Not sure why things have been disappearing from my blog...but here is my newest DJ Mix (again!).

Solcofn - We Like These Tunes Mix Oct 08

1 mystery jets - hideaway (switch mix)
2 new rave kids on the block - vivian the whore next door (database mix)
3 hostage - snake charmer
4 fake blood - mars
5 correct effect - smoke and lasers
6 shitdisco - 72 virgins (bloody beet roots mix)
7 round table knights - hold me back (the bulgarian mix)
8 idiotproof - the deacon (duke dumont mix)
9 panda bear - comfy in nautica (xxxchange mix)
10 cowgum - druggggssszzz (edu k and dr gonzo mix)
11 alex braxe - addicted (steetlife dj's mix)
12 moby - alice (drop the lime heavy bass mix)
13 wiley - wearing my rolex (pirate soundsystem bassline mix)
14 the fire and the reason - it stars with one (bsbtrgdclub mix)
15 tronik youth - live laugh cry die (eater mix)
16 the ghost frequency - never before (zombie disco squad mix)
17 fake shark real zombie - designer drugs (designer drugs mix)

Back soon....once I figure out what the hell is going on with Blogger!


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