Pirate Robot Midget & Riva Starr!!

Pirate Robot Midget is an half Italian-half french band living in Amsterdam, they are rough, distorted, sweat and noisy…like your garbage disposal singing northern soul!

“It’s My beat now!” features American rapper Grand Agent on vocals for an urgent hip-noise tune about sampling, hits and courts… “Sacrum” and “So Undead” testify why PRM’s sound is on demand worldwide: solid rockin' noise!!!

The package is completed by two remixes of “it’s my beat now!”, one from electro-minimal wonder Riva Starr (Dirtybird, Frontroom, Kindisch) who delivers a jackin' freaky version for the fidget house massive and man of the moment Dyno (Mantra Vibes) who adds his stomping techno flavour raping Grand Agent vocals: this is sick-beat!

a1: It’s my beat Now
a2: Sacrum
a3: So Undead
b1: Riva Starr RMX
b2: Dyno Remix

Try this out and it you like it...go but the EP!!

Pirate Robot Midget - It's my beat (Riva Starr Remix)

Also...don't foget..Riva Starr's I JACK U EP is out right now! on SOUTHERN FRIED with remixes from Tim Green and Derrick Carter!!

Buy Riva Starr choons HERE!!
Buy Pirate Robot Midget Choons HERE!
Riva Starr Myspace!
Pirate Robot Midget Myspace!


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