Jinja Safari

I was already in love with this band. Their mix of world sounds and indie rock just pushed all the right buttons for me.

I am sad to hear that this is their last album...but at least it's a DOUBLE album!!

In their own words.

We never planned on Jinja Safari being a band, but once it all happened and the momentum grew, we never expected that it could be over so quickly. There were a handful of contributing factors that were out of our control and sometimes you've just got to know when to admit that the old dog has had its time in the sun.

For me personally, Crescent Moon is the sort of album I've been wanting to make with Jinja for years. I think all of the boys would share this sentiment. I am more proud of the songs in this collection, than I have been of any previous Jinja release. I feel like it's probably more honest lyrically and melodically than our debut album.

Having complete autonomy to write and produce in the same way we worked in the beginning, made it a far simpler and more enjoyable process.

There is so much that I want to say, knowing that this will be our final press release, but the main thought I want to convey is the gratitude I have towards the fans and the slicks from the music industry that helped facilitate this 6yr trip. Could not think of a better way to spend the bulk of my 20s.

We would like to say thank you to Blake, Leon and Matt (our original managers), Josh, Mike and everyone else at Island/Universal, Artist Voice, APRA, Sounds Australia, Our sound guys Oscar, Clint, Jimmy, Karl and Brendan. Wonderlick, Rare Finds and also to the team at triple j who supported us."
Check it out!




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