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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back from vacation with a new mix!

I am back from vacation in Las Vegas. While on Holiday I had time to throw together a new mix....hope you lot like it! It's fidgetastic!

While on Hols - A Solcofn Mix 8-12-09

1 Will Bailey - The Dutty Clem (The Bulgarian Mix)
2 Herve - Let's Get Dirty
3 Lee Mortimer - Champion Sound
4 2 Bit Thugs - A Good Look (Stupid Fresh Mix)
5 Congorock - Exodus (Malente Mix)
6 Hijack - Party People (Bootleg Mix)
7 House of Stank - Get Up! Yeah!
8 Jack Beats - What? (Foamo Mix)
9 Funky Cat - To The Funky (This is Kohuz Mix)
10 Beat Assassins - Direct Hit Vip (Calverton Mix)
11 Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah (Dylan's Yeah Baby Yeah Mix)
12 Mustard Pimp - Valium
13 Electrixx - Tetris

Grab it HERE!!

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