Stenchman - The Album

If you like your Dubstep filthy, then you are in for a treat. Stenchman has released his newest album FOR FREE!!

Stenchman – The Album

Download it here!  Stenchman – The Album (Zip File)

Tracklisting :

1 – Too Filled With Horror To Cry
2 – Prime Time Swine
3 – Archangel Remix
4 – Everything
5 – Cockeck
6 – Putrid Creature VIP
7 – Banks Of The Nile
8 – Lisztomania Remix
10 – Fuck Off
11 – Overtaker
12 – New Socks Two Socks
13 -Gutfucker VIP
14 – Gypsy Tart

Take a listen to "New Socks Two Socks".


If you feel like giving Stenchman any kind donations for all his hard work go to paypal and use his email addy

Throw a couple of bucks his way, he is giving you a free's the least you can do.

Stenchman Myspace!


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