Rex The Dog - The Rex the Dog Show

Rex the Dog (real name: Jake Williams) has been making electronic music since the early 90`s and is now well known for making energetic electro-house music. He has remixed tracks by The Knife, Depeche Mode, Client, Mylo, The Prodigy, Röyksopp and Soulwax.

I`ve been a fan of Rex The Dog for some time now and with his new release `The Rex The Dog Show` he has secured his place in my stereo. From start to finish this is a fantastic cd which includes reworks of some classic Rex The Dog tunes like `Maximize 2008`, `Bubblicious`, `Gecko`, `Prototype`, `Heartbeats` remix (by The Knife) and `Italian Skyline` (some I was familiar with, some I was not).

Right out of the gate `Bubbilicious` is filled with sweet disco vocoded vocals, 90`s rave sounds and dreamy sythns, this is a electro-pop dream come true. Tracks like `Heartsong` show how easily Rex can hop from a thumping club track to a blissful chill out interlude. "Italian Style` (one of my favorite tracks) sounds like an updated Jean Jacques Perrey classic. `Maximize 2008` is full of rave stabs and driving kicks and should get any clubber off his ass and on the dance floor. There are also a couple of remixes included here such as the cover of Jose Gonzalez`s cover of The Knife`s `Heartbeats` (the one from the Sony Bravia adverts) and `Tony the beat` by The Sounds that showcase the Rex The Dog style people have come to love.

The most interesting thing to me is that while listening to this album you can`t exactly pin down when it was made. It could have been in the early 90`s or now. This will really help the album hold up over time. My only complaint is that half the tracks on the album are too short, although that fact made it easier to hear the whole album again as I currently have the CD on repeat.

7 out of 10


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