Frogs in Socks!

I just recently got turned on to a couple of lovely chaps (Tom Hughes & Oli Timothy) that go by the moniker 'Frogs in Socks'. They are a Production duo based in the UK that got their start when they were picked up by Andrew Weatherall, signing their remix of Two Lone Swordsmen’s ‘Shack 54’ to the Rotter’s Golf Club label. They have also had tunes released on Elite Force's U&A imprint.

Their sound is a little tech, a little house and a lot of fun!

Check out their remix of Dusty Kid - Train 1.

Dusty Kid - Train No.1 (Frogs in Socks Remix) by FrogsInSocks

They also have a new mix!


2010 Mix One

Frogs in Socks

1 Intro

2 Claude Von Stroke - The Greasy Beat (Funk Bomb Mix) (FiS LA Edit) [Dirtybird]

3 Julien Chaptal - Nuts [Remote Area]

4 Doomwork feat Aliya Moore - First Vibe [Neurotraxx Deluxe]

5 Zombie Disco Squad - Vie! [Made To Play]

6 Idiotproof - Wrong [Scion / Made To Play]

7 Oliver $ - Gypsy Carnival [Scion / Made To Play]

8 Gucci Vump - Sha Shtil! [Sound Pellegrino]

9 Who Made Who - Flat Beat [Gomma]

10 Dusty Kid - Train no.1 (Frogs in Socks Remix) [Boxer Recordings]

11 Nils Ohrmann feat. Kara's Day - Le Funk Fatale (Daniel Steinberg Remix) [Hula Hoop Records]

12 Marcus Meinhardt - Mad Max (Super Flu’s Home Sweat Home Remix) [Upon You Records]

13 Rampa - Wife [KEINEMUSIK]

14 The Royal We - Party Guilt [Crosstown Rebels]

15 Claude Von Stroke - Monster Island Gorilla Dub Drop (FiS Elbow Edit) [Dirtybird]

16 Claude Von Stroke & JPhlip - California (FiS One Mouth Stand Edit) [Dirtybird]

Grab it HERE!!

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For more Frogs in Socks goodness go to their website HERE!!

Frogs in Socks Myspace!



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