Gonna make you dance...

If you love music, which I am sure you do if your come here, then get your ass over to Sidney Looper's site ASAP!

Sidney Looper is the new alias of Agentlovelette. He used to do bootlegs and screw around with glitching and completely running stuff through the ringer and with his Sidney Looper alias...he has perfected it. He does amazing things with his remixes and I have a feeling that anything I type here will not do it justice.

Go to his site below to get a treasure trove of Disco, funk, electro, glitchtasic music!

Here are a few of my favorite tunes he has done in the last few months.

sidney looper - may cue dance

sidney looper - light repeater

sidney looper - starr power

I really can't believe he has not been signed yet...shocking really!

Sidney Looper Site

Sidney Looper Myspace


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