Riva Starr presents STARR TRAXX - MORE (SNATCH! 09) out Nov the 29th!


Riva Starr introduces us to his brand new alter-ego, STARR TRAXX and takes us back... way back.

With plenty of punch and lashings of funk the piano riff of "More" draws inspiration from by gone house classics, while a simple male vocal gives it some early '90s flavor.

Bulgarian producer Kink takes time out from rekindling acid house classics to rework "More" into a timeless gem, using deep keys and a spread of 90's sounds, whilst Pirupa & Pigi retain the harder-edged dance floor aesthetics of the original.

In Snatch! tradition this powerful piano led cut, with its vibrant house vibe, shows just how comfortably Riva can navigate the musical spectrum.

Check out a sample of "More" below.



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