Our Solar System

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I'm fascinated with the new album from Swedish psyche-rock collective, Our Solar System.

Been playing this in the car for the last few days and I'm just completely enthralled. So trippy, so wild, and soooooo good.

In their own words...

"Our Solar System is a large music collective, a floating crowd of people, where everyone who wants to be part of creating within these cosmic frames is welcome. Our Solar System live is an evolving collective. As long as they are ten planets, they play. Each musician represents a planet, including the asteroid belt and Pluto, and OSS dress in identical outfits adorned with planetary symbols to highlight the concept’s power over the individual. This debut album was recorded live one hot summer afternoon in the amphitheater at Raven mountain in Vårberg, Sweden and one cold November night at a magical party in an old movie theater in Kärrtorp. For those who want to compare this work with other musical journeys, one can draw parallels to Alice Coltrane, Pärsson Sound, Sigur Rós, Can and early Pink Floyd. The planets involved so far also play in bands like Dungen, Life on Earth!, The Amazing, Promise And The Monster, Lisa o Piu, Me and My Kites, Siri Karlsson, AnnaMy, Vox Vulgaris and others."

Really great, check it out.





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