Calgary James

BAY CRUISIN' EP cover art

Here is my pick for release of the month.

Ending the year with some beautiful, soulful and amazingly well put together jazz influenced pop.

In his own words...

"I am a 24-year-old independent singer-songwriter / pianist from the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been playing piano for over 15 years and am a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston. My music style is a bit of jazz and classical acoustic piano with a bit of electronic elements. Although the sound ventures into experimental psychedelia at times, I tend to hold on to the accessibility of a more traditional singer-songwriter. My style has been developed over many years and has been influenced most notably by The Beatles, Mac DeMarco, Panda Bear, among others...I have also have tried to take a bit of perspective from each of the musicians and music-listeners that I have connected with."

In my top releases of the year. Classy as hell!

I'll just let the music speak for its self.

DOWNLOAD IT HERE!!!! (name your own price)


Check out more of his amazing music below.


Unknown said…
Thank you for sharing my music. I hope the rest of the listeners also appreciate.

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