A with the film’s director, Adam Smith.

Tickets are $16 and can be purchased at the link below

Venue: Arclight Hollywood
Date: Saturday, 28th April at 10pm
Address: 6360 W Sunset Blvd, LA, CA 90028

Ticket Link: https://www.arclightcinemas.com/movie/the-chemical-brothers-dont-think

For those looking to experience this seminal concert in the comfort of their own home may purchase “Don’t Think“ on DVD and Blu-Ray, or a special limited edition 10” book format. All editions come with an additional live concert CD of the Fuji show.


I will have a review of the Concert film up in the next few days so stay tuned.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Les Petits Pilous - Bad Life Mixtape

To celebrate their forthcoming EP on Bad Life, Les Petits Pilous did this ace DJ mix, check it out!

Tracklist :

Get Your Hands Off My Man (Fire Island Dub 4 Junior)
Les Petits Pilous - Analphabet
Elax - Don't Do It
I:Cube - Transpiration
BS1- Blow Me Away
Djedjotronic - Walk With Me
BS1 - By The Sea
Clouds - Vaults
Destructo feat Oliver -LA Funky
Les Petits Pilous - Earl Grey
Style of Eye & Magnus the Magnus - Antidote (NT89 Remix)
Gesaffelstein - Control Movement
Maelstrom - Tanger (BNR edit)
Clouds - Optic
Attaque - Sensor
Les Petits Pilous feat Rynecologist - Calculator
Atom - Hana (New Version) [Plastic City, 1994]

Grab it HERE!!


Les Petits Pilous Soundcloud!

Pandreas - Flygespark


Here is another fantastic tune from Pandreas. It's very chill...so sit back, relax and ENJOY!

Grab it HERE!!!


Pandreas Souncloud!

Dirty Vegas - Little White Doves (Eric Sharp Remix)

Here is another fun remix from Eric Sharp. This time around he is mixing up  'Little White Doves' by Dirty Vegas.

Grab it HERE!!

Check out more of Eric's good work on his soundcloud page below.

Eric Sharp Soundcloud!


For the first time the Parisian emporium has com piled a quirky, eclectic selection of fresh new US artists. One album full of the stuff that we like most: good songs and big talents yet to be discovered, from indie bands to dance producers and whatever can fit in between.

Kitsuné AMERICA, out May 21st on cd, DLP and digital.

1.     ST. LUCIA Before The Dive

2.     DWNTWN See My Eyes

3.     CHILDISH GAMBINO Heartbeat (Them Jeans remix)

4.     HEARTSREVOLUTION Retrograde

5.     FRANCES ROSE Vampire

6.     GIGAMESH Your Body

7.     WHITE SHADOW If You Like It

8.     XXXCHANGE F*k Yeah Ace Of Hearts

9.     OLIVER Walk With Me

10. EMIL & FRIENDS Royal Oats


12. POINDEXTER Helpess


14. GIRAFFAGE feat XXYYXX Even Though

To keep you waiting until May 7th download now the minimix by Jerry Bouthier !

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Mark Kane - 3 mixes and a CHOON!

Mark Kane has been dropping beats since the late 90's and but it wasn't until the last few years that he has finally become a force to be reckoned with.

Now I don't mean to name drop....BUT...I've know Mark for a while and he is one of the most honest, down to earth people I have ever met. He truly cares about the music and the people listening to it. His production skills are top notch and he can mix the pants off almost any DJ I know. His down-tempo, tech-house sounds will keep you coming back for more every time.

He has been making his mark on the world scene with a recent tour in Europe an has shared the stage with such acts as Thee-O, Digweed and Wolfgang Gartner to name a few.

His production and remix work has been featured on various labels worldwide: Stripped Digital (UK), System Recordings (NYC), Looq Records (SF), Gut Feel Records (South Africa). His originals and remixes have been getting support from James Zabiela, Funkagenda, James Talk and Fergie among others.

Expect great things from Mark Kane in 2012 and beyond!

Below are three mixes and a new track....check 'em out!

Triplefire Podcast Launch – TFP001 Mark Kane Feb 20,2012

Lorenzo Bartoletti – Absolutely – Mindshake 
Jay Lumen – The Journey Pt. 2 (Original Mix) – Great Stuff Recordings 
F. Sonik & Andrew Technique – Unclear Speech (Original Mix) – Great Stuff Recordings 
Fabian Argomedo – Old Time (Original Mix) – Takt 
Do Santos – Noti Verisi (Original Mix) – Hotfingers 
Chase Buch & Nick Olivetti – Locongas (Jay Lumen Rework) – Kling Klong 
Sinisa Tamamovic & Jay Lumen – Double Tap (Original Mix) – Form 
Ilicris – Kickdown (Original Mix) – Extra Dry 
DJ Hightech – Boombah (Original Mix) – Seven Records 
Manuel Sahagun – Goodbye Jack (Ant Brooks “Jack Me Remix”) – Blockhead Recordings 
Sinisa Tamamovic & Jay Lumen – Yeah Mann (Original Mix) – Form 
Mladen Tomic – En El Sur (Original Mix) – Agile Recordings

Download it HERE!!

SoundFunction Radio (TechnoHouse.FM) Feb 2012 Exclusive Promo Mix By Mark Kane

Danny Serrano, Gonzalo, Gonzalez "Sake (Original Mix)"
Carl Cox "Family Guy (Jon Rundell Remix)"
Surrealism "On The Run (Original Mix)"
Syn&Roc "Vocalicious (Hernan Tapia Southamericano Edit)"
 Jay Lumen "As One (Original Mix) "
 Jay Lumen "Night Glasses (Original Mix)"
 Jay Lumen "Tabu (Original Mix)"
 ThreeSixty, Dirty Harris "Brass Haus (Original Mix) "
 Jordi Castillo, Paulo Tella "Btakora (Original Mix)"
 Alfonso Padilla, Gux Jimenez "Escuchas (Original Mix)"
 Marco Lys "Kama (Original)"
 Vlada Asanin, D-Blaster, Alex Denne "Don Pipa (Original Mix)"
 Dirty Mind Funk "House Experience (Dennis Ramoon Remix)"

Download it HERE!!!

EDMNYC.COM Feb 2012 Exclusive Promo Mix By Mark Kane

Oscar L "Sax (Original Mix)" 
Tim Cullen & DJames "Vega (Original Mix)" 
Ramon Tapia "Thunderball (Original Mix)"
Jay Lumen "Can You Dance? (Original Mix)"
Jay Lumen "Tabu (Original Mix)"
Ramon Tapia "Don't Go (No Chorus Mix)
Antonio Piacquadio "Katia's Groove (Nice7 Remix)"
Vlada Asanin, D-Blaster "Stuffed Olives (Original Mix)"
Chube.Ka "Give You Back (Vocal Mix)"
Steve Lawler "Gimme Some More (Original Mix)"
Darko De Jan, Davide Vario "From Ibiza With Love (Original Mix)"
Luis Sastre "I Saw You (Original Mix)"
Andrea Piacentini "Check In (Original Mix)"
Do Santos "No Comprendo (Original Mix)"

Download it HERE!!

Here is his original tune 'Don't let the daylight come'. 

This seriously a CHOON!!!!

You can buy it on Beatport HERE!!


Mark Kane Soundcloud!
Mark Kane Facebook!